8 Best Waterproof Headphones Available for Swimming

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Running, walking, exercising, dancing, workout, and even while doing house chores, listening to music boosts our energy for the job done and motivates us to continue it! Isn’t it true?

I believe that it does not matter what work I’m doing( of course, my office work is not included). My favorite playlist songs play an essential role as a catalyst to put the best or more than adequate amount of effort and dedication I should put in!

Even while bathing, I put on my speaker with meditation music playing on it, enhancing my productivity and enthusiasm.

best waterproof headphones

But while coming to some particular types of job I always wonder how to take the energy booster that is ” music ” along with me without harming my appliances, that work or task is none other than “swimming” or any activity associated with water. It could be surfing, sailing, water skiing, and more because I don’t want my regular headphones to get affected either.

Furthermore, some of you might have to do jobs on water sites, and you must be concerned about using the best waterproof headphones to keep you energized. Aren’t you?

Well, let’s decode this!

Today I’m enlisting the best quality waterproof headphones that will break the barrier between your task requiring you around the waters. You’ll be proficient in continuing these activities without getting any thought of harm to your headphones.

Therefore, whether you are glimpsing for earphones that you can utilize while toiling at the classes or gym or even a set that will free you to swim with, I’ve focused on every angle for comprehending the various levels of resistance that occur in water. Moreover, this will also include the best waterproof headphones I’ve tested. (personally)

To make you understand what can be your most generous suit according to your chore or activity, I’ve gathered some of the most reasonable and fairest water-repellent headphones. So scroll down and recognize your best fit.

List of 8 Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming 2023:-

1- Sony NW- WS413

The Sony NW-WS413 has been manufactured into a pair of waterproof with 4GB MP3 players and dust-proof IP67/68 headphones. The NW-WS414 is identical to WS413 however cannot transcend storage up to 8GB. Both are categories that form part of the Sony Walkman NW-WS410 sequence.

There is more about WS413, for instance, in terms of Charging plus battery vitality, which is a big deal here. This particular production of waterproof MP3 players not only delivers good battery life than before but comprises amazingly fast-charging capabilities.

Sony-NW-WS413 - best waterproof headphones

These WS413 watertight headphones come accompanied by numerous sizes of earbuds in the bargain with several types. For on-land, listening certainly is open-ended, while the rest of them have been featured by a delicate apparent plastic seal membrane to curb water from getting into the speakers at the time of swimming on end.

Another issue we will face when moving from swimming to running and then altering earbuds will boost the transparency.

Comfortable Design:

The Sony Walkman NW-WS413 waterproof bluetooth headphones are designed to persuade a comfortable experience in addition to a good fit. Although they look heavier/enormous compared to your usual headphones, they feel the opposite of it. They are featherweight and generously fitted to settle flawlessly regardless of whether you are running or otherwise swimming.

Although these headphones are one of the apparent headphones I have used, WS413 did not endure consistently in an initial way.

Bass levels are decent, which works tremendously both underwater and above when listening to beautiful artists like Wu-Tang and Jay-Z, and how couldn’t I mention The BTS ( YOU MUST TRY LISTENING IDOL WHILE WORKING OUT).

But it is pretty unclear and imbalanced in wet nonetheless. It does continue to be generous enough to ensure your contentment. Furthermore, WS413 prevents distraction from the fuss present in the local pool or gym.

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2- Hydro Active Headphones

I’ve been involved in various hydro activities that encompass, first and foremost, swimming, jogging( because I can’t stop jogging in the rain too), and windsurfing. Other activities moreover involved are pool parties, rain dances, and likewise. Therefore, I’ve to change and use different types of water-friendly headphones to fit my requirements. Last month, I sought waterproof headphones with iPod attached to it, and I found these fabulous HYDRO active headphones!!!


What I love the most about these headphones is that they come in four various types of earbuds. Comprising trees, fins, egos, and round-shaped earbuds are not only suitable for water but day-to-day use.

These particular headphones carry the supremacy of the wrap-around band that is both stable and a secure fit. Why? Because as a swimmer, you already know once you catch the speed and push-off, earbuds frequently jolt out of your ears!

Thanks to these excellent Hydro Active Waterproof Headphones that prevent this kind of issue. The wires used in these specific headphones are strengthened by a synthetic fiber named” para-aramid,” which is also utilized by manufacturers to replace the use of steel in racing tires. And this shows how sturdy and unique these headphones are.

Prices are too high, but they can be overseen if you want to own the most generous pair indeed. Hydro Active Headphones also come with a warranty of one year.

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3- Pyle Mp3 Player – Best Waterproof Headphones

I used these headphones while my inter-college swimming tournament for practicing and to be truthful, they are not as suitable as previous headphones I’ve tried and been trying.

I got frustrated as I had to fix them back on the loop after every 50m. The earbuds come in different sizes; however, that does not make much difference as the clasp is not adjustable and adaptable.


