7 Best Tanglefree Earbuds With Mic And Flat Cable

Best Tanglefree Earbuds With Mic And Flat Cable

Wired earphones may provide you with the best experience but sometimes there are certain nuisances you must be ready to deal with. And the major catch is the tangling of wires. This is the situation where the tangle-free earbuds come into play.

In the following article, I have penned down some of the best flat cable earbuds that come up with a mic. My suggestion would be to go with The Zip Buds Slide Sport earbuds especially if you are a fitness lover. The Klipsch Image S4i-2 Is best suited for outdoor use.

Earbuds that do not come up with flat cables generally tend to tangle up a bit quickly even when you put them in your pocket, randomly, or throw them away on your couch.

Some of you might wonder why the cables tangle with this quickly. Fortunately, the answer to the question is given by the scientists. It’s now been known to mankind that almost 50% of the time the strings have the property to form a knot by themselves.

It’s quite freaky but what’s even freakier is the fact that the strings that are less than 46 centimeters in length do not tangle at all. The length of cable often near the phone will be more than 46 centimeters, it will tangle a lot.

The earbuds that have been listed down come with the inline mic and do not tangle. You would find these earbuds comfortable even with the roughest of use. So now if you’re looking for tangle-free variables, the flat cable ones are a good option.


List Of 7 Best Tanglefree Earbuds In 2021-

1. ACIL Bluetooth Earbuds– Our Pick

ACIL Bluetooth Earbuds


They are equipped with one-of-a-Best Tanglefree Earbuds. If your phones are your best friend you shall probably know how irritating it is when the wires get tangled up now and then. Whenever you pick up your headphones you go through the mess of untangling the wires and eventually ruining your mood.

Purchasing tangle-free cable earphones such as the Acil Bluetooth earbuds eliminates all the setbacks that are brought to you by tangled earphones. 

Since they are wireless, they don’t have to be connected directly to the smartphone device but have to be connected virtually by switching on the Bluetooth function. The method is simple and fuss-free.

Almost everyone loves earphones with a mic and fortunately, ACIL Bluetooth earbuds provide you with it. These premium headphones have an inline microphone that can be easily regulated using the button control.

Sound quality

The sound accuracy of this tangle-free headset is quite trustworthy, making it one of the best options out there in the market. The earphones are designed well by trained audio engineers. They feature authentic audio with powerful lows and exquisite highs.

The sound quality delivered by these in your headphones is solid and powerful.

There is one great reason you might want to invest in these headphones and that is the availability of two distinct drivers. One is Knowles balanced armature driver and 10.8 mm, dynamic driver. They result in a life full of treble and sound that merges perfectly with the punchy bass.


Comfort should be the top priority while buying a product otherwise the investment is futile. These in your headphones have an asymmetrical design that is meant to provide pleasantness of wear. 

The distinct tips of these Bluetooth earbuds are manufactured using soft liquid silicone material that works as a soft seal. There is also a packet of ear tips provided within the package two suit different sizes.

Apart from all these facilities, there is also a magnetic clasp that fits securely into any outfit optimizing maximum comfort while you’re on the move.

2. Pioneer Hi-Res in-Ear Earbuds– Best Value for money

Pioneer Hi-Res in-Ear Tangle free earbuds


The cable is tangle-free enter to build meant to provide immense convenience to the buyers. The cable is modeled in a braided fashion and secured with a gold-plated material. Pioneer Is known to provide one of the best Tanglefree Earbuds marketplaces and they’ve maintained their reputation here as well.

The braided cable comes in black color and carries an inline mic and control features. These earphones with a mic help you to pick your calls without having to Have your phone all of the time. You can manually select your favorite music with the help of a remote control button.

By bringing these earphones into your daily life, you live with it and enough convenience. They will not be even a second go in untangling the headphones. It’s an absolute delight to use such an earphone.

Sound quality

The sound listening experience is quite magnificent as they are accurately tuned to provide you with the crisp and clear sound that makes you feel in a lighter mood and you enjoy every second of the tune.

They are specially developed to acquire and reproduce high-resolution formats with no errors. They are backed by powerful drivers that are highly capable of delivering sounds up to 40 kHz. You can easily listen to jazz, talk about other instrumental music genres with absolute clarity.

