12 Best AKG Headphones For Every Budget 2023

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The pandemic has made many changes, and one out of them is people working from home, and it’s been a while now.

This means we are shipping between our personal and professional lives far more frequently than earlier, i.e., bustling, for instance, office meetings on zoom up on one side and house call parties with friends/family on another, and of course the regular phone calls, voice mails, texting.

Specifically, the case of individuals who have their jobs associated with video making has to face more than others as they have to edit videos and monitor audio while shooting videos. So on, they are in dire need of a good pair of headphones to help with all of these. And by “good” what I mean is: suitable for music, good for house festivity calls, and ideal for monitoring critical for editing, and guys AKG is more than fine for them and every one of us.

akg headphones

AKG has an impressively long history in the headphone market because AKG headphones are meticulously manufactured in such a way as to deliver the most accurate and reliable sound that experts desire.

These good AKG headphones remain specialized in the studio and consideration headphones that can satisfy even the loyal pursuits and the genuine audiophile. Besides, they sound just a smidgen clearer and more accurate than most headphones in the same price range (What we all strive for!).

Despite being a first-time browser or buyer AKGs will prove overwhelming for you because of their bumper crop of in-ear, on-ear, noise-canceling, and wireless features, and it would be a tremendous win for both professional and personal uses.

So let’s directly hop into our list of 12 best AKG headphones, and yes, all of them are highly recommended, so pals, read on and decide which one is most suitable for you.

List of The Best AKG Headphones Available In 2023:-

1- AKG ProAudio K92 

The first and foremost thing about AKG ProAudio K92 that will impress you is its low price with acceptable quality. The various features are directly proportional to the portrayal of kick drums and bass guitars, including a boosted, augmented, but low-frequency response. The highest sensitiveness, along with the vastest frequency response delivered by this terrific AKG K92, will result in a powerful and satisfying output.


From the arena of professional studio gear to mobile music players, the compatibility with playback devices covering broad ranges there’s a low impedance has been designed in K92s.

While finding the best for ourselves, we frequently count on the conveniences and comforts. And AKG 92 has been manufactured to prevent hazardous sizing tools, which have the potential and impact to break over the period. To generate a good fit for every band member automatically, there is a rare self-adjusting headband too.

We always complain about pressure being asserted by ear pads, but k92s ear pads are light weighted and breathable. In addition, you can move your head freely in different directions because of the presence of a single-sided cable. If you are specifically looking for the best AKG studio headphones you should definitely buy this.

Overall, AKG92 takes care of your convenience, comfort, and, most importantly, your ears!!!

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2- AKG K240  

If you’re a podcaster, musician, audio engineer, and budget audiophile, AKG240 is the perfect headphones for you. It’ll benefit you in neutral vocal response and enable you to be more or less easygoing by the underwhelming sub-bass reproduction.

You can hear apparently what you are playing from moment to moment. And that’s why they can give clear and crystal sound!

Suitable for mixing and producing along with frequency response is just exceptionally well.


You can replace earpads, and the cables are easy to detach. With features of an Open soundstage combined with decent acoustics, they also block out some disturbing external noises.

Being built to be lightly weighted, they are perfect AKG professional studio headphones.

All in all, specifications are Lightweight and comfortable, replaceable ear pads, detachable cable, Exceptional frequency retort, adequate for mixing and producing, Substantial 2-year warranty, Open soundstage, and good acoustics.

Obstructs out some external sound. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap, portable, adjustable, and bespectacled headphones that you can use in your profession and for personal use. AKG 240 will indeed result in a phenomenal deal for you.

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3- AKG K701 

The AKG K 701 is too good to convince almost anyone irrespective of its job as the K701 are high-end headphones that have achieved accuracy in terms of vital things that we are usually searching for in any headphone that as sound quality and clearness. Then there is the comfort which is luxurious like anything.

Being made entirely of plastic, the metallic-looking earcups will amaze you! Therefore, if I speak in terms of visuals, they are rich.


By adding k701 features, you’ll be using them without getting pain and sweat at the end as it comprises padded earcups along with 3D foam to become the most ergonomic fit and enclosed in a layer of fine comfy velour. On top of all these terrific features, a minimal amount of pressure is exerted by earcups, making it simple enough for the headphones to stay on your head while listening without slipping off.( therefore fuss-free )

Overall, if you’re annoyed by ear pain and sweating, as well as if you think these restrictions are limiting your precious time with your music, you have to give AKG K701 a try. If you want to buy AKG reference headphones this one is for you.

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4- AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO

We can say that the AKG K712 Pro is identical to the classic K701, as their physical designs are equivalent to each other but with different drivers. The quality is indeed promising with the mechanical materials made of either metal or durable plastic AKG K712.

Earpads are being pushed out of enterprise foam as well as covered in fabrics which is push-like. There are two removable cables in K712. Ranging from 80hz to 1100 Hz with open-back headphones, sound quality is considered to be neutral.


