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The direction of every instrument and its location, and soundstage headphones urge you to believe that you are in the given Chorus. If you have been in the audio, you probably know precisely the best soundstage headphones are Imagined Soundstage as being like a sphere of sound around our head, not depending on if that is certainly tight. Suppose it is the most expansive soundstage which means closer to you; that sphere will be smaller.

And if it is the most critical stage, then the globe will be further and further away depending on how wide that sound it is capable of. But these sounds are incredibly large. You will see with a lot of Studio headphones as they don’t have a vast soundstage. Soundstage headphones are very accurate.

There are headphones like hd800, for example, that break the rules that have hump not to the layout here if imagine soundstage being the potential space that headphone could sound like it’s. What is going to happen with very wide-sounding headphones? They will seem a letter with less accuracy and generally with more reliable headphones in terms of sound example, DT 990, HD 606, 560, 660.

You are going to get highly tight imagining but not a lot of sound stages. To check the best headphones you are using there is the resonance of the headphones’ base and treble I’m of headphones at every aspect of a headphone equally in terms of significance. To make a better listening experience, headphones now have soundstage quality that produces the sound with high accuracy like in imaginary 3D space.

Many instruments play a significant role in music or any kind of sound, and the sound stage mimics every single beat. Let me tell you how much strength the soundstage handles. If you were watching a video or a movie, even if you are listening to any song, the soundstage will boost your visualize your sound!

List of the Best Soundstage Headphones:-

1. Sennheiser HD800

It has been 11 years since Sennheiser HD800 was released, and it is still carrying its legendary features to date. Sennheiser HD800 presentation is by standing as well as brighter than neutral.

Five weeks ago, I purchased my personal consumed pair, and since then, I would like to lay out with them.

HD800-manufactured headphones are lightweight, peculiarly beautifully designed products. Hd800 is economical, which doesn’t perceive, even though it is made out of plastic. These headphones are so perfect for placing as well as smooth and tight. Once you have them in your daily life, then Sennheiser HD800s are irreplaceable. They are well settled on the user’s head while using it.


Compared with the center of the drivers, the connectors are portable lower; when HD800s are hanging, they reduce stress on the cable and impact the footprints by lowering it. With a mixture of steady and convincing headbands, these headphones are adjustable. Germany invention position marks and “Sennheiser HD800 S/N XXXXXX ” are engraved on the metal.

Sennheiser HD800s is the ultimate powerhouse of headphones that delivers the best quality audio engineered with cutting-edge technology. These headphones are used and acclaimed by professionals in studios. On most audiophile headphones, you will find a 50 millimeters driver. Still, on the Sennheiser HD800s, the driver is 56 millimeters.

These are the most significant drivers to be used HD800s are not wireless as it is jam-packed with the latest technology. Such as the innovative absorber technology, which reduces the unwanted peak frequency, and creates a spatial and distinct audio experience by directing the waves to a slight angle. The ergonomics of the zen user are pretty incredible too. Overall, It is one of the best options for headphones with wide soundstage.

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2. AKGK702 – Best Soundstage Headphones

The first impression I get from looking at the headphones Aisa’s professional Studio-grade piece of equipment is a pair of headphones explicitly called reference headphones. You are made out of acrostic along with a kenogerat guess shaft in Vienna. AKGK702 headphones have large black cups with silver trim. Having the honeycomb style case is elegant and minimal simultaneously, plus, more importantly, quite comfortable.

Ear cups are black with thick silver-colored ear pads that surround your ears very quickly. In addition, the design is shaped according to your comfort and convenience. Akgk702’s leather head strap is almost flimsy assembled. Elastic attachment enables the belt to adjust automatically to the wearer’s head every time it’s being put on, making these headphones very easy to fit.


Sound signature is a prominent part of headphones, and AKG’S SOUND SIGNATURE is very immersed in balance and objectivity. With no particular emphasis on any part of the sound spectrum, the frequency acknowledgment is much flatter. Along with that, each piece is categorized with outstanding clarity and detail. Essentially the sound on the recording as sent out by your amplifier is exactly what you hear.

