12 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones in 2023

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I have been having many discussions recently with a lot of different people talking about planar magnetic headphones. It would be not wrong to say that they are skillfully the hottest thing in the world of headphones this year. Now some of you might be wondering what exactly are the planner magnetic headphones? How are they different from traditional headphones, and what is the big deal around them? Let me try to crack it.

 Traditional headphones use a conventional dynamic driver, a cone-shaped diaphragm in a voice coil with magnetic association behind them designed basically to convert an electrical input to an audio output; this Technology has been around for a long time. They are trendy plus relatively inexpensive to make. Now, what is the problem with these traditional headphones?

best planar magnetic headphones

The problem is that a cone-shaped speaker will produce audio very inconsistently across various frequencies, so this will mean that the audio you are listening to will not be very accurate. That is the major problem today. At the same time, the entire speaker system has a lot of joints in them, which are stuck together with glue and will deteriorate with time. Your audio is going to get worsen with age. Now planar magnetic headphones take a very different approach to solving this problem.

As in a planar magnetic headphone, you have to coil plus mighty magnets together. In between the two, you have a voice coil or a diaphragm, and these diaphragms are one-tenth the width of the human hair which is incredibly thin, making them lightweight.

These planar gripping headphones had been designed for NASA for its space program, and it was used in audio Technology very recently. This type of filament will hold up the electrical signal, which makes the diaphragm move to produce audio when interacting with these giant magnets.

It is a straightforward concept if you try and understand it. And it is completely innovative in the world of audio. These magnetic headphones deliver highly accurate as well as extremely sensitive audio. Now, Let’s explore some best planar magnetic headphones.


List of the Best Planar Magnetic Headphones:-


The innovative design of the HIFIMAN Ananda is undoubtedly incredible. Its inverted drop-shaped ear cups follow that of the auricle. Nowadays, this design is the norm. Although weird-looking with bulkiness, these headphones are always catching the attention of users, and they are being called unfashionable. Nevertheless, this does not decide what a high-quality product Is. Therefore I would not be wrong to say that these headphones come on the list of comfortable headphones I have ever come across and used.

HIFIMAN-ANANDA -best planar magnetic headphones

About sound, Ananda is one of the most pleasant headphones I have to listen to. Therefore Ananda does have a perfect tonal balance and frequency response.

 You can vibe with Ananda for an extended period without even feeling any discomfort or tired out at all. We usually tend to find a headphone that will be easy to drive and in terms of this Hifiman achieved that bar.

 Being the planar magnetic headphones, Ananda has constant impedance. This, therefore, indicates that there will be no difference in the sound caused by a more powerful amplifier.

From the moment you’ll start using them, you’ll be impressed by their ” bass. “

All in all, with the accumulation of Fantastic sound and bright but a slight twist, this headphone can effortlessly render any track almost having a neutral signature. And another defining characteristic is their “speed” because it is pretty fast in transmitting and conveying, making them a great product.

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They are perfect planner magnetic headphones, and because I am always down to look for good headphones, Viator od price. Hence, I am super excited to review these headphones. I want to start by pointing out how its metal suspension had been doing an excellent job of evenly balancing the overall weight. These are not as heavy as other top-rated planner headphones, but specifically, you will feel some weight on the ear cups.

siviga p 2

The cool thing about these earphones is that the outer layer of the ear is made out of high-protein leather, but the inside is lined up with the fabric. They’ll keep your ears very breezy as well as sweat-free. You can also swivel the ear cups around, not even just four but completely flat on either side. It is one of the best planar magnetic headphones.

Which will aid the overall comfort. When you wear this, you will also enjoy the imaging on the sound stage, and the soundstage is not necessarily really expansive. Still, you feel like the far away distantly plays instruments maintaining their flavor. Overall, in terms of budget, these headphones are well-balanced and well-rounded, and if you guys are a fan of a great body and a completely thick sound profile, these planner magnetic headphones will satisfy you.

Overall description:

  • Frequency response will range between 20Hz-40KHz.
  • The sensitivity of SIVGA P II is 98db, 32ohm impedance.
  • In terms of weight, it is just 420 grams.
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For the last few years, the mono price has tried to disrupt the expensive Market by offering the performance of higher and planner magnetic audio hardware within cheaper designs bed to head the costs expected to mainstream audio enthusiasts. They have been dancing around that value sweet spot with several models.

Now and this time, I think they completely nailed it the mono price monolith m 570 is an open-back planner magnetic headphone. It uses the same OEM planar drivers as the significantly more expensive Sandy Aiva, blon B20, and SivgaP2 headphones. Alongside a metal headband used In most of Sivga’s budget Studio lineup.


As we know that no headphone is 100% perfect, these headphones also have some issues, but in terms of their price and quality, I can’t hold myself to review them! For several weeks to ensure all my excitement about them was not ” new toy hype.”

