7 Best Headphones For Sleeping – Noise Cancelling Headphones

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We all know that deep slumber is necessary for the body to revitalize itself and be prepared for the day. Good sleep improves both physical and mental health. Sometimes ambient noises can disturb your sleep and you are unable to relax and let it go for the best headphones for sleeping.

To overcome this kind of situation you should invest in some good quality headphones that are ideal for sleeping since they block all the unnecessary noises and even provide an option for you to enjoy some soothing music before you lie down to sleep.  

Just some random headphones might not serve the purpose so you need to make sure that you have the right pair of sleep headphones to have the best experience. 

Since we have always come to your rescue by providing you with the best among the innumerable number of options. This time we’re going to do the same and will note down the list of the best sleep headphones available in the market that are unique and worth it. 

The Josche wireless headphones top our list as it passed all our vital tests so far. It is extremely comfortable, like something that you would like to flash against your face as a sleeping mask to retain all the smoothness and comfort.

List Of Best Best Headphones For Sleeping In 2023:-

1- Josche Wireless Headphones


  • USB charger manages 9 hours of playtime in just 2 hours of charge time.
  • Washable cloth material.
  • Speakers can be regulated by the +/- button or with your phone.
  • Run big and may not fit snugly on everyone.


The company provides both headphones and a mask combination to let you have the best sleep of your life. The headphones have HD-quality sound which is suitable for listening to music, podcast, and E-books, and even for a talk on the phone.

A built-in microphone ensures that you manage free hand calling every time and the Bluetooth is highly compatible to save you from all the wires and nuisance. 

These headphones provide the best of comfort and usability and stand out in terms of audio quality. The nine-hour longs Bluetooth battery life supports all-night usage and is a great travel accessory. 


2- Homder Sleep Headphones

Homder-Sleep-Headphones - best headphones for sleeping

  • Headphones can be separated from the mask for cleaning.
  • Built-in microphone to enable Bluetooth phone calls.
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • Volume isn’t loud even when you maximize the volume level to the highest.


When it comes to canceling out the ambient noise, these headphones work perfectly.  They also help you to listen to your favorite music with great ease and comfort as they have an adjustable eye mask which also helps you receive a leap even with the lights on. 

Seems like they are perfect travel partners who will look after.  You can also connect them to Bluetooth without the help of any wires for a crystal-clear sound.

You can even adjust the volume of speakers using the phone or the controls provided on the mask.  The mask is insured to be breathable and light.  It fits onto your head properly without adding much pressure. 


3- Eyesense eye mask with headphones

Eyesense-sleep-Headphones - best headphones for sleeping

  • Memory foam material provides perfect fit and comfort.
  • Adjustable temperature modulations with automatic shutoff.
  • USB-powered with up to 6 hours of playtime.
  • Must be plugged in to experience the heat feature.


They are just like your regular eye mask with built-in earphones, but there is something else that makes them stand out from the others and that is the infrared technology that works to keep your eye looking young.

I love that! One shall wear the mask around their head so that the infrared increases blood circulation for deep and comfortable sleep.  You’ll notice that soon your dark circles are reducing and your overall skin texture is improving. 

The earphones pair up with Bluetooth without any hassle and have a built-in microphone that lets you keep talking on the phone and enjoy the music that you want to listen to while canceling out the ambient noise.


4- Bose QuietComfort 20


  • Aware Mode helps you to quickly be aware of your ambiance with the touch of a button.
  • 3 different sizes of Stayer tips are provided.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Specially engineered to work with Apple products, so Android users may not experience the same functionality.


Bose is a highly renowned brand that makes the best quality audio gear. Bose has maintained its Legacy with these earphones. It has bulk loads of function and style. The earbuds support active EQ and Triport technology features clear and crisp sound quality.

The successful noise cancellation build allows you to enjoy and relax without any distractions whatsoever. The stay here + provides the utmost security and comfort in your ear for the best experience.


5- Advances 1M sleeping headphones


  • Includes 3 sets of variable-sized silicone tips.
  • Neutral tones and enhanced sound clarity.
  • Very small and low profile.
  • They are not wireless.


They are little and come in all shapes and sizes to enhance comfort. Security and comfort are the two things that you need. They ensure you that by their ultra-lightweight aluminum feel to prevent soreness. 

The sound quality is on point and extremely clear. The controls are set on the inline remote. This inline mode can also be used to control the microphone for attending the calls. The silicone tips fit deep in the ear to block the surrounding noises hence providing the opportunity to experience crystal-clear music.


6- MaxRock Sleeping Headphones


  • Easy control allows you to adjust the volume, skip songs, and answer/end/decline phone calls.
  • Zipper carrying case included.
  • Comfortable for small ears.
  • Doesn’t include different size options.


They are primarily designed to support sleep.  The little earbuds live a double life as earplugs to help you have some rest and peace. The effective noise-canceling feature helps you to stay calm and go deep into your sleep. 

The 5mm microsphere speakers are ideal to provide you with clear and high-end sound while simultaneously performing all the music and phone-related functions.

They stay intact all night long we will let you change your positions frequently.


7- SHURE SE215k


  • Up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • Wireless range up to 30 feet.
  • Variety of color options availableSE215K.
  • The cable is quite thick.


You can listen to your favorite music with these over-the-ear headphones or talk with your friends or anyone without caring about the chaos of surrounding noises with the help of these perfectly functioning earphones that are equipped with premium noise-canceling capabilities. 

They provide help with sleeping. Do not be bothered with size as they are meant to provide you with a powerful and crystal-clear sound.  You can always connect these earphones to your devices with multiple options that include the USB – c, Bluetooth, and Lightning 3.5mm cord.

The cord enables you to experience the inline remote control options for regulating the volume and taking phone calls.


How to Choose Headphones for Sleeping

There is an infinite set of features that a pair of headphones can offer you.  It’s only your choice to choose the perfect fit by keeping in mind the qualities that you want and the reasons that you will be using the headphones.  There are a few things that we want you to consider before you make your choice to not get disappointed.


The headphones that you want for sleeping must be extremely comfortable and should help you to fall asleep while doing your job. Some people want headphones that shall stay in no matter how much they move around in sleep while some are ok with headphones that do not have some special design to focus on the positions. 

Make sure you do not go for something that is too heavy. You do not want to bear the discomfort while you are sleeping as it may affect you the next day.

Wireless or Wired

Ideally, the wireless would be the right choice for you but then everyone has different likes and preferences.  It’s a true story that wires might sometimes ruin your sleep cycle if you might damage the cords when you are asleep.

Noise Cancelling

Noise-canceling features block all the ambient noise so that you may relax without being distracted.  Some people may want a break from their snoring partners.  The audio will be clear there isn’t a surrounding sound to overlap. 

More Tips to Avoid Nighttime Noise

Generic or custom earplugs.

If noise cancellation is your sole concern, You can invest in some simple earplugs and twist ends to let them secure themselves nicely with your ear framework.  Certain custom molding kits help you to customize the generic-sized earplugs.

There are also noise machines that let you choose between different sounds to balance the surrounding noises.

Is using headphones whilst you are sleeping safe?

It is not advisable to be listening to loud volumes for long periods but if you choose to do that make sure to indulge in some moderate or low-level intensity music. 

Since you’re practically unconscious in your sleep you need to be careful about the headphones as they may prove to be hazardous to your health because of physical injury by the wires.



Before you buy a pair to use while you sleep you must look out for all the possible situations that you may encounter and things that you want your gadget to have. There can be a best friend to distract you from the loud and disturbing environment. A gadget so simple can help you in making your life easier.