TOP 10 Best Headphones That Don’t Leak Sound In 2022

best headphones that don't leak sound

Have you ever been listening to your favorite music in a public place and your headphones start leaking the sound?

If you answered yes, then one of the most alarming facts for you is sound leaking from headphones. It happens with everyone including me too.

When it comes to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, headphones are designed to provide us with a private listening experience. However, when our headphones leak sounds to the extent that it annoys people around us, this goal is compromised. My headphones are leaking sound into the area around me as they transmit music into my ears, this is known as headphone sound leakage, and how to prevent it?

When I wish to use my headphones in a very quiet place, such as a library, classroom, or office, this discomfort is compounded, especially when I am listening to something at a high volume. It is because even low volume voices are also echoed in these places. Especially if I am relying on my headphones to boost my productivity and speed up the pace of my day.

Consider this problem in the context of a tap as it is most suitable for that because of sound’s fluidity quality like water. I anticipate water to flow out of the aperture when I turn it on. When a pipe bursts, less water flows through, and water pours into places it isn’t supposed to.

So, what can we possibly do to avoid a situation like this?

The solution is that we will need a decent pair of sound leakage-proof headphones that keep sound inside the earpieces and prevent sound leaking.


List of the Best headphones that don’t leak sound:-

1- JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train

These headphones have been fantastic, and at their price, they were a great deal. JBL and UA did a superb job of producing high-quality headphones at a very low price. Bionic Hearing helps me to hear my environment by utilizing JBL sound and microphone technologies. This technology also helps in preventing the leakage of sound through my headphones. It is one of the biggest problems I had faced while using headphones with high volume sound in public places.

JBL under armour

With TalkThru Technology, music is muted but the conversation is enhanced by mics in these wireless earbuds. It allows me to effortlessly converse with another person when I am listening to any song or audiobook, without taking off my wireless headphones.

I don’t have to worry about sweat ruining the ear cups because they’re machine washable. In this instance, there is also a second pair. And there’s a big triangular carabiner on the case, which is a great hard shell. Over the years, the headphones have become even tighter. They’re designed to stay on our heads, however, some individuals may be upset by the fact that their ears are pounded for lengthy periods of time during exercises. But I like them because I can use them comfortably till the last second of my battery life.

Talking about their battery life, these wireless headphones last a long time and are easy to recharge. I can use them for an hour nonstop after only 5 minutes of charging. 


2- Soundcore by Anker Life Q30

This headphone’s powerful noise canceling technology is one of its most impressive features. With Life Q30’s hybrid active noise reduction, I can stay focused while I am studying something or listening to any audiobook. Dual noise-detecting microphones take up and filter out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient noise, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of my music.


The noise cancellation on the Life Q30 can be personalized in three ways. First is that it decreases high volume noises such as airline exhaust noise and road traffic. And second is that it dampens the sound in busy workplaces with people conversing in the background. The third and most important is that it doesn’t leak the sound from your headphone even if you listening to something at full volume.

Thanks to the 40mm drivers of the Life Q30, I can hear every minute detail of my favorite music. Thumping bass and sharp treble that reaches up to 40kHz for greater clarity are reproduced by the extremely flexible silk diaphragms. NFC pairing is supported by these headphones. To connect them, I can simply tap my Android phone on the right earcup.

In noise-canceling mode, the Life Q30 active noise-canceling headphones can play music for up to 40 hours. Standard mode provides you 60 hours of listening time, while a quick 5-minute charge gives you 4 hours. These headphones also include super soft protein leather earcups with extra comfort cushioning that fit securely over my ears. They’re also pleasant for lengthy listening sessions thanks to their lightweight design. If your headphone is struggling with noise, you should definitely check out our guide on the best noise-canceling earbuds.



3- Focal Listen Pro Closed-Back Headphones

I’m not disappointed at all, considering this is the little bit most expensive set of headphones I’ve ever purchased. I’ve owned a lot of headphones in the past, but none in this price bracket. However, as an experienced, I can say that these headphones are well worth the money. They have very harmonic overtones, and the vocals are very crisp and sharp. The soundstage is outstanding, and the range of these headphones is excellent.

