The 9 Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming in 2022

Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming

If you are seriously into gaming and stuff you probably know that it’s so important to make sure that you have the right gadgets to boost your experience.

The right pair of headphones becomes a necessity. Open-back headphones make you closer to your surroundings and you feel more attached to the ambience while you play a game.  You won’t feel like you’re completely isolated when you dive deep into your game. 

We have performed a lot of tests and now we’re going to give you the list of the best gaming headphones that are worn in an open back manner.  

Sennheiser game one headphones back the top spot on our list.  Surely they are the most budget-friendly option out there but what day offers in the terms of quality comfort and security makes them shine.



9 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming We Recommend

We have reviewed and selected the most popular and the best Open-Back gaming headphones so that you get the best gaming experience, some of this open-back headphones are designed specially for gamers

1. Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming



​Noise-cancelling microphone with automatic mute

​Lightweight and breathable

​Interchangeable cables


​It may not the most flexible in terms of its width

Open-back headphones work on the 50-ohm trance  Technology to provide you with a crisp and clear sound quality.  Irrespective of your choice to play on a console, Mac, or a PC, Tablet phone, the provided exchangeable cables make these headphones to be compatible with just about anything. 

The XXL size pads are provided to add comfort and ventilation all thanks to the soft velvet cover and the light with a design that it’s made of.

 They also provide an exclusive high noise-cancelling microphone to support mobile phone conversation with extreme fidelity inaccuracy.  When the groom is lifted the microphone allows the convenient automatic new features.  If you’re looking for a pair of gaming headphones that would provide you with powerful performance for the long run you may surely look out for these.


2. Audio-Technica ATHPDG1AudioTechnica-ATHPDG1


Super-soft ear cups

High-quality condenser microphone

​360-degree surrounds sound


The mic is Omni-directional, so it’ll pick up noise around you

 They are not wireless

The headset is known to offer the highest resolution of sound while maintaining a surety of utmost comfort. The extra-large ear cups support long playing sessions without any extra pressure which is commonly generated due to smaller headphones. 

Audio Technica is a well-known brand that promises quality products and this particular headphone lives up with the claim. This sounds natural and is built as an open back design seemingly offering good quality audio.

It would be even better if they were wireless but it doesn’t mean that it will lead you to any loss.  They are meant to provide you with all the pleasantness you’ll need while you play our life’s best game and won’t be the cause of any headaches whatsoever.  What makes them more luxurious is that thick padded cup and silky smooth and velvet material.


3. Audio-Technica ATH AD700XAudio-Technica-ATHAD700X


​The single-sided cord features sheath for preventing tangles

​Self-adjusting for comfort

​Great dynamics and clear, airy sound


​Build quality can be improved

It’s a perfect go-to option if you are looking for a set of headphones that provides not only provide comfort but sustain the mid-range. They work without any discomfort all thanks to their light design and the soft fabric on the ear pads.

Low pressure is generated by the outside cover that is fully open air and creates natural-sounding audio with the frequency range of 5 to 30000 Hz. 

You can have prolonged uses without any worries or induced pains.  The can be used for a variable number of things and can be used by everyone to make their audio hearing needs.


4. Sennheiser HD 599



​Excellent and rich sound performance

​Unique classic ivory design with metallic details and brown stitching

​Include two cables (one with a 6.3 mm jack and one a 1.2 mm jack)


​Tends to have a lot of low-end distortion when you set it beyond 50% volume


Sennheiser has made its mark in the market already and now has come with the highest quality transductor which allows very low levels of distortion and a great level of dynamics.  You’ll experience the ultimate realistic gaming sound with an acoustic open-back design. This is a good option if you are looking for a reliable open-back headphone for gaming.

Classic Ivory colour looks elite and the ear pads are easily replaceable.  They are not just premium in build but very comfortable as well. They are provided with velour cushions around the ears and a padded headband to sustain long gaming sessions. 

They are a classic blend of Royal Style, and it has the accurate sound performance.


5. Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X 



Audiophile level drivers

Noise-cancelling microphone for clear, ambience free communication

Convenient mic mutes by lifting it up



We have got Sennheiser multiple times on this list as they deserve to. It’s a great brand that offers some of the best audio technology currently available.  Mass drop X headphones live up to the expectations and are a classic example of premium audio quality gaming headphones. 

