10 Best Headphones for Music Production in 2023

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Are you belong to the music industry? Here we bring the best headphones for music production that can suit you.

Regular headphones tend to enhance the audio quality, which is excellent for enjoying your favorite playlist. Still, the Studio headphones are more creative, and it requires some extra capabilities and clarification. These types of headphones are mainly used to create, record, mix, and master music.

These things are generally done with a proper studio space and a laptop with some quality software. Still, when listening to critical beats in a less space area, the only thing helpful is studio headphones. If you are an electronic music producer or a recording artist who produces tracks or demos, you need a headphone with a flat and quick frequency response to boost the sound with good bass or treble. As a recording or creating artist, mixing the tracks is the most important.

These are genuinely for more comfort and durability to focus on the work. So with a set of studio monitoring speakers, you need the best pair of headphones for music production.

However, it has a convenient and robust design concept. As regular headphones came with a closed-back type and are aimed for personal or private listening, studio sets are often opened back to improvise spatial reference during critical listening. 

There are a variety of headphones in the market labeled as Studio headphones which can make your shopping idea frustrating. So here are the ideal headphones for a studio within budget, especially for the average aspiring producer.


List of the Best Headphones for Music Production:-

1- Audio- Technica ATH- M50x

Audio-Technica is an impressive model of the M series used by professionals. It is designed very well, mostly with hard plastic and the brushed aluminum touches are nice. This headphone provides an ultimate listening experience as it has a fascinating closed-back set with a circular finish.


It has a well-designed larger aperture of 45mm drivers with oversized copper-clad voice coils that optimize and increase its performance. Circumaural design silhouette around the ears with professional-grade padding for great sound confinement in a loud environment to use for a longer time. Earcups can rotate up to 90 degrees to keep the user comfortable and examine the sound with a single ear.

Mic and button controls built into ear cups provide easy calls, music playback, and volume adjustment. Audio Technica comes with three detachable cables of cord length 1.2m to 3.0m coiled cables and 1.2m straight cables and a 6.3mm adapter in a protective carrying pouch.

ATH-50x has a larger transducer. Extended frequency response up to 15Hz to 28k Hz, sensitivity 99dB, impedance 38 ohms, and you will not face any latency. This model is well-engineered, and you will hear your mixes in stunning detail. The best thing about this headphone is that it provides cords according to your choice. 

This model provides premium and smooth audio with an excellent accuracy rate and steady transient response. Also, there are so durable and engineered with soft cushioning for a more extended mixing session. It is one of the best options for Studio headphones.

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2- Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro – Best Headphones for Music Production

Like all the Beyerdynamic professional studio headphones DT1990 pro is handcrafted in Germany and backed by high-quality materials. Suppose you are looking for open-back headphones. In that case, you should go for this as its open circumaural design optimizes spatial sound that makes it a more realistic representation of your finished audio composition. 


For precise listening, mixing, and mastering, it offers high-resolution sound.

It provides maximum wear comfort with foam-filled ear pads. Headphones become so comfortable you almost forget about wearing them. This headphone has replaceable velour ear pads to choose between a well-balanced sound or consciously analytical sound tuning. They have an impedance of 250 ohms and 45mm dynamic tesla neodymium drivers. It comes with a single-sided 3-meter heavy-strength straight and coiled cord with mini XLR connectors in a premium hard case to prevent it from tangling.

DT 1990 pro has an open-backed design adding dimension to the sound reproduction, and they never compromise on a quality building. They provide a wide frequency response 5Hz to 40000 Hz with high accuracy for audio analysis. The best thing about the drivers is that they are impeccable.

Beyerdynamic High-fidelity headphones deliver excellent sound reproduction. Natural and exceptionally spatial sound is optimized for critical listening, and the open-back design gives enhanced audio which is a reliable reference for mixing and mastering.

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3- Sony MDR7506 Professional large-diaphragm headphone 

This set from Sony comes at a little lower price than other premium sets. These large diaphragm foldable stereo headphones are ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio film production, electronic news gathering, and virtual applications where high-quality sound is essential. It has a rugged design and convenient folding construction with a highly effective closed-ear look.

Sony MDR7506

Built with a 40mm driver unit, a professional oxygen-free copper nondetachable coiled cord of length 9.8 feet ends in a gold 3.5mm jack with an unmatched 1/4 inch plug-in adapter for clean and clear audio production.

When it comes to comfort, it provides a beautifully cushioned closed-ear design with outstanding reduction of external noises and enhances its support level with generous headband padding. For professional sound, a neodymium magnet is included for superb power handling.

It delivers high-quality sound with a range of frequency responses of 10hz to 20k Hz to enjoy crystal clear sound for accurate monitoring. 

They come with a soft carrying pouch: the ATH M50x and MDR7506 offer similar features. But if you compare, the Audio Technica is pretty demolished. Considering the price, Sony is relatively cheaper than ATH M50x.