The cable length of four feet, which is too lengthy, makes it even harder for you to swim at speed while practicing.

Nevertheless, If you want to go to a pool for relaxing while sitting over floating bags, PYLE MP3 PLAYER will work for you as well as being the cheapest option in the guide it is suitable for non-professionals.

Additionally, you’ve two color options: BLACK AND WHITE.

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4- Swmiusk Waterproof Headphones

These headphones are cost-effective; therefore, if you are saving or you’re on a moderate budget, buy SWMIUSK, and the problem will be solved. These pairs are cheap with passing 100% water-resistant. They will authorize users to get a kick out of music while involved in the most adventurous activities, swimming, running, water surfing, cycling, and at the gym.

SWMIUSK water-resistant headphones have been designed ERGONOMICALLY. They fulfill your demands as they are very comfortable and favorable for sets of hours.


The over-ear design will stave off falling out of your head even during the most robust physical task.

These headphones also offer the users a “cord extender” if they ever wish to use SWMIUSK for other activities apart from the hydro task for a long session.

They are also available in black as well as white color.

At last, I’ll say that SWMIUSK is an all-rounder of headphones with low prices but rich qualities and features.


5- Swimbuds Flip

For swimmers who are also music lovers, these headphones are as prominent as sunlight is for photosynthesis. We all love innovations in technology that simplify our work and encourage us to love that work. SWIMBUDS plays the same role.


They are water helmets and grant tremendous outcomes in the pool. For assuring a greater level of relaxation, SWIMBUDS has an alternative extension cable that further has a connector of 3.5mm. Technical qualities check the test as it constitutes resistivity of 16ohm plus (-10%). Their overall weight is very light at about 12gm, and most of it is concentrated in the connector.

Different people have different ear sizes, and by putting this as a matter of concern, these water-resisting headphones have four substitutable earbuds of various sizes. The design of SWIMBUDS is also favorable when it comes to the sealing of the ears, therefore, preventing the passage of water!

Overall, powerful audio and excellent bass headphones as well as affordable.


 6- Finis Duo

FINIS DUO comes in the list of best impermeable headphones. Besides its acceptable aesthetic, one should purchase this headphone because it works in the environment for which it has been designed.

best waterproof headphones

What makes FINIS DUO a winner?

The feature of ” bone conduction ” makes it an intermediate winner as it deters the falling off of earbuds while pushing off the wall or swimming at extreme speed. Secondly, FINIS DUO is conducted straight to the inner ears, and hence, the sound quality is incredible.

It does not matter how enough one designs the earbuds for use in water. At some point, inevitable glitches show up. To avoid those issues, the clever engineering of FINIS DUO ensures simplicity with excellent touch.

How many songs does it hold?

1000 songs! Which are adequate to go through lengthy sets of practices. Just a bonus/

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 7- H2O Audio Stream 2

I’ve tried many water resistance MP3 players, and among them, H2O AUDIO STREAM 2 is the utmost and easy to use!

It features a special arid chamber to prevent water from passing while flooding, acting as a barrier manufactured in electronics. These water-containing headphones have a banded composition that provides a restful along with snug fit. The funnel shape makes H2O AUDIO STREAM 2 unique.

h2o audio stream 2

However, it is not favorable for those who have big heads. There’s a tight neckband.

You’ll also need to be careful while switching tips because the retainer is made from plastic and is more fragile than the remaining parts.

Although it has some limitations, these headphones have been designed to withstand many issues we frequently face while playing with water.

I purchased these headphones after one acquaintance of mine told me about them. When I used it for the first time, I was impressed by its excellent sound and water-resisting feature.

Why should one buy this?

It offers comfort( for long sessions), and satisfaction and it is worth it.

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8- Agptek SE11

Other great water-negative earphones that will break the walls and go along with you in sports and your relaxing and alone shower time.

Since it has been built for swimmers, it is cropped up with three different ear tips- small, medium, and large. It also gives two extra ear tips for day-to-day usage.

agptek se11

The critical question is, how good is the quality of the sound?

Whether you are in the swimming pool and doing lapses or your home and lounging, you can keep this fabulous pair of AGPTEK SE11 with you all the time and can enjoy your favorite podcast with headphones, music, and meditation, which boosts your work productivity. The performance of the sound does not disintegrate even under the water.

I love that almost all the features and the performance of the sound do not disintegrate even under the water.

But most importantly, the noise cancellation. It has been well-designed to block out disturbing noises and maintain your entire focus in your game. As a professional swimmer, you face various issues. At the time of action, sometimes with a lengthy cord, you need to fiddle! And keeping in this mind, these earphones are loop-designed.

To avoid fuss while wearing goggles as well as a swim cap AGPTEK SE11 coiled the cords. It can range up to 16cm.