If you add a music fanatic you would want some tangle-free earphones that not only provide you with the best comfort but with absolute detailed vocal consistency. If you belong to the group then these pioneer high-resolution headphones won’t disappoint you. The bass quality is awesome enough to let you risk it all.


Good function and maximum comfort go hand in hand. This holds most of the time. Our review of the Best Tanglefree Earbuds won’t be complete without a good examination of the comfort level of these pioneer high-resolution earphones. The weight is 2.72 ounces which are feathery light. Sometimes you’ll barely feel if you’re wearing them. They also have an airflow control port. The cutting-edge technology helps to enhance the mid-range bandwidth. This not only highlights the bass frequencies but also helps to deliver or deal with an exquisite depth of clarity. 

Having said it all, the pioneer high-resolution headphones provide an added grip along with maximum comfort and top-notch functionality to help you have the best music and audio experience of your life. Sometimes the cable driver thumbs less during movement which, in turn, helps you to listen to less noise and more music. How great is that if you look closely!

3. Zip buds Slide Sport Earbuds with Mic

Zipbuds Slide Sport V2 Earbuds


If you need earphones that are robust, highly durable, and completely tangle-free, go for them and unfold the magic. Most of these zipper earbuds come with a zipper.

These earbuds come with a zipperless zipper cabling which lets you use the earbuds without having to worry about any tangling. The lack of an actual zipper is probably a new ‘avatar’ of the previous version of zip buds, making it extremely lightweight for everyday use. Seems like it is a significant upgrade overall.

The zipper begins at the remote pad and performs its function well, subsequently holding the two wires together and thus preventing them from tangling.


The bass seems to be quite balanced and punchy enough. The earphones do not overpower the mids and the highs, just because they offer a strong bass.

All the bass lovers will adore these earphones since they kind of function like a perfect bass head. For the price they’re sold at, the audio quality is abundant. You will feel the mids clearer and the highs crispier. Surely, you will not be dealing with any muddiness and distortion while you enjoy the audio.

There is an Inline mic present which is sweat proof and does its job of diminishing the background noise quite well. Having said that, I’d like to express a little more about the sound quality which could have been better provided the Mic was stronger.


These zip buds slide sport earbuds come with multiple sizes of dual composite silicone ear tips which when combined with sports fit mold, result in solid comfort and a perfect fit even during intense activities.

Long-term use is comforting and I won’t cause any nuisance that we know of. They tend to stay in your years and provide a secure fit. Yes sincerely designed to support the active lifestyle hence the earbuds won’t irritate your ears and are sweat-resistant.

4. Klipsch Image S4i- 2 black in-ear headphones

Klipsch Image S4i-II Black In-Ear


They are a decent pair of flat cable earphones for under $50. Like other babies of the brand, these also come up with tangle-free flat cable. You will feel that the cables are a bit heavier and thick and also seem to bounce while running or jogging. Nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent them from providing you with the best experience and the intelligent design makes you get rid of any tangling.

Sound quality

The bass is modest and does not overpower. It’s pleasant and sincere. The mids and the highs are expressed beautifully with no distortion whatsoever. There is a little boost in the warmth, and thus in the results. 

Nothing is perfect and these headphones surely come up with lags. The microphone seems to be a major turn-off. The earbuds produced some noise when in movement. It seems as if these buds won’t be your best friend while you workout.

We remember mentioning that the cords are a little heavy causing the buds to fall out for some people while running. The buds have a 3 button remote control and an inline mic to sustain voice calls. The clarity is decent and will serve the suited purpose.


 The set includes multiple ear tips. The padding over-ear tips add to the comfort every hour. They fit quite perfectly provided you have the right size, else they fall off the ears during very intense workouts due to slightly heavy cords. You can get a few spare short clip-on. In case you don’t find the perfect fit, the clips will do the job for you. Apart from the undeniable shortcoming, they otherwise offer good comfort.

5. Sennheiser CX300

Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black

They said Sennheiser CX 300 does not come with an inline mic but they aren’t worth mentioning going to their tangle-free properties. They are the Best Tanglefree Earbuds under dollar 15.