The bass is present, but not to recreate the sound. There hasn’t been any distortion in the sound quality that I’ve noticed. The noise isolation is excellent. I can confirm that sound leaking does not exist. That means even if I am in close proximity to others, they can’t hear what I am listening to on my headphone.

focal listen pro

On a flat baffle, the moving element of this headphone is incredibly light, allowing the transducer to approach 40kHz. The reproduction of the bass and sub-bass registers was also given considerable thought.

These headphones are created with a complex technical approach, however, they are really comfortable for me. Because of the size of the ear cushions, they have a lot of volumes, which allows for a good sound balance. The acoustic layer, which is closer to the speaker driver, gives outstanding absorption and uniformity in the 3-9kHz range, whereas microfiber provides a more linear bass response.

Closed-back headphones typically suffer from compression and frequency response in the bass and lower mid-range parts, which benefit from outstanding tonal balance and great articulation.

The accompanying cords and protective storage case are wonderful additions, and the large Focal plug on the coiled wire looks nice. All I can say is that these are some of the finest things I have ever used.


4- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm

These Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones are designed like they can provide me with a really enjoyable audio experience that my ears will undoubtedly appreciate. We can use these headphones for music creation, recording, and general listening. They have a very clean and neutral frequency response. The fact that these headphones do not affect audio is one of my favorite features about them. It’s the bass I hear when I wanted to hear the bass. The headphones don’t increase or lessen it, so if I use them to mix, I won’t be fooled into believing my song sounds like something it Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

These headphones are perfect for analyzing any sound because of the degree of musical information presented. The ultra-low bass notes are well identified and transmitted. High frequencies are transferred into a sound that is analytical, clear, and distinct. Despite providing superb separation from the outside world, the dimensional modeling of these headphones is amazing.

These headphones are of relatively high quality. When I adjust the headband and ear cups, they seem like a perfect fit around my ears and head. If the band covering ever wears out or gets otherwise damaged, we can replace it. The cushioning on the ear cups is a suede-like material that doesn’t sweat and doesn’t wear out even if I use them for a long period. They’re still fluffy as they were when I bought them.

I wear glasses, and they are quite comfortable to wear over the head, and there is no external sound leaking into or out of the headphones.


5- KRK KNS 8400 On-Ear Closed Back

I can certainly confirm that these headphones are fantastic even after a month of intensive use. I was concerned that because they were designed primarily for music creation, they wouldn’t be suitable for listening, but it turns out that they are. The sound quality is significantly superior to what one would anticipate at this pricing point.

krk kns 8400 on ear

The sound is very clear, wide, and has superb frequency response across the spectrum, as well as all the power anybody could ask for. Nothing is missing, yet nothing is too much. If I want a lot of basses, I can turn up the EQ. It is one of the useful features of these headphones.

The compression on the ears is just ideal in terms of comfort. They are soft and gentle. Even my brother’s huge ears fit comfortably in the cushions. The tops of the head cushions are also good.  They may get unpleasant after a time due to the pressure, but this is easily remedied by repositioning them.

Durability appears to be excellent as well. They’re probably not invincible, but they also don’t need to be cared for. The cable is usually the first part of a pair of headphones to wear out, and it’s replaceable, so these should last a long time.

The range of these headphones is excellent, and yes, they really go down to 5Hz without sounding fake or exaggerated, and the volume remains steady regardless of frequency.

The best way to characterize the 8400s is amazing. They have great transient response, and isolation, and are also very comfortable. I think I prefer their fit to the 6400s. However, they do become a little warm after long listening sessions. Given the materials utilized, this is to be anticipated. The material quality is excellent, far better than I had anticipated for the price. 


6- Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphone

These Sennheiser HD 25 are headphones that are so fantastic that no one needs a review to realize how amazing they are. I have these and felt they were average, but after using a pair and spending a lot of time with them, I can confidently state that these headphones are incredible. They are comfy, have excellent outside sound isolation, and have excellent sound quality. Every frequency is plainly audible.


The sound quality is excellent. I use them when I’m wandering outside the home and there’s a lot of background noise. Even when there are a lot of vehicles driving near me or I’m stuck in traffic, these headphones effectively muffled ambient noise. Apart from external noise, they don’t leak sounds that are coming from themselves, when I am listening to music at high volume in a silent place. They are so leakage-proof that sometimes, people without seeing me can’t anticipate that I am hearing something.

