What is Mic Monitoring? – 2023 Update

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Getting communication right is imperative in a virtual and digital world. Think about how many games you have lost because of poor communication. Do you remember how many times you asked someone to repeat themselves during a business meeting?

Communication audio may seem to have simple gaps, but they are much more severe than they appear. It can be pretty frustrating when things pile up.

This can be improved with a simple and almost universal tool called Mic Monitoring.

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about it today, so if you’re tired of chaotic communication, keep reading!

Mic Monitoring: What is it?

You can accurately hear yourself when you monitor the microphone. This is accomplished by feeding your microphone input into your headphones.

For gamers who are constantly dealing with chaotic voice channels, this feature is helpful. People who deal with frequent conference calls at work will also find it helpful.

Nevertheless, mic monitoring isn’t just for either of these types of individuals. In addition, adults who call their family or friends have found it helpful as well.

Microphone monitoring: The importance of it

The truth is that Mic Monitoring has been around for a long time. However, people are not very familiar with how it functions. Some people don’t even know this feature exists!

mic monitoring

Game brands have also developed devices that use this feature since gamers have used it a lot. Although, as mentioned previously, it can be helpful to others as well.

Troubleshooting in real-time

It is essential to have clear audio when working or playing games. The last thing you want during client meetings is to keep asking everyone if the audio is clear. 

Simple commands can make the difference between life and death for gamers. There would be no time to ask your teammates if they heard it.

Mic Monitoring is a handy tool in these two scenarios. Hearing your voice allows you to know when you’re cutting off or if there are too many distractions.

Using this method, you could locate the problem instantly. Without anyone prompting you, you could act accordingly. Neat, huh?

Keeping your voices low

We all know how exhausting and frustrating it is to shout or raise our voices to be heard.

Monitoring only your voice could tell you whether you are loud enough or not, so this wouldn’t be a problem. Mic Monitoring could solve the problem.

Games with First Person Shooting (FPS) features tend to have a lot of background noise. The noise can drown out the team’s voice channel. This leads to people raising their voices to compensate.

A microphone monitor will help you determine if you are speaking loudly enough or not. This will eliminate your need for constant yelling.

Better communication within the team

Mic Monitoring, in retrospect, improves communication. Shouting in a meeting or during a game isn’t fun, whether deliberate or accidental.

You don’t want to be that guy with unreasonable audio on an event as sensitive as a pitch for a client. In the gaming world, shouting is also a source of stressful situations. There is even the possibility of internal conflict. You wouldn’t want to be that person.

Monitoring your mic allows you to hear how well your audio is coming across. By adjusting accordingly, you can instantly improve its quality.

Monitoring the microphone on different platforms: How to enable and disable it

Let’s look at the ‘how’ of Mic Monitoring now that we know ‘what’ and ‘why.’

Monitoring of mics is available on several platforms. Depending on the forum, you can enable this feature in different ways.


In addition to desktops and laptops, Xbox, PS4, and possibly even the newly launched PS5 retain this technology. The leading gaming/productivity platforms where this technology is available are:


Gaming on PC has always been superior to gaming on any other platform. Whether you play an old classic like World of Warcraft or a brand-new game like Valorant, it won’t matter. It would be best if you took advantage of microphone monitoring.

Monitoring mic on PC: How to do it?

  • The Sound icon will appear on the taskbar. Right-click on it and choose Sounds.
  • Go to the Recording tab, find the device you’re using, and click Properties.
  • Check the Listen box under the Listen tab.

I am disabling the mic on the PC: How to do it?

There is no real difference between disabling and enabling this feature. Both steps differ by only one obvious step.

The process is pretty simple. You follow the steps described in the previous section and uncheck the listening device box. It’s that easy!


There is no built-in way to enable Mic Monitoring on Mac, unlike on Windows PCs. However, don’t give Windows total points just yet. If you install specific programs or apps, you can still take advantage of this feature.

Monitoring mic on Mac: How to do it?

QuickTime is the easiest way to monitor audio, so that’s what we’re going to explore today.

  • You can record audio recordings by choosing File > New Audio Recording in QuickTime Player
  • On the screen, turn up the volume slider all the way

Monitoring doesn’t require you to click the record button.

Disabling mic on Mac: How to do it?

The second is also a no-brainer. All you need to do is slide the volume down or exit QuickTime to turn off Mic Monitoring.


The Xbox is no exception, as it often requires headphones with built-in microphone monitoring.

Monitoring mic on Xbox: How to do it?

Plugging in a headset that is equipped with the feature activates the Xbox Mic Monitoring feature. Nevertheless, in the rare case when it does not, you can follow these steps:

  • Connect your microphone-capable headphones to your Xbox controller.
  • Click the Xbox button and select System > Audio from the leftmost tab.
  • The Mic Monitoring slider can be adjusted accordingly.

Disabling mic on Xbox: How to do it?

Follow the steps above to access the mic monitoring setting on Xbox to disable this feature. Reduce the slider or remove the headphones altogether to disable the feature.


In the same way as Xbox, Mic Monitoring can only be enabled when compatible headphones are used for the PS4. However, there are also a couple of critical differences between PS4 and Xbox regarding the said feature.

As for the PS4, you would have to enable Sidetone through the settings instead of Xbox, which would allow it to automatically.

Monitoring mic on PS4: How to do it?

  • You should be able to find audio devices by clicking on Settings > Devices > Audio Devices.
  • Click on Sidetone Volume after you navigate down.
  • Please turn it on by increasing the volume.

Disabling mic on PS4: How to do it?

Once you disconnect your headphones from the console, Sidetone will automatically turn off. It is possible to turn this off and continue to play with your headphones.

To disable Sidetone, select Settings > Devices > Audio Devices, then turn it off.

If the headset does not support mic monitoring, what should you do?

Mic Monitoring can’t be used on gaming platforms without headphones that support the feature, and it does not appear to change for the PS5 or Xbox Series X. However, if you do not own gaming headphones, you may want to consider amps instead.

Turtle Beach Audio Controller Plus

Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

There is a Turtle Beach Audio Controller Plus, which is a third-party audio controller. Users can manually change volume settings without using the actual console settings page.

A master volume control and a microphone monitoring feature are provided onboard the device. Moreover, you can also adjust the volume of Game & Chat and choose among four EQ presets.

Astro Gaming MixAmp

Compatible with Xbox One, PC, and Mac

The Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro lets you control volume settings on Xbox One, PC, and Mac. As a result of its versatility, this is an excellent choice for gamers, content creators, and busy professionals.

Dolby Digital Surround Sound is also available on the device. There are dedicated mixers for voice balance between voice chats and game audio. It also offers four EQ modes that you can select to meet your preferences.



Today, when everything is virtual and is becoming more and more automated, Mic Monitoring has emerged as an unsung hero.

Taking a step back, it’s relatively straightforward. As long as your communication is good, you should have a good meeting or game.

Mic Monitoring could eliminate communications audio problems. You no longer need to worry about those little gaps that might affect your performance during games or meetings.