The drivers in these headphones are the same mirror used in the HD 600 and the HD 599 headphones, which are the critics’ favourite.

They offer an excellent level of situation awareness while you play as they have angle drivers and an open back design.  If you are not bothered by the pair of corded headphones this will be the great choice you make and has the best audio quality above everyone else.


6. Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition



​Designed together with professional gamers and game developers

​Removable, swappable microphone

​Impressive premium audio quality tuned for gaming


​Volume range not as wide as others

They are pretty robust and have a typical product design that is nicely blended with comfort Optimization.  The ear cushions do not cause uncomfortable pressure as they are covered by soft fabric. 

It might be of good interest for you to know that this was specially designed in conjunction with the game developers and professional game was because they understand the needs and techniques better than everyone else. 

If you’re someone who is involved in competitive gaming, you would want the advantages that this phone has to offer.

 The built-in microphone is unidirectional and highly intuitive to pick up the sound and help you to experience clear chat audio.  You can even more easily remove the microphone if you do not need it.

That is designed for multitasking and you can use them as either open or closed-back headphones.  It will be of great help if you ask someone to participate in a lot of tournaments.


7. Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X



​Outstanding quality of sound

​Impressive directional audio

​Self-adjusting wing support

​Anti-tangle cord


​A high amount of treble and low bass at times

The design to ease pressure and comfort you with the natural feeling sound will be helped by their 52mm drivers.  They are almost weightless and come with flexible fabric covering your pads that will surely support you with lots of comfort and support while you play that game. 

You can always expect the most accurate natural sound with a punchy bass to truly live your game.

The single-sided cable is made up of oxygen-free copper and has an elastic sheet to prevent any tangling.  They also have a 6.3 mm adapter and 8 gold plated 3.5 mm connector in their Kitty. 

One of its highlight points is the impressive directional audio which is much appreciated by any gamer as it helps to improve the game.


8. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro



The extremely soft area around your ears

5 35,000 Hz frequency responses

Durable, made with high-quality parts including a leather headband


Not wireless

They are designed for those audiophiles that do not only play games but listen to music and audio editing as part of their lifestyle and hobby. 

They have super soft cups to offer you the next level of comfort and possibly the lowest heat.  They are made up of quality materials which is why they have a slightly higher price tag.  The connecting cable is known to create a nominal sound pressure level of 96 DB,   provided they are chorded.


9. Philips SHP9500Phillips-SHP9500-1


50mm Neodymium drivers

Long cable (1.5m)

Double layer headband for extra comfort and breathability


Not wireless

Their well-thought budget Philips headphones with a mic might just do the job for you.  They are available for under $100 everywhere.  They have 50mm neodymium drivers that help them to deliver a sound in full spectrum.  They are not wireless and have a 1.5-meter long cable that does most of the job.  The breathable headband also makes them grade while you prepare them for the long giving sessions. 

The headphones have a frequency response of 12 to 35000 Hz that is quite good at this price range.  You buy them. them as you don’t have to spend a lot.

The advantages of open-back headphones for gaming

Lesson your heat

The fake leather which is used to trap sound in the gaming headphones generates a lot of heat and makes it uncomfortable for the ears.  Sure you want a seal around the year to keep the sound contained within the headphones, but that doesn’t mean that you should be ok to have any injury.

Open-back headphones do not need to seal tightly around the ear to convert the sound.  They are made of lighter and cooler materials to provide comfort during long term use and lessen any discomfort.

Sound Distribution

The reason that you probably use open-back headphones is the audio quality which stands apart.  We know that the closed-back headphones and the other noise-cancelling headphones keep the sound close to the ear, While the open-back headphones are meant to provide a good distribution to the sound to let you live the game by the truest means. 

It feels like the sound is coming from all directions and heading you right away.  Some people might be interested in the personal sound stage feel. 

Understanding sound quality

Sound quality is dependent on a variety of factors such as the ins and outs, range of frequency, kilobits per second, and everything else.  The higher the kbps, the better is the sound quality. 

Measurements truly tell about the audio quality. While everyone has a different approach, it’s good to know what is best.  A neutral sound frequency will deliver every element in the audio naturally and with at most accuracy,  I want to purchase these and not a soul is dependent upon your preference as a gamer. 

Now that you know the list of advantages that it offers you can decide whether you want to invest in them or not.  Each to his own choice, when it comes to the best experience they possibly want to experience.