When I listened to these headphones for the first time. I was immediately impressed by how they revealed details and music. I was familiar with it with greater clarity than before. It was shocking and impressive to me to hear both the rumbling bass sections and sharp thin high treble notes in nearly equal clarity at the same time.

These headphones achieve this detailed feedback. Thanks to their use of flat wire voice coil used in some full-size speakers to allow for more density of the windings. The AKGK7O2 poems on its website that the AKGK7O2 is the first headphone to use this winding style. These incredible headphones also use a variation two-layer diaphragm. A speaker diaphragm with two layers reproduces various frequencies in a single with Les off reaction time.

AKGK7O2 also gives a few great stereo separations and a detailed soundstage thanks to their very open design. Imaging is apparent, with each part of a recording well placed. Headphones work excellently as both listening and delicate audio editing equipment. The pleasing sound of these headphones for the video is incredibly unbelievable. AKGK7O2 renders just about any style of music with exceptional detail and clarity across the sound spectrum. It is one of the best Immersive soundstage headphones.

Also, The AKGK7O2 headphone is a higher impedance of 69 ohms. I like the cable connection that AKGK7O2 used here. K702 also uses a three-pen Mini xlr. There is a connector with a standard 1 8-inch plug that turns into one-quarter of the other end. The mini xlr is really good because it is non-proprietary, which means people can make a cable for the AKGK7O2.

I consider the AKGK7O2 an excellent reference-quality headphone for people who want clear and detailed sound. If you invested in some good audio gear, these AKGK7O2 would let you hear more of what your setup is capable of. I would recommend them if you are looking for a prominent and accurate pair of headsets.

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3. Philips SHP9500 

Headphones have the potential for an open-back design along with high-precision sound. If anyone wants to grab some tremendous high-end headsets, then Philips SHP9500 is for you. An excellent build virtue of these SHP9500 is not a phenomenon; it’s very surprisingly good for their value. The build quality is very sleek.

The mechanism of Philips SHP9500 lets you roll up and down to modify your headband is numbered, which is very good. There are open back grilles that are pretty proper to the left and right to a small fine. Features are particularly balanced with the high sound quality, bass as well as excellent treble. Philips SHP9500 is rightly soft, jammed, and, most importantly, highly comfortable even for long periods.


Having an open-back design Philips SHP9500 is bad at withstanding the external sound and leaking of sound. Philips shp9500 sounds very good in all kinds of genres, and the sub-base is a kind of like that is to be expected on open-back headphones. The Bass of SHP9500 is at a lovely minor level. You will get some decent Bass out of these headphones, and the mids are solid medicines. If you are looking for headphones with spacious soundstage just go for it.

They are worth every penny as the headphones are lightly weighted, and you will see the inside part of the headband where it is marked left and right. That is mainly to come down additionally it is very soft and slides easily upper and down the metal bracket as the L and the R. On the outside, it is hard to miss. They do have 50 mm, drivers. Furthermore, simple branding of Philips on the topic as you will see. Having flexible roots, these headphones have many gifts for big heads to have nothing to worry about. Yes, as they are very bulky in size, therefore do not use these headphones, mainly outdoors.

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4. Audio Technica ATH AD700

The Audio Technica aerodynamic headphones are incredibly light. They are so comfortable that you get more air that can flow through the backside. Its headband subsists flexibly. It does produce a clear treble in the midrange. It connects pretty much more accessible than ever. Audio Technica ATH AD700 ear cups are lined full of leather and tediously padded.

The headset ceased the mini plug of ⅛ inch with 10 feet stretches and the cloth-covered cord, which is quite different from others. AD700 are open-backed headphones with no bloat or boominess. I was shocked by the bass response. It was unexpectedly good but slightly bright. It is not for storage because of not have foldable integrity.