The planar magnetic drivers used here are fantastic. Although there are lower than average 96 DB sensitivity, you will almost certainly need an AMP. The amount of powerful, rich sound taken and pump out is precisely what you would hope for from high-end headphones. Overall, a great option if you are looking for planar magnetic open-back headphones.

These headphones are a perfect example of the association of warm plus excellent bass response and a laid-back slight. Still, the silky midrange is accompanied by a clean, comprehensive treble that shapes all the wonders and flaws while recording.

Overall it is a headphone with remarkable technical accuracy.

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Despite the large real estate, these headphones are ridiculously light and Slender. The Dekoni Blue weighs in at 11.3 Ounces minus the cable. It is slightly compared to the sines.

As claimed by Dekoni Audio, these headphones have been designated to be less tiring out. Also, this feature will be noticeable from the first use.

DEKONI-BLUE - best planar magnetic headphones

The brand hybrid ear pads have thick memory foam padding and a velour finish on the inside that’s incredibly soothing on the ears I bought these headphones on, and by preventing the slippage of headphones, they provide an amazingly comfortable experience.

Extending the length of the headphones was seamless, with the metal sliders easily grinding through the mechanism to adjust the fit. By the company’s regular phase, the filament driver is spread heading the listening experience. The Dekoni blue strays from the norm and option for a semi-open design with Sonic qualities similar to those of an open-back headphone with a flatter, cleaner sound.

The sharpness of sonar and high-quality headphones with cans of entry-level. The ability to customize them for Fit And Sound adds to their charm. If you are those users who prefer quality overlooks, Dekoni Blue is just for you, pal. Overall, one of the best options for high-fidelity planar headphones.

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The ARYA uses the more common and convenient dual-sided 3.5 mm connectors, but the included cable is on the short and stiff side. Some users might find that it gets in the way and look for an aftermarket solution. Then, for power requirements, you need an amp to drive these headphones.

The Arya comes in at 41 ohms but only has a sensitivity of 91 DB per MW; moving on to build quality and comfort, these headphones have an excellent build structure.


They are pretty comfortable and lightweight, plus they are affluent when you are using them. A couple of things make Arya incredible, and you know joy for me. One will be the ear-shaped cups, and the size of those cups from my head fits well.

The Arya has minor surface-level detail but a whole lot more of that underlined detail this headphone, even with midrange, vibrates, and so you get this kind of extra moment from the driver or the headphone on your type of Skull. The vocal performance is enjoyable while using. If you want to buy audiophile planar magnetic headphones this can be a good pick.

You definitely should try this from a purchasing perspective as it offers you comfort, great sound, and treble.

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This headphone is unique on quite a few different levels, and today I will share with you what makes this pair of headphones so special. These headphones are so kicked back and relaxed, and the amplification of he6 headphones makes them the hardest headphone on the planet to drive.

 If you are one of these people who are used to plugging your earbuds into your phone, you can’t do that with these super hard-to-drive headphones. As of now, a bit of backstory on this sort of headphones and the AMP used to power fit. If anybody is curious about what the audio was, I’ve used GD@ 1amp.


About that amplifier is specifically to power anything and everything, including this in all of its glory. The bass response is better and tighter, but generally speaking, the sound signature is approximately pretty close to another detail. There are also a few things that the he6 edges; however, imaging slightly better sound stage a little more.

 When we go into the mid-range, the midrange is not impressive for me, but it is not unimpressive either as it has a good tonality and super warm sounding headphones, plenary, and clean bass.

The quality significant improvements in the headbands seem far superior to the prior one; however, the sound experience will be excellent as the drivers and magnets used in HE6 are capable of otherworldly. They will deliver an impactful experience. These Planar magnetic over-ear headphones are very comfortable.

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With incredible impressive competency and ease LCD 3, performs everything that you are seeking in the series of classic LCD Design LCD 3 has been made from a combination of three materials: leatherwood and metal.

While settling at your head, the Audeze suspension design set is quite good furthermore for a more secure fit the ear pads are designed to offer A comfortable and outstanding balance of appropriate clamp force as well as softness.


I have tried these headphones this month only and about cable, I would say that they are good and not very spectacular but as of a strong structure and assign table not damage quickly LCD 3 also offers a fast response to lightning as well as neutral leaning tuning the base of LCD three is mainly linear. In the upper methods, you will find a minor recession.

In terms of comfort, LCD, three feels good on my head, and PADS feels nice. You will notice that the ear pads and the front are a little fairer than they are at the back, so it sort of holds this earcup on your head lighter at an angle. There is also an ultra-thin diaphragm like some of the other Audeze headphones.

Therefore Audeze LCD 3 is very capable of meeting your preferences.

