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But have you ever wondered Loudest Sounds Ever Recorded throughout the world? Most people here are diehard fans of SciFi movies, and I can confidently say it because I am one. The second reason is that’s why you are reading this article.

So, you all must have seen the movies like Titans, Godzilla, and King Kong, or at least must have heard about them or seen their videos. These movies had the most promising and loud voices of the animals, and maybe their roars had given you goosebumps for days.

Yeah, you read it right, It sounds louder than these exist in nature, and even humanity is not far behind in competing with nature. Here in this article, we have mentioned at least 11 loudest sounds ever recorded. They are capable of making you deaf or can make your eyes and lungs pop out.


Did you know that the sperm whale’s grunt produces almost 174 dB of sound, and it is so loud that it can be heard from 3 miles away, still it comes on the 7th on our list. So, if you find this fact thrilling enough, keep moving forward with our article, and you will be amazed. We can assure you that.

Also, these are some of the loudest recorded noises that can make you go deaf. So, if you get scared with a simple alarm clock or the airplane sounds don’t let you sleep, these loudest recorded noises will leave you stunned. In some research, scientists have proved that our lifestyle is severely hampered due to all these noises, and in our list, a few of the entries are not even audible to human ears. The loud sound range for human ears is only from 0 dB to 130 dB; we can not hear sounds beyond that. Therefore, if possible use the sleeping headphones to avoid loud noises. This will save you from the outside noises.

Now, talking about our list, we have included almost ten loudest sounds ever recorded, which can disrupt the brain’s normal functioning.

So, Let’s go ahead with our inventory of Loudest Sounds Ever Recorded-

1- The Krakatoa Eruption (310 dB)

This has been mentioned as the most violent geologic event on the entire Earth, the Krakatoa Eruption. The sound created by this eruption was so devastating that it is at the top of our list of the loudest sounds ever recorded. The incident occurred on the late morning of August 27, 1883, and is categorized as the most horrifying and destructive phenomenon witnessed by humans in history ever.

It is one of the top volcanic eruptions that has occurred and witnessed to date. This island is situated between the islands of Java and Sumatra. It caused an extreme impact and was followed by Tsunamis and other significant losses.


The eruption produced a 310 dB intensity of sound; that’s why we are saying it is the loudest sound ever. People living approximately 1,930 miles away were also able to feel its vibrations and the sound produced. When asked by the residents, according to the reports, they described it as a sound that resembled that of artillery in a north-westerly direction or like a distant roar of heavy gunfire.


2- Tsar Bomba (224 dB)

As for our second entry, we have the Tsar bomba incident, which is the ultimate evidence of the dangerous level of humanity. It also proves that humans are trying hard to compete with nature to mark this world as their own. Next, to nature’s devastating rage of the Krakatoa eruption, an unnatural disaster took place and was recorded as the second loudest sound ever recorded. 

The AN062 or the Tsar Bomba was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. You all must have heard about the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; this Tsar Bomba, an aerial hydrogen bomb, was even more catastrophic than those. It weighed around 27,000 kg and was 8 m long. The testing was done in 1961, and the sound created by the explosion was the loudest sound ever created by humans.

The intensity of the sound produced by this Soviet bomb, when measured, was around 224 dB, and the explosion was almost 50 megatons of TNT. You can say that the vibrations that were made at that time may have been felt by your grandparents regardless of the place they lived in the world, at that time.


3- Saturn V Rocket (204 dB) 

The human race was created to be more artistic and innovative. That’s the sole reason why we have dreamt and accomplished all the things we have today, which no one could have ever imagined could happen in reality. The powerful and giant spacecraft launched by NASA was one of the greatest inventions among them.

Because of its enormous size, the sound produced by it was so loud that it made its name on our list. According to the reports, people mentioned that the sound waves were visible to all, and it was measured to be of at least 204 dB during its launching at the first stage.


4- Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech (200 dB)

We, humans, possess extraordinary but complicated brains. Also, creativity demands consistent work to fulfill any needs or demands like protection or conquering the world. The “Thunderscreech” or the Republic XF-84H was explicitly created for complex experiments. This was an Air combat aircraft; although it didn’t take part in any, it still made history because of the loudest sound. 

Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech

Its sound was measured to be at approximately 200 dB and was so loud that it could be heard almost 25 miles away. This loud sound was that a turbine engine was powering the craft, also connected to a supersonic propeller.

5- Tunguska Meteor (197 dB)

Being a nature lover is something to be praised, but not every time we get to witness only the mild form of nature. So this one time in 1908, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, a devastating incident occurred. A series of shock waves were produced by it.

According to reports, it was because of a midair burn of a meteorite above the Earth’s surface. Its sound intensity was so loud that it was almost like the Hiroshima bombs. Fortunately, this meteor caused no casualties, but just the sound was enough to create havoc among people. Approximately 197 dB intensity of sound was recorded to be produced by this meteor.


6- Sperm Whales (188 dB)

I bet you all must have thought that the blue whale is the largest and the loudest animal that ever existed. But that’s not true; it’s the Sperm Whale. They produce a deep sound of almost 188 dB.

And for fact, when they communicate with other whales of their species, they can use up to sounds of 200 dB. So, it’s a must that you have to carry the best earplugs with you if you have a plan to stay and spend the vacation.


7- Chelyabinsk Meteor (180 dB)

Now let’s move ahead with our next entry, the Chelyabinsk Meteor. So, if you think that a single TNT blast is horrifying, imagine an explosion equivalent to the force of 500 kilotons of TNT. Yeah, you read it right; that much impact was caused by this Russian Meteor blast that even Americans could hear.

Chelyabinsk Meteor

This meteor produced a sound of about 180 dB, making it one of the loudest sounds ever recorded in Earth’s history. Unluckily, not just the sound but the destruction caused by this meteor was also catastrophic. Almost 1000 people were injured, and many lost their lives living in the proximity of the blast.


8- Howler Monkeys (140 dB)

You can think of how deadly howls of dogs sound in the middle of the night. The cries of these Howler monkeys are much more powerful and loud that they can travel up to 3 miles and are 140dB. However, an interesting fact about this species is that only male monkeys howl for defending or mating.

Like humans, these monkeys also have a hyoid bone that acts as a resonating chamber that amplifies their roar.


9- Lesser Bulldog Bats (137 dB)

It is a gift of nature that no human ears can hear every sound. Otherwise, we would have all tuned deaf by now. One of those sounds is from a bat known as a Lesser bulldog bat. They produce an ear-piercing sound whenever they cry. Their cries are so powerful that they could have caused more significant harm to us if we could hear them.


10- Concert by AC/DC (130 dB)

We have now the last but not the minor entry of the AC/DC band. It was an Australian rock band, which primarily performed with the loudest sounds ranging up to 130 dB. In 1980, they performed at the most audible sounds cracking the volume up to their highest peak during their Back In Black tour.

As a result, after years when they were asked to reschedule a series of shows or even have to risk the hearing of one of their band members, Brian Johnson, they faced the consequences.



You must be wondering what an incredible feature of ambient sound is, and it can be calming and destructive. A sound or music at a perfect or average range can provide you peace internally, whereas a little bit of change in its intensity can cause you significant damage.

The points we have mentioned in this article have made us feel that there is no one winner, neither nature nor man when talking about who can produce loud sounds than ever.