10 Best Underwater Bluetooth Headphones In 2023 (IPX rated)

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Enjoy music even in all water-laden places with the help of the best underwater Bluetooth headphones.

The Best Underwater Bluetooth Headphones

Read along to find the best ones currently in the market. Each one of the thumbs is rated for water resistance. Some have everything, some lack a few points but then everyone has different needs and demands. Money matters a lot. 

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t – Best Overall

Jabra Elite Active 75t – best overall

Water protection: IP57 (IPX7)Battery life: 7.5h (28h with case)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Truly wireless

Key Features-

The Jabra Elite Active 65t comes with a newer version- The Elite Active 75t headphones. They are generally in demand by people who need a pair of earbuds during sports activities and sometimes for general use. They are completely waterproof as they come with IP57 water protection. It protects it from various environmental hazards. They are also covered by a 2-year warranty.

The battery life is better than the previous version. They provide 28 hours of standby usage and 7.5 hours of continuous usage. A stable connection is provided by the 5.0 Bluetooth. They also have a personalized app that can customize EQ and other settings for you.

They also put the music into silence in case you need to get in touch with your surroundings. They come up with a heavy price which is still manageable as compared to the Beats PowerBeats Pro. A thing to look down upon is the absent noise-canceling function. 

The sound- The earpieces provide both sharp and smooth sound with the help of passive noise cancellation.

Sometimes the bass levels can rise above the mark which can be managed with the settings. Overall if you plan to buy a nice pair of waterproof wireless earbuds with a decent sound, you need to look for Jabra Elite Active 75t.


2. Jaybird Vista – Runner-UpJaybird Vista – runner-up

Water protection: IPX7

Battery life: 6h (+10 hours with case)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Truly wireless

Why Buy These?

Vista’s earpieces are large and bulky yet you can wear them during continuous usage as they are made from a plastic shell and soft rubber that provides comfort. The ear fins make sure that the earbuds stay intact. They are accompanied by a mobile app that can be customized as per wish.

You can change companies by pressing the physical buttons.  You get to choose your preferred EQ. Boasted for their rugged appearance and IPX7 rating, they also pass the MIL-STD-819G military standards. This also ensures that they are waterproof.

The drawbacks

The sound makes you demand more quality.

The Sound

The expectations are not met as the sound isn’t that great. But you can manage as after you play them with EQ the quality of sound improves substantially. Bass hits hard and can limber in the case of metal as well.


3. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 – Best Underwater Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 – best water-protection -Underwater Bluetooth Headphones

AirPods look-alike that is comfortable to wear 

Water protection: IPX7

Battery life: 5h (25h with case)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Truly wireless

They are extremely comfortable as they have different fits for different people. The housing comes with a small touch-sensitive area on the top of the stem along with the body that’s made of glossy plastic. You can use them for 5 hours at a stretch with a good charge. It’s highly appreciated as they are the wireless earbuds on our list.

You get an extra 15 hours worth of use by using the charging case. You do not have to fear water as they are equipped with IPX8 water resistance. It’s known to be the best in the market. 

The Bad

They can’t offer noise cancellation due to their design.

The Sound

They have pretty satisfactory sounds in the classic earbud category. The bass is even more satisfactory. The tremble is friction-free while the midrange has good detail. To sum up everything, we would say they are pretty harmless.



4. Aukey Key Series T10 – Best Under $100Aukey Key Series T10 – best under $100

Type: In-ear

Water-protection: IPX5

Battery: Up to 6, 7h (in the case up to 24h) 

Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC

Key Features-

If you do not want to dig deep into your pockets while still in need of premium wireless earbuds, you should look for these.

Aukey TIos look too good for their price in both aspects- looks, and quality. All the premium earpieces have the latest 5.0 Bluetooth, USB-C quick charging, and over 6- hour battery life. You can find these qualities in this particular piece that too at a price, of not more than 100$.

You should not be surprised why they are in demand. You wouldn’t have any complaints. They sit comfortably on the ears for long hours and allow you to do any activity of your choice. They provide IPX5 which does not provide water resistance.

You should be happy keeping in mind that they offer a lot for their price. You can use them during water sports but make sure you do not let them have a nice long dive in the water. Touch controls are not highly intuitive. You need to be firm while you touch them. 

The Sound

The audio quality is nice but can’t be equalized. The buds manage to feature all the sounds and beats.