These are full-size headphones with a speaker size in each ear cup of 53millimeterss. In ATH AD700, you will have to get used to the fit itself and have a wings support system instead of a headband. This allows the headphones to be light and fit comfortably on your head. This is an excellent system mainly because it’s just who are the headphones with to quote and unquote wings.

Keeping the drivers inside of an aluminum honeycomb shell gives impressive visuals. It’s not only for locking the honeycomb casing to allow the headphones to be open-backed and provide a precise sound stage. Because AD700 is so light, there’s mainly no pressure on your ears either, so the whole listening experience feels pretty natural. It is one of the best audiophile soundstage headphones.

Well-balanced sound doesn’t favor the low-end over high ends, which makes for good clear audio. Coming to the cords, the cord of the headphones is very long and straight; it doesn’t wind up plus short in itself. The maximum input this headphone can receive is 500 MV, and the impedance is 32 onde which is very good for portable media devices. I’ll say portability is the bonus.

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5. AKGK240

AKG K240 has some fantastic ideas and innovative designs. We can use them all the time with such comfort for hours and not feel any fatigue in our ears. We can utilize them while practicing or say it’s pretty effortless for us to daily use for hours at a time. And they are constantly going in and out of drawers. There’s nothing wrong with packing headsets like these.

To work in a professional environment, AKGK24 is designed for you with semi-open quality. These recording studio headphones are now pretty popular worldwide because of an updated version of the AKGK240 monitor which is legendary in its period. And the sound is harmonious and defined. It is perfect for playback stages. AKGK240 build for dual objectives first, not to be heavy, and another is comfort level.


They might not look impressive, but you can use them for hours at a time with adjustable headsets and ear cups.AKG 24 is made out of plastic instead of metal. Because of it, the weight is just 0.53 pounds. Outstanding for you to withstand headphones comfortably and use them for hours.

The vocal sound, details, and mids are so straightforward as well as exceptionally high quality. It feels like the sound occurs in your surroundings, and you are performing on some big stage and having an incredible 15Hz to 25000 Hz frequency range. This is what happens when you get excellent Soundstage headphones. It gives you a tremendous range of semi-open designs and transducers. It is remarkably reprehensive, having considerable keenness. It have lack a sort of isolated sound but crisp-sounding audio.

Furthermore, the ear cups may not tend to leak the sound. They are neither waterproof nor dust resistant. Scheme features are not in AKGK240, such as blue tooth or noise cancellation. If you want more about sound and level of comfort with lightweight, then AKGK240 is for you. Overall a good option if you are looking for Over-ear soundstage headphones.

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6. HIFIman ANANDA – Best Soundstage Headphones

One of the most prominent players in this market is HIFI man companies that resurrected the interest in high-end headphones. HIFI man ANANDA is a planar magnetic over-ear open-back headphone that comes at such an affordable price. It’s quite a solid build and mostly made with metal as in the hinge. HIFIMAN ANANDA’s ear cups themselves are sort of plastic, but it is pretty good.

The headband is made using plastic seems to be the ratchet mechanism. However, it still feels not too bad moving on to the headband itself. It is a stiff leather that feels durable, or that I liked the little softer grills themselves are metal, and the cups are more speckled black. Looking at the pads themselves, you get these hybrid pads that have perforated leather inside and very comfortable spandex material. Therefore, comfort vice HIFI man ANANDA is super comfy that can wear for hours at an end. Maybe the lack of swivel in this headphone is a little bothersome.



The angled pads have a nice foam inside that alleviates, which makes the headsets comfortable. In terms of accessories, the Heffernan comes with two cables, a silver-plated copper. They are pretty light and of a good length. But if you are sitting at home, it’s not a big issue. But if you’re on travel, it will get in the way a lot of the time. Other than that, there’s a little lacking in the carrying case. Overall it’s not too bad. The bass is quite decent. There are some qualities that do stand up to its more expensive competition, especially sub-bass.