As AKG headphones use a hammock-type suspended headband to manage the weight over the consumer’s head, the k712 Pro uses the same and is hence very comfortable. Even after so many hours, no pronounced tension points make it again one of the best headphones of AKGs.

For critical listeners, the AKG K712 PRO headphones transmit an incredible sound. They are super comfortable headphones and are excellent by having more rare additions than the K701 or the K702 headphones. Regardless, similar to the earlier models, they are a bit sturdy and clunky for regular use. They have one more flex of open-back design that enhances their comprehensive sound quality but also leaks a ton and cannot prevent much disturbance. Therefore it is not an ideal fit for loud, noisy commutes.

The overall impact is, I can say, “above average” as for an AKG offering, obviously, and it’ll just grab on you as it did for me! Furthermore, the K702 is presently a daily driver of mine and, yes, the headphone I lean to listen to. It is one of the best AKG audiophile headphones.

So, are you already interested in giving AKG K712 PRO a try?

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5- AKG K612 Pro 

Here suffix pro is simply indicating that K612 isn’t for outdoor use but for indoors only. They are being designated to offer flat frequency and no boosted frequency. Consumers are often analyzed to accept that AKG K612 pro delivers a pleasing sound that makes you feel soothed.

The K612 Pro is a reasonable choice if you are looking for AKG over-ear headphones. A nice with transparent wide also neutral soundstage AKG K612 pro headphones are comfortable. Although these are a little more expensive and do not have a removable cable, they ‘needed an amplifier.’


Specifications included being Wide soundstage, Clear, Neutral, Comfortable, Price relatively affordable, and quality is also quite impressive.

Not hard to drive compared with others.

If you are using them with an amplifier, then you don’t need the power to drive, but the case changes if you remove the amplifier as then I’ll need a lot of energy to be driven crisp.

This point has been in mind while using K612 Pro. The 612 is also harder, not huge but a little to drive at (120 Ohm and 88dB/mW )Sensitivity, compared with 62 Ohm and around 91 for the 702.

Final word: Ultimately, they are a promising deal as these headphones are an accumulation of various bonuses, including comfort plus natural sounding, well-manufactured, lightweight, suitable for gaming and film, adequate for reference, and yes manageable to mix with.

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6- AKG Y50

I was in the market for an affordable pair of headphones. I wanted something reasonably portable with an understated design and most of all. I wanted to spend less as my budget was low. Eventually, I settled on one of the fabulous AKG headphones that are AKG Y50. The back of each earpiece and the headband are metallic manufactured, and the rest is solid plastic, which is quite a reasonable feeling. It is one of the best AKG on-ear headphones.

Leatherette padding inside the earphones and headband is soft and assures comfort with the left, and the right side is clearly labeled.


Talking about noise isolation, I can say it is pretty impressive. By putting a lot of effort and thought, AKG Y50 passes the sound quality vibes.

The treble of Y50 is moderately comprehensive with articulate but offers a sharp sound that is pretty satisfying and is moreover incredibly easy on the ear. As we know, On-ear headphones usually don’t get fit for all-day listening, but guys, in the case of AKGs Y50, that’s not the same.

All in all, the Y50 gets thumbs up from me.


7- AKG Y500

These On-ear headphones are Wireless and can be connected to Bluetooth offering an excellent value.

First, I want to tell you about the built quality, so these headphones are mixed with different materials.

They have plastic here on the ear cups, but then they have metal in the headband and also, of course, a soft rubber on the top, and considering the price, its decent quality feels good, in my opinion. What’s also nice is that you can fold them up to carry them and to have just a smaller overall form factor.


There’s also a carrying case included in the box, which is very lovely to see as well. Another interesting aspect about these headphones, especially if you carry them a lot, is how they wear and Tear over time. Still, these headphones show no sign of it. And it’s a big plus.

In terms of weight, the clock is at around 230 grams. This is indeed an outstanding balance between having some hefty to them, so they don’t feel cheap and too heavy that you significantly get aware of your years or your head, so I think it is happy to use them even for a lengthy period.

Sound quality will impress you again as it prevents harshness on the ears. Overall, it is one of the best AKG wireless headphones

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The overall k92 build quality is more than average. Ear cups are made from plastic ( matte ) and connected by a frame made out of metal. When you bend the edge, you’ll experience no cracking sound!

Compared with the standard headphone cable, K72 cables are much thicker, with a length of 3m. It’s not a surprise, although because AKG is concerned about professional use.


K92 again passes the world stage by having quality more than average. Although the k92 isn’t as vast as the Bower & Wilkins P7, nevertheless, imagining is excellent!

As it is over-the-ear headphones, it does carry excellent noise isolation, It would be fair to say the noise isolation of these headphones ate decently good.

All in all a fair deal and is available on Amazon. Just go for it if you want to buy AKG closed-back headphones.

