7 Best Skullcandy Headphones In 2023

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Skullcandy is a renowned brand in the world of headphones. They have the best Skullcandy headphones and if you browse through their vanity, you will surely find something for yourself.

Everyone has different kinds of preferences and you will find your match no matter what your design style is.  If you’re someone who is into deep Bass while musing through the high note then Skullcandy headphones are a sure winner.

List Of Best Skullcandy Headphones of 2023:-

As I have mentioned earlier and I will now say it again that we’ve already tested numerous kinds of headphones and even Skullcandy. According to our extensive research, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are the best among the other Skullcandy contemporaries. 

They deliver a strong bass, a great battery life, and a very balanced sound output to sustain your music, podcast, and other audio routines. 

Here is a quick summary of the rest of our top picks-

1- Skullcandy Crusher – Best overall

SkullCandy-Crusher - Best Skull candy Headphones


Battery life lasts up to 40 hours on a full charge, 3 hours after a quick charge

Best Skullcandy headphones for bass

Very comfortable ear pads


Not true noise-canceling headphones. They still block outside noise somewhat but can be improved.


The Skullcandy Crusher is the best headphones from Skullcandy Enterprises. The audio performance is Elite and is even enhanced by the strong bass and crystal clear mids and tight highs. 

They are designed as extensive over-the-ear headphones that work with Bluetooth technology and have a stunning battery life of 40 hours.  You can wear them easily for long periods without any trouble or discomfort.  They are wireless and charge quickly, and there is more that will add to the comfort.   The ear cushions are pleasant when you wear them and they even work efficiently to block most of the ambient noises.

The sound quality is premium and will add to your joy.  Skull candy is often the talk of the town for its deep bass and this particular headphone is an example of the same.  Overall these headphones made by Skullcandy should be your go-to option if you love the brand.


2- Skullcandy Hesh 2 – Best on a budget



Very rich audio quality on music with vocals

Dynamic, go corded or wireless

Up to 15 hours of battery life


Earpads tend to feel hot after a few hours


The headphones are highly durable. You will notice this when you’ll realize how many different kinds of things can be used. They operate on Bluetooth wireless technology so that you don’t struggle with chords getting tangled.

In case you get low on battery you can use u x cord cable. When the LED light blinks red, you must that the device is now live on the battery. 

The aux cable provided has a built-in mic and the calls you attend using this with being better and clearer than the ones will be experiencing using other wirelessly on-the-ear headphones.  The headphone even has controls built into them.



3- Skullcandy Hesh 3 – Best value



Improved battery life, a 10-minute charge gives 4 hours of power

Collapsing design is convenient for traveling

Improved wireless connection


We miss the old Skullcandy design with the colorful logo.


These headphones present the previous models of the Hesh series in a better form.   Having Improved a lot in blocking out audio pollution, the ear pads are cute and comfortable.

The quick charge feature enhances battery life.  You can boost the life of the battery from 3 hours to 4, by just 10 minutes of charge.  If you charge the device successfully you will get 24 hours of battery life. 

Some people even say that the battery lasts even further. You will experience the biggest transformation in terms of both stronger and more reliable wireless connections. 


4- Skullcandy Uproar – Best on the ear

SkullCandy-Uproar - Best Skull candy Headphones


Onboard controls are intuitive and easily accessed

Lightweight and feels cooler for longer

Very clear sound quality through any frequency


Don’t get as loud as other headphones


We are not kidding when we say that the Up Roar headphones are one of the best Skullcandy pairs out there.  The design is extremely popular and well-known and complements the Skullcandy grind design, another popular piece of headgear.

It’s made with a slightly toned-down touch and has an ultra-futuristic tent to hit.  The Skull candy logo that we have known forever is printed beautifully.  The onboard controls are easy to use and the mic is built onto the ear cups to provide additional comfort.  The ear pillows are made of Lux-feeling synthetic leather, and they seem to be a lot cooler than the other assets. 


5- Skullcandy Sesh – The best true wireless



We loved the convenience of the in-ear design

More durable than others, and water-resistant

Gets loud while maintaining sound quality


Somewhat less comfortable when you press the earbud button for controls.


The Skullcandy Sesh headphones are pretty robust and withstand dirt, dust, and water.  They are optimum to be used while you work out at the gym or let your sweat out while on a run. 

It’s good to see Skullcandy making products that are tougher and even more durable.  Grind it out or relax with up to 10 hours of battery life will provide you with. 

The simple design matches the controls to release perfect music.  From the top of a single button, you can access all the controls that you want to corporate. 


6- Skullcandy Ink’d+ – Best wired earbuds



Budget-friendly and high quality

Delivers clear sound

Improved mic clarity was a big improvement


Not as great for audiobooks


They are a cult favorite pair of classic and corded in-ear headphones as they offer an impressive sound quality which is even better than the Other Hi-Tech wireless sets. 

Sleek design and rich coloring don’t hurt anyone. The colors are one of a kind and Express themselves beautifully. 

The thing we love the most about this one was its mic.  The quality is taken care of, which is surprisingly nice as the other earphone companies don’t do that.


7- Skullcandy Push – Best for athletes



Really clear bass and mid-tones

Very durable and water-resistant

Easy wireless connection, takes only seconds to pair


High tones seem quieter

If you are keen on buying headphones from Skullcandy itself then you must consider this particular player.  The headphone is hard to resist due to their venue-quality sound and classic design. 

They are built to last long owing to the water-resistant material.  They complement your exercise routine because they have four different sets of earbuds in variable sizes. 

They will fit precisely and add comfort while you work out.  I am sure the mid-tones and the best quality are going to impress all the audiophiles out there.


Why are Skullcandy headphones so popular?


One of the plus points of Skullcandy headphones is the wide range of price range.  Affordability means different things to different people and the Skullcandy headphones suit everyone’s pocket.  Even the most expensive fairs in their uh display are more affordable as compared to the other brands in the market.  This is the sole reason why they are so popular.  They deliver powerful products at reasonable prices. 

Visual appeal

To add to the sound quality is the visual appearance that makes Skullcandy earphones stand out.  The designs are modern and classy and quite different from the regular old earphones.  They made a mark for themselves through the bright and bold colors that complement the belt design.  They even have toned-down classic color options to suit all your needs.  The Pinnacle of any Skull candy design is the logo that customizes itself to suit the design and add to the appeal.

Dynamic Design and Technology

Skullcandy is one brand that keeps evolving to be relevant.  The brand founders started developing initial designs to overcome issues of receiving calls on the headphone’s wireless learning to the music.  This solution-oriented attitude has grown and now Skullcandy provides us with a multitude of functions that you may want in your headphones to have.

Different types

On-ear headphones

This particular kind of headphone has foam earpads that sit comfortably on the top of your ear.  The design adds to the noise isolation because the ear cups function as a physical barrier.  They tend to be more lightweight than other types of headphones.

Over-ear headphones

They fit for years and have a more intact fit to improve noise isolation.  People who want to go solo lookout for these kinds of your phones.  They help a lot if you want to listen to music or any other audio file while you are in a public place as they prevent any noise leakage and provide noise isolation.


Earbuds are the most compact style of headphones since they directly into your ear.  This small and ends it’s easy to carry them around with convenience.  They come with a few different size variables to suit.



Skullcandy is a brand that everyone looks out to.  It provides an impressive audio experience. Since the start, they have been making innovative headphones and revising their audio technology to meet their needs to the fullest. 

No matter how much advancement they did in the product, the reason for being close to everyone is affordability. If you are looking out for a pair that lasts long and delivers top-notch durability close your eyes and buy Skullcandy.