5. AfterShokz Aeropex – Best Bone ConductionAfterShokz Aeropex – best bone conduction

Water protection: IP67 (IPX7)

Battery life: 8h

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Wireless bone conduction

Aftershokz has made a good reputation and its brand value is huge. The Air version is light and updated. They are the best version of bone conduction technology. It’s no secret that traditional headphones are more convenient and useful than these. They are better in every way.

But I have to make a point here. We all know that bone-conduction headphones serve a targeted purpose. They do not claim to offer the best sounds. They are meant to make you well aware of your surroundings by replacing their position.

If you want to go for a run or drive a bicycle while hearing music or talking to someone important, these can help you with the purpose.

The use is smooth and simple. They do not displace or fall and break. If you surely plan to buy a pair of such headphones, do not overthink and just straightway go for these.


6. Adidas RPT-01 – Best On-EarAdidas-RPT-01

Complete-size headphones for all the gym fanatics powered by ipx4 water protection and the ear cups are fabricated out of washable fabric. 

Water protection: IPX4

Battery life: 40h

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Wireless on-ear

Why Buy These?

Adidas has specially designed these for all fitness fanatics. These are on here headphones that are extremely comfy due to the ear cushion that come with removable fabric. You can clean the inner headband and cushions by watching them.

It’s so great to have fresh pieces before every workout. The battery extends up to 40 hours at a stretch. If you use these earphones properly you can sustain A 40-hour constant standby that might last about a week. To add to the luxury is a USB – C cable. 

They come up like a rug with your pieces with IPX MI4 water resistance and a central lock for interaction.

The bad

It has a not-so-common design which might be fascinating to some but might not appeal to everybody. 

The sound

As it is already known that I did especially design these earpieces for all the sports lovers out there.  you will enjoy heavy bass and a crystal clear sound to pump up a lot of energy during the workout. Sometimes the relaxed genres might be affected due to the lack of travel refinement. 

Adidas RPT– 0 1 is a good Discovery to keep good terms with all the fitness lovers that are not so much into in-ear solutions. they are one of a Kind  can be washed  and have a bass-induced sound that is quite punchy,


7. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 – best under $50TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 – underwater bluetooth headphones

Some people were astonished at the quality of these awesome-sounding true wireless in-ear headphones under $50.  Other brands should learn from them how to win over people by keeping a mind their needs in a budget.

Water protection: IPX7

Battery life: 5h, 15h from the case

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Truly Wireless

Why Buy These?

These are super comfortable ll despite having a stout build. Feel they do not feel heavy even after long hours of continuous usage.  The fit is secure and hence they remain intact even during heavy activities. The battery lasts a good 5 hours which is pretty satisfactory for daily use.

The case also provides 15 extra hours of playtime. Some people claim that they were dropped from the second floor and yet they are fully functioning. Water-resistance ip67 rating makes them water and sweatproof. 

The sound

The sound is Equalised hence you get to experience a lot of details in the vocals and the instrument. Certain songs may feel a little heavy but that treble is pretty smooth if not the best. The bass is average but it can be customized to achieve a good punch.

You can expect a good pair of in-ear headphones with a durable build and controls For the price you pay go for it.



8. Jlab Audio Jbuds Air

Jlab Audio Jbuds Air

Now you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a good pair of headgear as the price of the truly wireless headphones is quite reasonable. 

Water protection: IPX5

Battery life: 5.5h (+15h in the case)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Truly wireless

Key Features-

They offer quite a lot and that too on a budget. You get a virtual assistant and an auto Connect setting feature Tu to connect to your device. The set also includes a charging case to ensure good battery life. There is a provision to change the EQ settings on the earbuds with a click so now you don’t need any additional apps to quickly personalize for changing the music.

Sadly the water resistance is just ipx5 which is quite average as compared to the other models but yet self-sufficient to resist rain and other water-related accidents.  Hopefully, they can also survive washbasin meetings. They remain intact for quite a long time and provide a good microphone to make phone calls.

Sound is great for the price of things here especially considering the customizable EQ presets. They may not be the best but they are worth investing in. What makes the Jlab audio buds A perfect choice is that you get good wireless features with customizable EQ settings in your kitty.



9. Treblab XfitTreblab-xFit-buds

Water Protection: IPX6
Battery Life: 5h (30h with case)
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Type: Truly wireless

They are extremely handy and they are Ultralight in the ears. The charging case is also pretty sleek and light now you can take your earpieces along every time you step out.