Yes! Sub-bass is probably the highlight of the bass in this HIFI man ANANDA headphones. Because of a good amount of slam, dynamics are best in the sub-bass in the bass region. However, detailing, control, speed, and all the extensionless are perfectly acceptable. Overall, balance, detail, and speed are just a phenomenon, and dynamic is also great in the mids.

The treble on these headphones is another strong point that is just right between sharp and airy. It rides that fine lines spectacularly well and better than any other headphone. Detail wise again, a class-leading with incredible precision and clarity, and the triple extension is tremendous. Headphones that roll off this still accent remarkably well and maintain a good balance between all the different frequencies.

Sounding is a fascinating soundstage height. This sounds excellent other than most headphones and intimacy, so you can hear all the details while also making you say very grant. HiFi, man, ANANDA headphones do imaging spectacularly though you can pinpoint every instrument within that soundstage. These headphones hold up vogue and do clear everything. Overall, If you want to buy high-fidelity soundstage headphones this one is a good pick.

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7. Philips Audio X2HR

The Fidelio X2HR has a tip ring sleeve; it’s a 3.5-millimeter cable that spans 3 meters in length. Mainly they are super good if you’re at home. Phillips X2HR’s line also features a plastic attachment that can hold excess cable length tide up to fit your needs.

The extension can be easily removed at your leisure. It looks very nice. You would have been hard-pressed to find a headphone with better build quality than the fidelity here. With the particular type of plastic, the headband has been designed.


There is a thick foam touching the top of your head, and the pads themselves are made of Velour. And the cups are made of metal rather than plastic. The Fidelio X2HR comes with 50-millimeter neodymium dynamic drivers. These are an upgrade from the 40-millimeter drivers. It provides a larger sound stage that pairs well with the open-back design.

The drivers on the X2HR are also Inc or layered motion control drivers, which have a dampening gel that acts as a flexible boundary to absorb the exaggerated frequencies allowing for a more balanced and natural range of high frequencies. Also, the drivers come with pre-tilted at a 15-degree angle which aligns much more naturally with your ears than untilted. The sound stage will help you to hear that directional sound input a lot better way. Overall, it is one of the best studio-grade soundstage headphones.

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8. HIFIman HE 400i

HIFIman HE 400i is a planar magnetic as far as build is concerned these are more comfortable and well build. These are circumscribed, so they fit around your ear. They have a 35-ohm impedance. A sensitivity of 93 decibels as well as a frequency response of 20 hertz at 35000 kilohertz. They are made of ABS plastic polymer having a velour encoded in a sort of protein leather. They support a cable length of 1.5 meters.

The cups are made of Velour encased in protein leather along with the super quality cups rotating all the pretty lovely way. They are not so comfortable, but those on your head are a lot more stable. These take a little bit of fiddling to get a good fit. If you are going for long-term listening, then HIFIman HE 400i is for you. Without listing suffering, these open-back headphones have good bass and detailed, and straightforward entertainment of mids. Trebles, without any hurdles, are extended and have good airy sounds.

HIFIMAN-he400i - best Soundstage Headphones

If you have a huge head, you might face issues with this. But they rotate, Unlike the old ones, so that you can store them in a flat space. These headphones are very wispy top end, but it does not mean they are bright but accentuated. When you put on the treble, a couple of things can happen. On the one hand, discoloration will give the instrument an indeed elastic sense of timber and bites.

This is awesome, yet on the other hand, because of the troubling post. However, they are not the best choice for people who like to listen to music that tends to be relatively bright and rough sounding—coming to the mid-range where things get interesting because it feels like the mid-range sounds very open on solid-state gear. Over I found them convenient as per of sound and comfort. Overall, it comes under the category of beat reference soundstage headphones.