It has a larger diaphragm which provides an excellent reference audio quality. The ear cups are well cushioned with generous headband padding, and they can compactly fold away for transit.

MDR7506 is the definition of quality audio-serving headphones in an affordable package. They are engineered perfectly to provide comfort and give sound isolation to identify something in the mix and can be used longer. Overall, a great option in the category of Professional headphones for music production.

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4- Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 650 

This premium headphone comes in a beautiful box. It is bulky due to its heavy earcups being a tall oval shape with an attractive finish. It is made of plastic and metal, and the color scheme is attractive metallic gunmetal grey. They feel less rugged and much more luxurious than the Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro.


Hd 650 has a cool grilled look from the outside of the ear cups, and the padding is soft and lavish. After hours of use, you barely feel the headphones. It only looks bulky due to its large ear cups, but actually, it is lightweight. The soft cup padding distributes the weight very evenly, and the open back makes them more breathable. Its headband is also padded with foam.

When it comes to sound reproduction, it produces hot and neutral audio through the spectrum. Because of its open back, they are a little short on sub-bass, whereas the bass is detailed and fantastic, with detail high and crisp. If we compare treble, it is a little less than the Beyerdynamic 1990 pro. HD 650 costs twice as much as the 1990 Pro, but it’s hard to say that they are twice as good when compared.

If money is no issue, then HD 650 is wicked good. They come with a gold-plated ¼” jack with an adapter leading to a 3.5mm jack plug—a detachable 9.8ft. The cord is provided with a soft carrying pouch. Its ear cup design is magnificent, with a comfy cushioned open grilled back. It also provides premium drivers for a great connection.

They are constructed exceptionally with high-quality parts, and they have excellent sound amplification due to their open back, ideal for audio production. 

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5- Audio Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor 

Whether it is on the stage or in the studio, it is trusted by the industry’s professionals. Another Audio Technica option is built impressively. The ATH-A990Z is a closed-back type studio headphone set ideal for finding faults and critically analyzing stains in your tracks. They offer an extra-large diaphragm that delivers high-resolution sound.


They have provided 53mm drivers oxygen-free copper bobbin wound voice coils and lightweight aluminum with deep metallic forest green finishing to reduce unwanted resonance and smooth sound reproduction. They are designed with a self-adjusting 3D wing support with premium earpads to ensure a great comfortable fit.

The 3.0m cord is used to avoid tangling, and the cord is cloth wrapped for extended durability and includes a 6.3mm stereo adapter. They have a double air damping system for deep bass production. The A990Z is very well manufactured with a good range of adjustments. They offer a quick frequency response of 5Hz to 45k Hz and impedance of 11.5 ohm which is great for monitoring the tracks.

It has a top-notch construction for a good finish. Their extra-large drivers make the connectivity smooth for a smooth and quality sound reproduction.

The tangle-free, highly durable cloth-wrapped cords are impressive. Built quality is superb, and the high resonance sound it delivers. They are impeccably made for comfort and used for a longer duration of time. 

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6- Behringer HPX2000 – For Music Production

I liked it due to its budget-friendly option with a high-definition sound that can blow your mind. The HPX2000 model is a Dj model as it provides high-resolution audio reproduction. It provides everything we need for comfortable listening with two rotating reversible ear cups that contain a cobalt capsule to deliver each amplitude very loud and clear.


For the active lifestyle, they have focused on comfort and used good quality materials. These are best as they come with a one-sided cable made from the oxygen-free copper cord to avoid tangling and provide maximum durability. 

It offers high-resolution and high-definition audio quality. They can be used as heavy-duty headbands due to their comfortable cushioned ear cups.

The cobalt capsule is used to provide details of every nuisance. The best part is that it is available at a meager price.

When it comes to audio electronics, German engineering is best, and this headphone is proof. It is well-designed with lots of specs that are only available in expensive headphones sets. 

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7- Neumann studio headphones NDH20 Closed back.

This set is a closed-back monitoring studio headphone with a circumaural design that combines excellent isolation and a balanced sound image. The excellent sound quality in Neumann’s acclaimed sound quality brought in these monitoring speakers, and thus, it’s ideally suited for mixing and mastering tracks in a loud and noisy environment.


They have been engineered from high-quality components. The drivers are updated type and use high Gauss neodymium magnets which have a high flux de intensity. It has a density of 38mm like the Sennheiser HD599 set. The impedance of 150 ohms for a dedicated pre-amplification. But when compared, you will find the build quality and sound reproduction of the Sony MDR7506 are more reliable than this set. 

Mechanical construction meets the highest standard with ergonomic low-pressure reinforced flexible steel headband. The lusciously padded ear cups are made up of lightweight aluminum and mounted on headbands to move freely and are capable of folding inward. 

It comes with an option of two detachable cables: one straight and one coiled cord with a ¼’ adapter to provide versatile function.