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9- AKG N700NC 

For noise-canceling headsets, which are also wireless, N700NC is reasonable. It is built to ensure your comfort and style. In addition, the life of the battery is decent.

Over time more people are relatively seeking back to over-ear headphones. Therefore, the design of N700NC carries much importance. By keeping this thought on priority, AKG has been free from excessive branding. A polished, minimalist design is manufactured.


N700NC also has effortless control, power, and noise ambient noise controls on one cup, while volume and wired connection options are available on the other.

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Is purchasing K702 worth it? I’ll say a big Yeah!

Accumulation of open-backed, as well as mid-fi audiophile headphones, K702 is nearly perfect in every way. The mid-range is not only exceptionally neutral but being put aside from a tastefully done (2kHz bump), comprising the crisp treble with bass being detailed plus articulated.

K702 is built perfectly well with comfort and pleasure. It does not need any adjustment for velour padding. Transcending the extended session, you can wear it effortlessly.


The AKG K702 is identical to AKG K712 PRO, is massive, and has bulky headphones that are not mobile. Consumers cannot fold up into a more compact format. Also, the ear cups do not sit flat to seize slighter space either. The retro headband design is also quite large and results in cumbersome headphones that will only fit in a backpack. There’s also no case or pouch, which is disappointing.

With assuring buzzer dynamics along with depth gradation, the old image is nicely wide.

However, K702 isn’t going to influence enthusiasts of loud volumes and craze for enormous bass changes as of extremely linear frequency. Even they are susceptible in terms of bass ranges. Although they furthermore differentiated estimation in terms of lower bass ranges. With the help of linear reproduction, the midrange has been handled generously enough.

High frequencies at the end have been simulated in extraordinary detail form. Transients are also shown positive in reports of finesse. All in all, I’ll say that the K702 sounds composed but if putting a little cool. Also, you cannot criticize AKG K702 headphones for simulating sounds more realistically. Overall, it comes under the category of the best AKG audiophile headphones.

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11- AKG N60

Akg N600 are nondescript similar to other noise-canceling headphones. It is made out of mostly plastic.

With the existence of ANC, AKG N60 is amazingly thrilling. Besides, it’s simple to fold up and throw in a bag when you do not require musical accessories, and indeed styling being understated is appealing too!

AKG N60 sound is flawlessly excellent enough associated with a consumer-friendly sound.


If you want to go wireless anyways, you know, AKG N60NC Wireless is the best suit for you as it leans on Bluetooth and a radio capable of utilizing AAC or aptX codecs. It does not matter if you are limited to an SBC profile along with a former phone. These wireless headphones are competent for benefiting decently multiple bitrates. Still, I noticed that the cans are showing difficulty preventing skipping if you have been listening to N60 for a long time.

Because the ANC unit may experience a little mids and distortion, but it is not disastrous. You still have to be aware of this. Bass is boosting. As headphones are closed-back manufactured, there is an echo because of this, but if you are an enthusiast of bass, AkG N60 is a great choice. The isolation is so sound in that range.

Sometimes headphones do get failed; therefore, N60 is also a savior for those situations. If money is short, no problem at all! You can now protect yourself because of the additional money you would drop on the Bose set. Overall, it is one of the best AKG noise-canceling headphones.

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12- AKG K361

In the world of an enormous crowd of closed-back studio headphones, you can do much better with the AKG K361. They are a massive blow to the market and have been long overseen by models from Sony and Audio-Technica. Based on prices, they give an astonishing audio performance, being packed into layouts that will look more fitted to the street than to the studio.

The cables used in these AKG headphones have the same ( 2.5mm) twist-lock connector, overthrowing one of the significant issues of the 371-BT. The 2 371 models do not have synonymous cables. 371-BT is putting in a worthless pin that is nothing but extra to the little XLR jack.


The cables are both upright and also a little bit prone to cramps or kinks. One is 1.2m lengthy, and the other one is 3m lengthy. Both of them contribute a noticeably better sound than being offered by the Bluetooth connection pair. Ear cups are comfortable as they are being thicker.

Suppose you are now interested and convinced to buy these Bluetooth AKG K361 headphones. In that case, I’ll say that the K361-BT is a comparatively decent preference over the 371-BT in terms of affordable price and, yes, the better fit, even with its sound signature which is slightly bland!

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AKG headphones are well respected, long-time performance by Austrian producers of microphones and headphones. Their products have been used by thousands of creators in studios worldwide. The AKG was crucial in being involved in the design process or authorizing the designs based on their sound excellence standards.

AKG earphones and headphones are relatively separated in half between the plastic that is rubbery you are using with headphones and a cloth that is being braided that you ultimately receive in further outstanding ‘buds.

But looking at the powerful side, AKG bestows them an incredibly extraordinary look and feels, which at last consumer leans on. AKGs are fair-to-deal pals!

If you want to know more about AKG headphones, please let us know in the comment section.