Best HyperX Gaming Headphones of 2023: Cloud 2 Vs Cloud Alpha

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If you’re familiar with PC gaming, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the best HyperX gaming headphones. They are not only high-quality headphones with a distinctive and elegant designs, but they are also reasonably priced.

As we all know that HyperX is a well-known brand that has dominated the headphones industry since its inception. But in the realm of the gaming headphone industry, it is unfair to say they made their name synonym to gaming headphones.

The best reasonably priced HyperX gaming headphones i. e. Cloud Alpha and Cloud 2 are both pioneers when it comes to a headphone. Despite their advanced years, they have maintained great brand positions with low prices.

But if both are legends in gaming then we choose one among them?

The comparison between these two headphones of HyperX brand that is Cloud 2 Vs Cloud Alpha is quite tough when it comes to gaming as most of the features of both headphones have the same features except for the connectivity.

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If you’re a gamer, you may be puzzled by their general comparison. Which one will be the most valuable?

But don’t be concerned! That is why I have come to assist you in resolving your dilemma. Don’t worry, you’ve arrived at the correct article.

Today, I’m going to clear up all of your doubts and assist you in making decisions. So, brace yourself for this comparison of the two best HyperX gaming headphones. Let’s start with this comparison:

Cloud 2 Vs Cloud Alpha: Best HyperX Gaming Headphones In The Industry

cloud 2 vs cloud alpha

1- Design

The HyperX design is present in both Cloud II and Cloud Alpha. As a result, they have a striking resemblance in appearance. The Cloud 2 has a sleek, simple look that resembles more of a studio headphone than a gaming headset. If you are looking for studio headphones, you must read our review on the best studio headphone.

The Alpha has a similar general form to Cloud 2 but with minor changes. It removes some of the metal forks’ components. The Cloud 2’s insignia on the top of the headband is no longer embroidered into the cloth. The ear cups are also significantly less rounded than in the previous model.

Although the Cloud Alpha lowered the weight of the metal fork, I don’t believe they accomplished anything with the perforations other than making the design uglier. The nice embroidered logo on the pinnacle of the headband is another something I miss in this version.

So, in the case of design, Cloud 2 is a little more stylish than Cloud Alpha.

2- Build Quality

Both headsets are built with a very solid construction, with plenty of aluminum components. The lightweight aluminum frames are built to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Could 2 and Cloud Alpha have weaved textile coverings on their wires for further protection and minimize tangling? They are constructed in such a way that they will not break when subjected to certain stresses.

When I first used this, I was so afraid that they did get a break because of my hectic traveling schedule. But they didn’t. In fact, they didn’t even get tangled up. Their microphone is also quite durable. Furthermore, the paddings are well-stitched, so I won’t have to worry about ripping for a long time.

So, in general, I believe both of them have solid build quality, so it’s a tie.

3- Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Cloud Alpha is one of the best choices in the industry. It produces clear and tidy audio quality with rich and detailed bass performance, with a frequency response of 13Hz-27kHz and an impedance of 65. It has good in-game spatial sounds, with no overwhelming of the mids, highs, or bass.

The HyperX Cloud 2, on the other hand, has a frequency response of 15Hz to 25kHz and a 30 impedance rating, assuring excellent directional and smooth sound quality. These headsets also have 7.1 virtual surround sound, which allows for a more immersive gaming experience. With this ability, I can quickly recognize adversaries when playing combat games. However, there is still room for development.

The Cloud Alpha, on the other hand, boasts twin-chamber technology. The bass response is handled by one chamber, while the mids and highs are handled by the other.

Cloud Alpha’s drivers are somewhat smaller than those of the HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset. It signifies that the Cloud 2 headset’s drivers provide more strong sound. So, by evaluating all factors that affect the sound of the headphone, I think that Cloud Alpha is slightly better than Cloud 2.

4- Comfortability And Portability

Signature HyperX Comfort is included in both these best HyperX gaming headphones, featuring 100 percent memory foam ear cushions and a cushioned leatherette headband. Cloud Alpha, on the other hand, is lighter than Cloud 2 due to the removal of several metal frame parts.

One disadvantage of the Cloud 2 is that it does not fit well in bigger heads, although this is not an issue with Alpha. It does not bother me because I have a tiny head, but it might irritate those with larger heads. Cloud Alpha, on the other hand, has a wider headband and forks that can be adjusted further. As a result, it will fit well in both large and small heads.

In Cloud 2, the mic also has a flexible coil and a huge foam pad that can be adjusted by six inches. The mic is removable, unlike the Cloud Alpha, making it ideal for single-player gameplay or travel. I was able to manage the games, and chat volume, and simply flip between muting the mic and the surround sound using a USB dongle while gaming.

In terms of portability, both the Cloud Alpha and Cloud 2 headsets are inconvenient to transport. They aren’t that much flexible with respect to other flexible headphones. The Cloud 2 wired version, on the other hand, has an additional disadvantage in this regard due to its permanent cable.

Overall, they both are amazingly loaded with different kinds of comfort but also have their share of disadvantages. However, if I have to choose among them, I think Cloud Alpha is more comfortable than Cloud 2.

5- Microphone

hyperx gaming headphones with microphone

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is very suitable for in-game and streaming voice conversations regarding microphone quality. It includes a 3.5mm cable and an electric condenser microphone.

However, many users often detect a difference in sound delivery since it may de-emphasize the spectrum of basic notes while somewhat accentuating others. I also experienced this. But overall, it doesn’t that much affect my listening experience through the microphone.