Well-engineered with complex material. They provide linear sound and high-resolution drivers. They can be used in noisy places due to their impressive sound isolation. With all these features, they offer a coiled cord option.

The engineers do not compromise on their build quality. The excellent transient response from drivers they are flawless. The way they highlight the nuances no matter the index of the subtle. Overall, it is a perfect example of Mixing headphones.

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8- Shure SRH1440 Professional open-back headphone

Another open-back headphone set from Shure and one of my favorite pieces. SRH1440 offers an attractive design fully adjustable with a steel frame. The ear cups have a replaceable velour earpad with high-density slow recovery foam and are oval in shape for better audio delivery, and a premium padded headband is given to use for hours of listening comfort.


It provides full-range audio with detailed highs and rich bass in sleek. They are specially made for mastering critical listening. 40mm neodymium drivers that deliver full-range audio with rich and controlled bass. The open-back circumaural design provided exceptionally natural sound production with wide stereo images and increased field depth.

Built with a lower impedance option than other premium headphone sets and optimized for direct connection to a wide range of portable audio devices. Like all the premium sets, it also has oxygen-free copper cable with a reinforced Kevlar outer coating to increase its performance and durability. A dual-exit detachable cable given with a threaded ¼’ gold plated adapter, 

MMCX connectors for a secure connection and to prevent it from tangling. Rather than other brands, it gives a zippered storage case.

It has robust and dynamic construction. The high-resolution sound it provides is fantastic. Open-back design is given for audio analysis. Fully adjustable premium ear cups serve high-quality audio in comfortable listening, and the cord is decidedly strong.

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9- Fostex Regular Phase T60RP Diaphragm Stereo headphone

It is a closed-back headphone set that offers a different amber design, enhancing its look to more natural and acoustic (Mahogany) and stretching back to the 1970s. The regular phase technology-assisted diaphragm ensures hearing with clarity and is free from any interference. The diaphragm is made from a light polyamide film which is a highly responsible catalyst.


They Have a wider genuine leather headband for better distribution and lower clamp force and are much more comfortable to use for a longer duration of time. The ear cups are also genuine leather pads and can be adjusted naturally within the circumference of the head to give fatigue-free long-time use comfort.

Come with a choice of standard and optical oxygen-free copper cables that deliver high resolution and speedy sound within the frequency range. These are not much superior if compared with any of the lists.

The detachable connector is offered, and the headphone amps comprehend precise audio reproduction with noise-free and high separation. It includes a 1.2m cable with a soft carrying bag. 

It has a unique construction with a sensitive diaphragm. Also, it has an excellent transient response and thus gives a smooth sound. Due to its qualities, it has been a best seller.

The engineer and the designer at Fostex have been developing this model for decades and built a set that hasn’t been bugged since its early development. The best thing about the headphone is it takes you directly to the ’70s with their detailed finishing and listening. It is truly one of the best Audio production headphones.

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10- PreSonus HD7 professional monitoring headphone

Whether you are monitoring, tracking, mixing, or just listening for pleasure, Presonus provides good value for money. If you are expecting impressive sonic performance, they are more than other models; they are twice as high in price.

They are a semi-opened back headset option with a naturally warm and realistic sound reproduction with rich and deep bass. These are very lightweight with durable constructive material in a pretty budget-friendly option. 


The lightweight HD7 automatically august to any head size with its flexible widened headband with professional yokes. It is equipped with comfortable and durable earpads with a single-side detachable straight 8 feet cable, so it doesn’t get in your way. So that you will continue to enjoy it during a long session. The drivers come with neodymium magnets for precision-tuned and acoustic chambers. They have benefited from an extended low-frequency response for clean tuning.

It is a semi-opened back headphone set with high-resolution drivers. Can be adjusted automatically to the wearer’s comfort. Apart from all these, it is in an affordable price range.

Hd7 is a good model which serves detailed high-definition sound with big bass and treble. It is designed to be lightweight and rugged, so you can rely on it whenever you travel. If you are looking for especially Monitoring headphones you should definitely buy this,

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Our reviews have highlighted some genuine impressive models, especially for audio production. These are available online and have a significant impact on any home studio setup. 

In this era, technology has bought premium and impressive models within the budget so you can get excellent device value for money. 

Regular headphones are better, but it does depend on your setup and at which level you are working. The backbreaking editing and mixing process with high-resolution analytical listening is prioritized here. Durability and comfort are the vitals of these types of headphones. The biggest problem arises with the cords as they tend to tangle because of their required length and rough handling. So wireless models are appearing in the professional market for music production. But I suggest using direct input-output to avoid latency or lag.

Generally, people prefer headphones with a single-sided entry cord over a Y-cord, with fewer tangling chances. The pull-out card is a detachable plugin that doesn’t have a weak spot and can quickly eliminate the Tanglin. They provide more critical points of connection, and this way, you can reduce the difficulty and have a straight cord without poofing or protection to aid in prevention.