AGPTEK SE11 earphones are also very portable and can easily be set in your pockets.


The Right Way To Choosing Watertight Headphones

What kind of water-resisting headphones are you going to invest in? There are some consideration factors you must consider: what is the objective you are purchasing those particular water-resistant headphones there are always some features that you are unwilling to neglect or compromise; therefore, give attention to that and the range of your budget for purchasing.

Based on the objective, you are either using or seeking water-resisting headphones as a swimmer or kayaking for scuba diving paired with the anti-water MP3 player. It would help if you were equipped with the ultimate sound system that performs well and doesn’t matter when out and about.

In comparison, you must also be seeking these waterproof headphones for other activities that comprise running and hiking or another sport associated with water. Indeed, you are motivated, but a few upbeat tunes in your ears will act as an incredible catalyst to motivate you even more and push you even harder.

Based on the features, the absence or the presence of Bluetooth connectivity is one of the essential features that users consider because this critical feature makes the headphones wireless or wired accordingly. For you, a better choice would be wireless headphones if you don’t own a waterproof music player that you can also take under the water along with you. There are some extra features that consumers find necessary for them, including a built-in memory plus a Hi-Tech design and a pair of replaceable buds.

swimmming headphones

Buyer’s Guide


Every electronic device needs a battery to work. Therefore most waterproof headphones that have built-in Mp3Mp3 players require a great life span of the storm. Six hours Is the maximum that a regular pair of headphones has. If you charge for an hour, it will provide three hours of the undertaking without any fuss.

These days, manufacturers are concerned about compact chargers to maintain battery sustainability during journeys and practices.


Users must check the IPX rating as an essential part.

IPX0. When the rating is 0, it indicates that the commodity has no safety against water.

IPX1 to IPX2. When ratings come between these two, the headphones can sustain all functions and features in light rainfall.

IPX3 – IPX4. These ratings are good as they specify the merchandise is safe in spraying conditions of the water.

IPX5. This rating signifies that the product is favorable for working in water jets, for instance: the garden hose.

IPX6. Products that have been given an IPX6 rating serve adequately under the sea. However, in this case, immersion has not been allowed.

IPX7. With a water-resisting rating of 7 midpoints, the product can undergo all chores of the typical household that is associated with water sources, and diving in the sea for 30 minutes up to one foot is also possible.

IPX8. If the product has been given a unit of IPX8, it will serve longer than thirty minutes underwater. Furthermore, it can also surpass and withstands enormous consequence from external factors.

The threshold for influences is customizable and will be indicated on the packaging, depending on who the manufacturer is.

The most recommended rating is either IPX8 Or above for waterproof headphones used frequently for swimming, primarily helpful for swimmers who tend to swim laps daily or take part in different fantastic water sports, such as water snorkeling or surfing.

3- Charging of water-resistant Headphones.

Based on several reasons, you’ll find more exercise-focused designed earphones than over-ear, or you can say that on-ear headphone alternative. In the world of in-ear, you carry authentic plus wireless earphones, furthermore conventional wireless models. Despite this, these models have cables attached to them that are adjoining earpieces, and they still have wireless surge audio.

These days earphones with no wires have become the norm. It would be worth mentioning that these are all accomplished with charging cases. Most manufacturers are incredibly unwilling to bring up that the IP rating users or consumers see on the box always indicates to the earphones themselves— As charging cases generally are not water-resisting. Some patients do have waterproof coverings. However, we ultimately have to assure ourselves by testing the anti-water interiors. So by putting earpieces into the charging case while they are wet, consumers increase the risk of harming the headphones.

This is the particular issue that we don’t find in cabled anti wires models. Nevertheless, these pairs frequently have been covering charging ports along with the fine print that will illustrate that manufacturer’s water resistance rating gets flees when users open the port’s cover.

Putting it another way, you have options for water-resistant and waterproof headphones in ample. However, there is the requirement of little common sense while you are charging them. To think about it more easily: When you are changing them, your headphones are not water-resistant. Therefore, before connecting a cable or cutting off earpieces, users must ensure that everything is dry.

 4- The frequency response

To support plus stimulate precisely, headphones have different ranges of frequency. Therefore, if you are a fan of bass, you must glance for headphones that favor the frequency of low bass.

5- Budget

Budget decides on the better quality accompanied by the wide range of features being offered by manufacturers. If you are paying more for any electronic gadget, you will get more of them.

Therefore, if you are not going to use those headphones or any devices daily, it will be okay to purchase a budget that will be generous. Also, come with a pair of water-resistant headphones because that will not smash your bank, and neither will compromise the quality of sound.



Purchasing technical and specialized products always require a great deal of research and testing and these headphones are well-researched and tested. I’ll say you should choose your waterproof headphones according to the buyer’s guide.

If you already own waterproof headphones or are just planning to buy one leave a comment and share your experience in the comment section below.