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9. HIFIMAN Sundara 

The Sundara is HIFIMAN’s planar magnetic headphone. It’s a direct successor to the HE 400 series from HIFIMAN, but this is undoubtedly a much more polished and better-looking headphone. They are almost entirely made of metal, and there’s hardly any plastic that we can see on them. It’s got a beautiful matt black fishing all over the headphone and combined with a very lightweight design with a very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

HIFIMAN Sundara has some of the highest sound quality that you can get from a headphone. In terms of specification, these headphones are not very difficult to drive. HIFIMAN Sundara is designed to be used with any high-resolution audio player, and it should be able to move these headphones almost fine.

HIFIMAN Sundara 

HIFIMAN Sundara had an extra 50 off the volume and a whole other level of gain. They have circular cups with a combination of leather and velour pad. Hi-fi man Sundara’s leather headband is just suspended over the head along with a notchy adjustment system for the band itself. An upgrade cable for the 99 series for measure because It has a silver-plated cable.

I was able to get a significant upgrade to the sound quality by using that cable with the standards. They sound like very linear measures across the board because they are more balanced in the fundamental frequency. HIFIMAN Sundara got just enough bass to have still a sense of richness and total quality in it. HIFIMAN Sundara sound is brilliant and offers ease to the user’s ears. If you are looking for detailed soundstage headphones you should definitely consider it.

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LCD2 classic is quite lenient, and they only come in at an impedance of 70 ohms. A sensitivity of 101 TV from my experience was that a Senator hd6xx was harder to drive in this and so was the Vincent Dora, so they are not that power-hungry. But I will recommend these. LCD2 headphones are exceptionally very well put together with very premium-feeling materials.

Everything pretty about it is made out of metal except the course. The course is made out of leather ear pads to get their headband and the wooden rings. Which, by the way, looks very stunning. The comfort here is good. However, I am not sure if everybody is going to put up with the headphone weight, so it’s not a problem for me. Therefore, we can say suitable for small heads! So the essential part of the review is the sound.


I will say that I have never heard of a headphone that benefits this much from EQ and ESP. Audeze provides the natural log in the bass, which is fantastic, but there is little problem in the mids and the highs.

Also, about the imaging, there is nothing special about It. Which is a good thing it is straightforward to tell which the sounds of the action are coming from, unlike some other planar magnetic headphones. These don’t have that problem, or the center image is a letter weak, so imaging again is fantastic.

The last thing I want to mention about imaging is that the instrument separation here is freaking great. I am saying this because I listen to a lot of beatless music. You know that music was recorded with a lot of limitations in the 60s, so many instruments and focus are always mixed on the same track.

Although the price is high, you’ll not be disappointed as all features are just fine.

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11. AKG K240 MKII 

With the standard cable, MkII headphones also have the spiral version, which goes to a different type of Jack. One looks like a mini XLR cable; therefore, we get two different types of connector cables. About the size, they are massive size so that they will encompass your ears. So these are not over-ear headphones. They look to be relatively comfortable. Adjustment goes along with the slide.

It seems there was self-adjustment to your ear. MkII has an elastic band that will contract to the smallest state when you are not wearing it. That is pretty interesting about these phones. They are semi-open and not wholly enclosed in the back. So the sound will leak out of these.

AKG K240 MKII - best Soundstage Headphones

And this is important to people who are recording if you don’t want to hear a sound when you are recording, especially with the sensitive Mics, so it may not be the best choice. You will also get an accessory in the box itself that is a quarter-inch adaptor that comes with it, and this is the type where is the thread. It locks in and makes it an excellent solid connection, so for those who need a quarter-inch, it is a lovely way to make this go from 3.5 to a quarter-inch. The suspension system is comfortable after wearing this for a few hours on a day or two.

There is not a whole lot of tension. Although those having a pretty significant head might face issues with comfort, please don’t spread it out wide enough. As an extension this is excellent, and it fits well. The head strap is comfortable as well.

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Such pals! Which soundstage headphones will be your choice? And if there are any queries regarding Soundstage or other headphones, let me know; I’ll try to revert ASAP.