The HyperX Cloud 2, on the other hand, includes an electronic condenser microphone that produces crystal-clear audio whether we have a thick accent or not. Additionally, when utilizing the headset for PC gaming, the sound card can deactivate the Windows mic volume control.

I can say that both the best HyperX gaming headphones have unique microphone features, and both are good in their own setups. So it’s a tie.

6- Noise Cancellation

Are your headphones noise-canceling headphones? The noise-canceling mode on both headsets is well-designed to sound professionally during the in-game audio conversation. When I use these headphones to play games, they are very effective at filtering out the background noise.

Though, they didn’t eliminate noise completely. When I wore these headphones during the shower, the sound of cascading water was not suppressed completely. Apart from that, while playing games, these headphones are fantastic in blocking out external noises and allowing me to focus more on my game.

As a result, it’s a tie between the best HyperX gaming headphones.

7- Control System

A powerful audio control box is included with the Cloud 2. With this sound controller, I can change the level and turn on or off the 7.1 surround sound system which was very convenient for me while I am traveling. For extra convenience, it has separate audio and mic volume settings as well as a mute option.

For simple volume adjustments and mic silencing, Cloud Alpha’s audio controls are conveniently located on the right side of the detachable cord.

So, if you, like me, prefer the convenience of using a control system, Cloud Alpha reigns supreme once more.

8- Connectivity

Cloud 2 comes in two different versions: wired and wireless. The cord on the wired version is not removable but it is cheaper than the wireless one.

We will have to spend a few extra dollars to obtain its wireless model, but it is more convenient to buy since the wireless model has a low-latency 2.4 GHz quick and robust connection. As a result, the connection will be excellent, and we will not experience any audio lag.

With a full charge, the Wireless HyperX Cloud 2 has a battery life of up to 30 hours and a wireless range of roughly 20 meters, which is rather impressive. As a result, the Cloud 2 wireless headset is superior to the cable Alpha headset.

However, a wired Cloud 2 headset is not very convenient and also creates various kinds of hindrances in connectivity. For example, when I have these headphones, I placed them in my bag and after some time I found that the whole cord is tangled up and broken in many places.

So, that means, in the aspect of connectivity, between the two best HyperX gaming headphones, Cloud Alpha wins.

9- Compatibility

Cloud 2’s wired edition is compatible with PCs, cellphones, Macs, and a variety of game consoles, including the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In can enjoy only PC and Mac with wired Cloud 2 and PC, PS4, Play Station 5, and Nintendo Switch with a wireless version.

The Cloud Alpha headset, on the other hand, is compatible with the PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, VR, and smartphones.

As a result, both the best HyperX gaming headphones are compatible, but because I have to choose a winner, I’m going with Cloud Alpha again as it doesn’t have as many complex controls as Cloud 2 has.

10- Additional Accessories

hyperx headphones unboxing

Apart from all other aspects, one feature that occupies a significant portion of consumers’ including mine, while we are considering purchasing new headphones is their additional accessories.

A carrying pouch is included with both the Cloud 2 (wired) and Cloud Alpha. However, if I purchase the Cloud II wireless version, I will not receive a carrying bag.

The mics on both of the headphones are removable. Cloud Alpha also contains a detachable cable and a backpack made of higher-quality materials.

Aside from these essentials, the Cloud 2 comes with a USB sound card and an additional set of plush ear cushions, allowing me to experiment with other sound profiles and textures.

However, despite the lack of a USB sound card, Cloud Alpha sounds far better, thus I’d like to declare Cloud Alpha the winner once more.


What Features Are Required To Buy Headphones?

  • Headphones must be wireless so that they are convenient to use and do not get worried about the safety of the chord.
  • Noise cancellation mode on headphones is required so that we may listen to music at a normal volume rather than bursting out our ears by trying to block out the outer noise level.
  • If we wanted to play games while wearing headphones, they must have microphones and remote controls.
  • If you want to stay attentive while listening to something, your headphones should contain bone-conduction plates that allow you to detect ambient noises while listening to music.
  • Headphones must be fashionable and come in a variety of colors.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are HyperX Gaming Headphones such as Cloud 2 and Cloud Alpha suitable for heavy gaming?

Yes, they both are very much suitable for every kind of gaming as they both are specially made for and have certain features that must be required for every gaming headset such as immersive sound quality and noise cancellation.

  • Who is lighter between Cloud 2 and Cloud Alpha?

Cloud Alpha is lighter than Cloud 2 as Cloud Alpha weighs 336 grams whereas Cloud 2 weighs 350 grams.

  • Are Cloud 2 and Cloud Alpha compatible with XBOX Live and PlayStation?

Yes, both headphones are compatible with XBOX Live and PlayStation.



As I previously indicated, both headsets are fantastic for gaming, but if I had to choose between the two best HyperX gaming headphones, I would select Cloud Alpha because it is a few points ahead in most circumstances.

Since The Cloud Alpha is the successor of Cloud 2, it inherited the same features as its predecessor while also adding some new ones. In conclusion, the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset has superior sound quality and is less expensive. It comes with a lot of features at a fair price.

However, if none of them appeals to you, here are some options that might be equally acceptable in their stead. SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Gaming Headset and HyperX Cloud Alpha S are two headsets that will be an excellent alternative to our Cloud 2 and Alpha.

The Arctis Pro is a wired gaming headset with DTS X v2.0 sound systems for enhanced spatial vision and complete immersion. Cloud Alpha S, on the other hand, features adjustable bass, dual-chamber drivers, a chat mixer, breathable leatherette ear cushions, and a removable noise-canceling microphone.

So, it is up to you want. I am concluding this article with the hope that whatever you will choose for yourself will be a good one.