Come up with IPv6 water resistance which is a step ahead of the JLab audio buds air. You can now walk comfortably even in the rain without wearing that gadget and going into the drain,  they remain intact going to the three sets of silicone ear tips. No extra nuisance and long hours of configuring usage are what you get. 

The battery life is pretty satisfactory for the price you pay. You can secure a 5-hour battery per charge, Shower noise cancellation is not a hundred percent and there are better options if your period t is a noise cancellation feature in the set of demands. If you smile a lot, these pieces move from their place.

The positive thing is that the sound is incredible. The returns are pretty amazing some people might find that the sound is somewhat noisy and sheepish. They may not be the best option out there but are E for if you plan to buy a solid piece of headphones on a budget.



10. iTeknic BH001 – best battery

iTeknic BH001

Water protection: IPX4

Battery life: 24h

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: True wireless

Why Buy These?

They come up with a huge battery but still manage to be light in weight.  The fit is safe and does not irritate you even after long hours of usage. The battery might be quite a thing for something like wireless Headgear. you also get a stunning 24 hours of playtime so now you can use them for 2-3 days without worrying about the charging.

They might not be the best when it comes to water resistance as they have an ipx4 rating but can give you the necessary results you need. The cable that connects the earbud is quiet mood and Flat when touched

A drawback is the wind noise that is normally generated due to the protruding design. The sound is  Pretty I equalize with a little that doesn’t go heavy. They complement more vocal-oriented music as the mid-range is clean. 

You can disturb the treble levels and increase the volume dangerously. They are quite robust in-ear headpieces that provide a comfortable fit since they are lightweight and provide a huge battery life. not everyone likes to go deep into the bass, some prefer normal pleasant music.



What’s an IP Rating? Water Protection IPX Rating Explained

What does the rating mean?  there is a code for water protection rating consisting of ingress protection followed by two numbers. The first number presents the level of protection from 0-6. And the second one represents water protection levels on a scale of 0-8. 

If you use IPL why is it protected from chest water and doesn’t have dust protection? the X represents a dust protection rating. The same combination can also be made just for dust-only protection. in short

  • IPX0 means no protection.
  • IPX1 means protection from dripping water.
  • IPX2 means protection from vertically dripping water.
  • IPX3 means protection from sprayed water.
  • IPX4 means protection from splashed water.
  • IPX5 means protection from water projected from a nozzle.
  • IPX6 means protection from a strong jet of water.
  • IPX7 means protection from immersion in water up to 3ft (1m) for 30 minutes.
  • IPX8 means better than IPX7, but there are no exact requirements (IPX8 is usually claimed by the manufacturer).

You should be aware that there are no ip68 Bluetooth headphones in which running the wireless connection shall not work efficiently underwater. So to get the best protection from the water you should consider an ipx7 Bluetooth headphone that can prevent themselves from going through them even during water accidents.

Currently Plantronics backbeat fit has an ipx7 rating. Anything below that might not be completely waterproof but could give satisfactory results, people Serials water-based activities in daily life should look out for the best water protection that they can get while buying the headphones.


Best Use of Underwater Bluetooth Headphones:-

This activity season touches out your regular sports headphones and goes for something like waterproof Bluetooth headphones to ensure comfort safety E and efficiency on the go. Whether you are around a Jet Ski and paddling the board you need a solid pair of headgear to get you in the mood.

To summarise you can use waterproof headphones for any activity that you do near water but it is still above it. Now you can lock up your smartphone in a dry bag after you connect it with Bluetooth and paddle away. Simply clean your headphones in case we get wet after use within the 30 feet Bluetooth range.


How to Use Your Phone with Waterproof Headphones?

To secure the headphones you should invest in a good waterproof phone bag. A Mpow waterproof case is a good option in the market as it protects the phone from the water 200 feet in depth’  it’s suitable for both Android and iPhone.And surely protect them from any damage. 


Underwater Bluetooth Headphones for Swimming 

It’s not a very difficult task to manufacture water-resistant and waterproof headphones, it is difficult to create a technology that would transmit the signal underwater with a higher level of success or proficiency.

Normally swimming headphones cannot use Bluetooth technology. We all know that water is OPEC enough to absorb all the signals making the process futile. 


How Not to Use Wireless Headphones Even if They Are Waterproof

It’s not wise to intentionally submerged your headphones in water or take them how during swimming. Although most headphones are designed to combat water that doesn’t make them suitable for long-term underwater use with precautions and make the best out of your investment.