Due to the lightweight aluminum voice coils and sturdy design, it offers a high sensitivity, which is perfect for professional usage. I can notice a lot of tiny bass in the music with this. Apart from that, they can withstand extremely high sound pressure levels. As a result, we may utilize it for professional monitoring as well.

They are comfortable, even if I wear them for extended periods of time because the cushions effectively absorbed my sweating. It is really comfortable to wear on the head because it also contains a rotating capsule for single-ear listening and a cushioned headband that accommodates almost any head size, making it a versatile tool for a variety of uses.


7- Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional

I often use headphones for PC gaming and just moved from game-branded headphones to this. The difference is incredible. I had several similar-priced headsets from other manufacturers and can’t believe how much I was losing out on before purchasing this one. There are elements in games that I had no idea existed before playing them with these headphones.


The important thing to remember about monitoring headphones is that they are made to deliver sounds as accurately as possible. Most consumer headphones, particularly gaming headsets, feature a characteristic V-shaped sound, which emphasizes the highs and lows while minimizing the mids. The most obvious effect of monitor headphones is that vocalists in music seem considerably clearer and easier to hear, and the entire audio track sounds more “balanced.”

You’ll notice this in video games as well, because you’ll be able to hear a lot more clearly and distinctly, and you’ll even hear sounds you weren’t aware of previously.

I’d worked in a recording studio before and knew what to anticipate. If I’ve been listening to music with gaming headsets or regular headphones, they will sound strange for a time. But I’ll put them on for a bit and listen to some of my favorite music or play a bit of time of my favorite game, before switching back to my old headphones. I’ll realize how bad my old ones sound and wonder what else I’m missing out on in life.

The most important thing to remember about these headphones is that while you can connect them to anything and receive fantastic sound, where you connect them in counts. They’ll reveal the truth about the audio output of any device they’re connected to.


8- Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N

These headphones are extremely light and easy to wear. They appear to be made to be managed while using them since they talk to me when I click the buttons, such as Power On/Off, Bluetooth Pairing/Connected/Disconnected, Noise Cancellation, Ambient Sound, and so on. Press the power button momentarily to see the battery level, press it for a few seconds to switch it on/off, and hold it for seven seconds to enter Bluetooth connection mode. If my gadget supports Near Field Communications, and your phone does, Bluetooth connects and disconnects when held close to the device.

sony whch710n

Outside noise was well-compressed by Noise Cancelling mode. If the outside traffic is loud, I could barely hear it if I wear these headphones at that time. As predicted, the mics in Ambient mode mixed the outside noises with the song, which was useful if I was wandering around and wanted to hear what was happening in the area as well as listen to songs.

Ambient off shuts off the microphones, so there is no pass-through sound. How much outside sound I hear will depend on the outside noise and the level of my music. Ambient off also implies Noise Cancelling is turned off, so if you don’t like the noise cancellation feature, this is the setting for you. Aside from canceling outside noise, they also have a feature to cancel its inner leaking sound.

This feature is really helpful as I frequently go to the library kind of quiet places because I am an introvert who likes to communicate only when something is important coming up. So, in the library, when I go to read any book, I often use headphones on the loud noise, so that nobody can communicate with me when I read a book.

But one day, suddenly I realize that my headphones are leaking their sound and other people neat are getting disturbed because of it. That really embarrasses me but thanks to these headphones. After purchasing it, I am getting embarrassed as they sound leakage-proof headphones. 


9- Etymotic Research ER2SE

These headphones much overtake my expectations. Etymotic earphones are my favorite because of their excellent noise isolation. They may need a thorough placement into the ear canal, but they are well worth the effort. There are different types of ear tips included for comfort, and I discover the ideal fit after some experimentation. This is the SE version, if I want more bass, I can upgrade to the XR set. I have a few Cowon DAPs and can fine-tune the bass and low end to my preferences.

etymotic research er2se

In an IEM, timbre and tonality are nearly as precise as one can get. Despite the medium instrumentation isolation, the flat response makes clarity one of the finest I’ve heard in an IEM. The ER2SE will be perceived as mid-forward by the majority of people. Sure, it’s probably the most mid-forward IEM compared to the bulk of IEMs, which have sunken mids and/or increased bass/treble. However, in actuality, the mids are only as forward as the audio portion. In terms of timbre and tone, the mids are perhaps the most realistic I’ve heard in an IEM. The highs are extremely clear, with no sibilance or compression to be found.

