5 Best ASMR Headphones for Relaxation & Focus – 2023 Review

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Looking for the best ASMR headphones? ASMR stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response. It is a unique condition that has emerged online. The last few years have been characterized by an excellent tingling sensation along the scalp, neck, and shoulder when triggered by specific sounds.

The most common triggers of an ASMR are whispering and also crisp sounds. Such as tapping and crinkling. One defending characteristic, though, is that all of the sounds are made within proximity of the listener. Close attention is a recurring theme in an ASMR video.

And role-playing is often used to accomplish that. Together with the same artist also used binaural microphones to perform authentic, interactive sounds. Sounds like that video puts the listener in the room with them. Not everybody gets the sensation when listening to triggered sounds.

Many of the symptoms are only anecdotally reported by members of the ASMR community. Since these close sounds were introduced, videos got popularity and incredible hype, which is not a surprise office leave in this busy folder. You and I face many exhausting things, and we constantly look for new ways to relax. I would say that ASMR is one of those satisfying ways. Because to hear the ASMR audios are incredible.

Here are the 5 Best ASMR Headphones:-

1- Win Only Sleep Headphones

Unlike regular headphones, win-only headphones are incredibly different. In reality, they are a mixture of Bluetooth headbands as well as a mask used while sleeping. Win-only headphones offer users a fantastic sound and are supported by Bluetooth 5.0 version. The pairs are flexible, making it easier to keep them anywhere. And they also have effortlessly adaptable headsets. That user can also adjust them as per their comfort.

Win Only Sleep Headphones

The mask comes with velcro and comprises two layers to increase comfort. The fantastic and helpful nature of these headphones is you can wash the cover after removing the headphones. Yeah, that’s true. Even though the instruction manual says that the mask can be washed in a machine, I would suggest users ” hand washing ” to avoid the fading softness of the material. There are more fine qualities and features that you can get, which will make your experience smooth. Here are some!

You’ll get the best quality Bluetooth headphones and a mask to use while sleeping time for ASMR. It can also be used for snoozing in an airplane And is Powered by a rechargeable 200 mAh battery. It is very comfortable to sleep with as they are laid out of sheer material quality, touching the bar or premium. The velcro instead of elastic ensures that the mask doesn’t wear out fast. Excellent resistance to prevent radiant as well as noise. Extremely versatile pairs for faces of any size. Win only provides excellent sound quality.

Fitting is one of the stunning features of these headphones. Once the users wear the speakers over the years, they don’t have to think twice about fit, as everyone has faced difficulties with earbuds in the past. The Win only headband is made out of a breathable and super soft material and light. Amazingly these headphones last up to 10 hours on a single charge or, you can say, can survive the whole night.

Wearing the best sleeping headphones will ease sound sleep regardless of the way you want to sleep. Win only Headphones come with a headband and a sleep mask to enable you to sleep comfortably. They inserted a microphone feature in those headphones so you won’t miss your calls and urgent stuff. The high-quality chip gives you excellent sound quality whenever you listen to an audiobook, music, or white noise. Overall, it is one of the best ASMR headphones.

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2- BOSE QuietComfort 20

The Bose QuietComfort 20 and 20i are very comfortable to handle and sound perfect. 

Noise cancellations feature supper good. And they are also powered by an integrated rechargeable lithium battery that delivers you up to 15 hours of battery life, which means a half day. QuietComfort 20i headphones can be deliberately used with Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones.

Bose Quietcomfort 20

Together with the QuietComfort 20i, we can also connect with iPhones, iPads, also iPods.

Bose being the smartest in the market, hasn’t removed the essential components required for noise cancellation. However, now it’s less cumbersome and thin. QuietComfort is noise-canceling. And the most refined. An adaptable noise cancellation user will never be undergone. Bose’s QuietComfort headphones always get the top category for their unique features.

The whirrs of an air conditioning unit catch the drones and hums of trains. And planes. Tiny mics have been designed to be hidden in the right earbud. They work together to reject noise and make you always sound good and clear whether you’re outside or in a rush area.

Headphones themselves follow the tripod design of the company. To maximize Bose’s proprietary acoustic hex, some extra space has been carved out. An additional two microphones with external monitor noise as similar to every such practical noise-canceling phone. That external din is countered by a mere sound wave allowing you to enjoy your music in relative peace. The Bose QUITECOMFORT20 fits perfectly in different sizes and is very comfortable to wear. If you are looking for Noise-canceling wired earbuds for ASMR you should definitely buy this.

They are very lightweight and packaged in a locked fabric pouch or bag, making them portable and travel-friendly.

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3- Musicozy Headband Sleeping Bluetooth Headphones

Best sleep headphones with superior HD stereo sound. This model is the latest and unique one with many outstanding features – Bluetooth V5.0 technology. And states of the components that produce incredible sound quality and heavy bass. These special Bluetooth headphones/masks can lair with any smartphone and I-pads quickly and within 33 feet. Musicozy sleep headphones only need to be charged for 1 or 2 hours. The talk time or music playback time is free to reach 10 hours. That is sufficient to support the entire night.


Some excellent features are incredible like If you fall asleep with these headphones on and the battery runs down. Then these pairs will not be going to make any sound to wake you up. And you will have perfect sleep without any interruption. It weighs very light and blacks light and noise for better sleep. Users can hardly feel anything while wearing them, which makes you sleep faster and wake up fresh and energized without any risk to your neck.