They come with a 1.2-meter tangle-free cable that is made above fine quality materials. The 3.5 right-angled connector manages the connection between the cable and the earbuds. The previous version had some complaints about the tangling but these are a good upgrade to the previous one.

Sound quality

The bass is rock solid but cannot overpower the boss monsters. It is well-balanced and does not mask other sound ranges. They work their best to provide meds the vocal sound is clear and people tend to love it. The high does not get hard and are generally pleasant to listen to. The product does a good job in locking out the noises up to a great extent provided, they are good at isolation.


They are strongly comfortable and you will be able to wear them even for long periods. Even when you move swiftly, the earbuds stay intact and do not slip off in any way. They come up with rubber ear tips but do not have a foam built. The ear tips provided offers a good and secure seal.


6. Noise Hush NX80 Earphones

Naztech NX80 Tanglefree earbuds

If you want to have everything in your Kitty and make the best use of all the money that you spend, these earbuds won’t disappoint you.


The designer team eliminates all the possible knots. You have a smooth hassle-free experience. The connectors are at right angles, thus sustaining continuous connection. The cable has a unique field with a nice blue and yellow color based on the color of the earbuds that you buy. They also come with an inline mic that does a good job of getting rid of all the ambient noises. The sound quality is pretty decent and more than enough for all the necessary voice calls.

Although there is an inline control, there is no subsequent option to control the volume. Sure, it is a fact to notice but not something to be dwelled upon as it hardly matters to most people.

Sound quality

The sound quality is pretty decent for the price below $20. The headphones are simply bass heads. They deliver a good camping effect to trap genres. Sometimes you’ll feel that the bass overpowers the mids to a certain angle. The effect is insignificant and some EQ changes can be fixed. The mids are clear.

The highs are not too high and are not too harsh.

The mic quality is pretty great and hence, all the conversations are pretty crisp. You’ll be satisfied because they offer good value for the money that is spent on them.


Since they’ve made it, you might already know that they would be comfortable. They come up with three various sizes of ear tips. You can easily wear them for long hours without feeling any hurt or tiredness.

7. Philips In-ear High Precision Tx2 Earbuds

Philips in-Ear Tangle free earbuds


Philips fill the list in your high-resolution T X2 year buds are a premium option for earbuds with mic below $50. They come with a tangle-free wire that works on slider technology. 

The structure helps to get rid of even the light tangles that may occur. The use is pretty simple; all you gotta do is simply use time after you take them out of your pockets. Now, who would have thought of that? The cable has an inline mic and remote control. The mic does an excellent job of getting away with the background noises so that you can have clear conversations every time.

Sound quality

If you have tried out earbuds from Panasonic or others you will notice how Philips beat them in regards to the sound quality. It provides an extended bass as they fit into your ears. The bass is tight and extended. The mids are extremely clear and you’ll notice the build of the song. They have no distortions and the highs are crystal clear. Sound quality is maintained by the dual-driver earbuds.


They are known to come with three sets of ear tips that ensure the perfect fit without any possible snuggles. If you have tiny ears, sometimes it would be difficult for you to find a pair of ear tips that fit you. If you manage to find the perfect fit you’ll experience the ultimate sound isolation.

Some FAQs on tangle-free earbuds

How to make earbuds tangle-free with a par cord?

You should drop the paracord around the length of the ear fold and don’t use a clip to prevent touching off the cord on your clothes. You should keep in mind to cut the paracord into different segments of your phone cord.

How to keep your buds tangled free?

There is just one easy way and that is twofold the earbuds over and tides them into a nod in the shape of Figure 8.

How to say that the earbuds are tangle-free?

If you want to have to tangle-free earbuds then you should go for the ones which have a flat cable as they are tangle resistant. 

How does an earphone get tangled all up by itself?

Sometimes the strings make a knot by themselves. Studies say that it’s their fundamental property. Tests say the cables of length more than 46 centimeters get tangled up easily.

Do all the tangle-free earbuds come up with mic functions?

To put it simply, some have and some don’t. It depends on the brand.

Sometimes, untangling the wires can be a daunting task for some while for others it may be a little embarrassing. There is a solution to the maximum of your problems and the solution to the tangle problem are some untangle earbuds that come with different technologies.