I’ve rarely experienced an IEM’s cymbals sound so authentic. Bass is of excellent quality, but it is very unidirectional, and many people may find it insufficient. While I can agree that some EDM and bass-centric songs will find this IEM to be excessively dull and lifeless, that is not the point. You’ll buy it for its accuracy, which is quite faithful to the recording quality, and at a low price.


10- Mackie MC-250 Series

They provide a more detailed and powerful sound than the basic headphones that I used. When compared to my other headsets, they have a flatter but still a distinct sound signature. The sound is somewhere between closed-back and opens back, and it still does an excellent job of immersing you while letting just enough sound in to know if someone is talking/yelling.

mackie mc 250 series

There is no sound bleed, and I can hear what others are saying, but that slight open back touch opens the soundstage just enough to keep the listening experience feeling close to the chest but detailed and interesting. These headphones are very receptive to EQ, so with Dolby atoms or a bass boost, the experience is fantastic.

They produced a wonderful, well-balanced tone. They were comfortable to wear over my ears. In terms of bass response, I listened to a couple of tracks I mixed using studio monitors and they sound identical. It was essential for me to get headphones that would allow me to acquire a good mix.

They’re simple to operate, but with more dedicated sources and amplification, the sound of the MC-250 expands, giving it greater body and clarity. Using my Black Label, the MC-250 sounds incredible, far more engaging than the price suggests. I’d love to see Mackie release an audiophile-tuned version of the MC-250 with a semi-open or open can design that allows the drivers to extend out even farther for a more airy and broader sound.


What features are required to buy a headphone?

We’ve all used headphones at some point, whether it was the cheap plastic pair that came with your smartphone or the large, costly cans.

Because of so much variety, purchasing headphones might be a difficult task. My article will teach you how to recognize what to look for in headphones and how to make an informed decision while you’re out shopping for a piece.

  • Headphones must be sound leakproof so that we cannot disturb anyone from our loud music.
  • Every headphone must have a noise-canceling feature so that we cannot hear unwanted sounds while listening to something important.
  • Every headphone must be adequate for intense work and gaming.
  • It should be free of cords and cable.
  • Headphones must produce accurate sound quality according to our needs.
  • Headphones must have amazing frequency responses.
  • Headphones should have durable Batteries so that we can use them for a longer time uninterruptedly.
  • Headphones must have Bluetooth so that we can connect with them wirelessly.
  • All headphones should be comfortable to wear. 


Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. Are sound leakage-proof headphones a reality?

Ans. The majority of headphones leak sound due to air vibration produced by the speaker’s drum, which penetrates the headset pads that were designed to stop the sound leak. Some headphones are however have a remedy for this problem. That means yes, several headphones give you a sound leakage-proof feature. 

Q2. Why buy sound leakage-proof headphones?

Ans. We should buy sound leakage proof headphones because without this feature your headphone will really give you an embarrassing experience sometimes.

Q3. Can I wear sound leakage-proof headphones in a library?

Yes, you can wear sound leakage headphones in a library. It is not only sound leakage-proof but also isolates from the other world when you read something in the library.



Before we wrap up this article, through the list I compiled for you, I want to make sure you understand why your headphones or earbuds are leaking sound and how to pick the ideal headset as per your requirements.

In the end, I must say that sound leaking is an unpleasant experience. Even more so for people in my close surroundings. That’s why we should buy a headphone that is sound leakage proof. It’s difficult for me to notice that my headphones are leaking sound when I’m using them. It’s not until someone alerts me to the problem that I’m able to take the required actions to eliminate it. This may be humiliating and have a bad impact on someone’s initial opinion of me.

To stop this from occurring to you, test your headphones for sound leaking before purchasing them through various methods.