Muiscozy Headphones Have True HD high-fidelity sound featuring the latest Bluetooth technology. That produces excellent sound quality, and you can move the position of the speakers to fit your ears before use. This headphone not only does block out light. But also allows you to listen to music without putting in any other headphones. It also helps you to sleep faster.

These Comfortable ASMR headphones are made of soft fabric that is elastic and detachable to make them fit different heads, shapes, and sizes and ensure a comfortable feeling. Prevents hair mess and sweat. It also has an inbuilt clear mic for your calls and recordings, very comfortable and suitable for sleeping.

Musicozy has some features that make them more usable. Washable and great for side sleeping. The battery of QuietComfort is an upgradable chip, and Bluetooth is compatible. Has fine-quality playback plus Very comfortable. The padding is smooth, and cool-breathing as they used memory foam. And other materials that are used are the cotton-polyester inner lining.

It is very light in weight, less than 4 ounces; you barely can feel it on your face. The power button and volume buttons are there with a soft touch. It is vast, so it can cover every size of your face and won’t slide down over your nose or head.

The sound quality is excellent as you consider the extra minor, thin drivers and The intense noise canceling. QuietComfort is reasonably practical. Also, they are inexpensive, so it is evident that there is always a way for improvement and upgrade.

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4- Sony WH1000xm4

These unique headphones are superb in noise cancelation and have excellent sound quality. Every feature of its bits differently, including blue tooth multipoint, is super convenient. It is very comfortable to use everywhere and has an auto-pauses element when you take them off.

Sony WH1000xm4

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is finally here. Its precursor stole the top name from Bose back when they were first released. Since then, I’ve been waiting for these Sony headsets are more improved and add multipoint connectivity. At the same time, the WH-1000XM4 headphones are almost good in their looks and have some new features inside. Bluetooth multipoint is more convenient for everyday use and lets you connect one or two devices simultaneously for easy use.

It makes it very easy to use, from listening to music to watching YouTube videos on your phone without even opening your blue tooth setting and without any interruption. Having one enormous caveat feature in the Sony WH-1000XM4 will result in making a ton of people happy. If you use the multipoint, then both connected devices need to use the AAC Bluetooth codec. The Bluetooth multipoint helps you more quickly than you can stay connected to two devices at once.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is very impressive and comfortable everywhere, especially while traveling; their hard carrying case can help protect them while you’re on the go. It is one of the best high-quality headphones for ASMR from Sony.

These healthy and fabulous headphones have over 37 hours of battery life. And you can also wear them for a long-term period without hesitating. Also, their pairs block mid-range sounds as well as heavy bass sounds. So you can enjoy your music without distraction.

Suppose you need something for the best sound quality. And an improved noise-canceling feature of headphones will make you happy.

This new version of Sony is imposing and also makes minor improvements to an already top-notch product.

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5- Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband

I use it every night. Because it helps me fall asleep half the time, these sleep headphones are made up of ultra-soft cotton, making them more comfortable to wear. And an immersive audio experience. These sleep headphones block external light and help you to fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer. SleepBand is made with soft and cooling fabrics that won’t cause any discomfort and remain cool all night. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it.


These SleepBands use thin Hi-Fi speakers to create an immersive audio experience perfect for music, ambient noise, ASMR, and podcasts. The charging of its battery is quite fast with micro USB plus playback. And that lasts for nearly ten hours. These sleep headphones are the most comfortable wireless headband headphones for sleeping.

A soft-secure headband and very pleasing even for side-sleepers. It’s a very ultra-elastic and washable machine and won’t slip off during the night while sleeping. The sleep headphones are fabulous for listening to music, ASMR, and more.

There is a more important feature it has. Microphone for making and receiving phone calls, Upgraded speakers for more profound, fuller sound quality. Comfortable as well as a machine-washable headband. It can easily connect with any phone, tablet, laptop, or smart device, and you can use it for more than 10 hours of battery life and only have 2 hours of charging time.

Industry-standard Bluetooth v5.0 technology they are also very flexible and portable. And can fit in almost every size. I want to say that these headphones are comfy. And excellent and also came nicely packaged and charged quickly out of the box. These headphones are very comfortable and breathable and never slide down, which is also very significant.

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As we all are busy in this fast lifestyle and the workload is constantly making us tired. However, we cannot afford to avoid screens on tv, computer, or smartphones. Because everything has occurred or we can say that transferred into these screens.

And this critical covid phase has also boosted our average timing on the screens! Yes, it’s not just these technologies that are making us tired. But it’s an ultimate truth that they are one of them. And in the bustling, what’s the thing we are seeking? Yes. It is ” relaxation.”

So “Relaxing” has been the persistent thing we are in search of! And the ASMR is a kind blessing to us, indeed. It not only relaxes you but makes you forget all the worries and tension for a bit. And helps in soothing your headache. These ASMR headphones are meant to deal with tired humans. And they are doing their assignment quite impressive.

I have used them and also using them, and based on this, I can say, give them a chance! Because it will help you with your sleep and exhaustion, this eventually solves your mismanaged schedule and tasks!

Tell me in the comment section your experience with this technology version of therapy and yes, rest well.