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Monolith m 1060 is a set of available pack planar magnetic headphones. I try these headphones as they are favorable to my budget, and I found the sound signature more pleasing. And I was able to listen to them for hours on end and didn’t get tired of them. One of the significant differences between these and those other headphones is that all those other headphones are pretty plastic.

Their building quality is, I would say, a ” step-up ” compared to those of other headphones. Monolith M1060 is all made of metal, but you can see the wood on the ear cups. There is not a trace of plastic inside, and it lets you count the earpads. Also, the little headband that goes on top delivers smooth Vocals along with treble.

monolith-m1060 - best planar magnetic headphones

They are just silky that you can kind of melt into a singer’s voice as they are comforting their thing tremendously.

Although they are big headphones, they are best in comfort. Perfect sound preferences might differ from your sound, but you will like the laid-back sound that these Monoliths m 1060 headphone offers.

So if you are specifically interested in getting open-back headphones, these headphones are the most fantastic choice for you. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are using them. These headphones would be phenomenal. Overall, If you are looking for premium planar magnetic headphones you should definitely buy this.

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These headphones have gone through many changes, and this latest version comes with 2.5 mm dual connectors instead of the coaxial connectors you used to have. The build is pretty solid; they are made out of a lot of plastic, but it is not unusual with this generous budget. There is a metal grill to adjust the features, and there is also the headband which has a positive click and is quite lovely. However, for people with a big head, it might be a slightly tight fit.

The bass itself is present for something that it sounds more complicated than something like hd600. It has reasonably good Extension, and the bass is overall reasonably tight as well as reasonably detailed. The control of the bass is also reasonable and never bleeds into mid-ranging, and HIFIMAN HE400i has a linear bass presentation that most planners tend to have.


Hifiman he400i Does give a lot of recordings with a slightly brighter tone, and for that, I think it does pair well with specific genres that don’t mind the extra weight of treble energy. All in all these headphones are an excellent choice for many people in the audiophile world although it is cheap it does deliver a sound signature and superior performance.

And if you are a beginner in this audiophile world, these headphones will still suit you.

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10- OPPO PM-3

The Oppo pm3 headphones deliver lifelike natural and dynamic sound with added depth and richness, plus well-engineered by an audio expert. 

The pm3 headphones perform, and their functionality is excellent. The cloth-back nature of these headphones eliminates sound leakage by blocking out the surrounding noise. For maximum consistency and sensitivity, the conductor patents on the magnetic system have been optimized, it is light, and the ultra-thin seven-layer diaphragm is given an asymmetric purpose manner.

oppo 3

It was stable, coherent, and had distortion-free sound quality. The double-sided spiraling diagram design enhances sensitivity and also improves dampening.

A balanced and natural sound for the latest mood delivers deep bass and clear treble. Furthermore, the critical features of the Oppo pm3 headphones are the pm3 flat conductor pattern reduces Inductance, these headphones can easily be driven which mobile devices portable yet versatile.

These lightweight pm3 headphones can be folded easily and are comfortable for carrying on and using calibrated clamping. Force push high paceline level of comfort that made these headphones a joyous solution for a lengthy duration.

The Incredible high-quality cushions on the Oppo pm3 headphones are sweat-resistant due to the hypoallergenic natural latex construction included in the box with the PM 3 2.1 meter IOS and 1.2 meter Android as well as 1.2-meter audio cable. For me

Oppo pm-3 were worth buying.

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Usually, we see that planar magnetic headphones do not carry the reputation of excellent bass response but on the contrary hifiman deva has a deep bass response. The Deva has been designed to meet the needs of consumer-grade headphones. Also, in terms of audiophile models, have been presented with the same prominence.

To plug directly into the headphones, you will find the main attraction is the blue mini Bluetooth receiver, which uses a 3.5 mm connector. While listening to music, we often face a situation where our battery dies.


Hifiman Deva has resolved this problem by providing USB-C cable charging and a laptop connection to avoid kind of issue. The earcups have been supported by a Silver aluminum yoke and an effectual comforter supplied by the materials of cushion and ear pads.

By taking a better complete shape, Hifiman deva was a blooming effect in the field of stereo. I would say that the pros of hifiman deva are its soundstage plus CODEC support and midrange separation and clarity.

Therefore we can say that HiFiman Deva has achieved success with the idea of planar headphones and wireless headphones.

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12- HIFIMAN HE1000

He1000 is a hifiman headphones flagship product. It is a stunning piece of Technology and has not taken nearly seven years to develop. These beautiful over-ear headphones have an open-back design and utilize the world’s thinnest Mylor driver to produce its signature sound.

At first glance, you will find that it is dealing with something special. The headphones are a work of art. The brushed metal frame perforated brown leather head strap in a wooden band around the outside of the ear cups gives them a cool modern industrial look.


The oversized pads, which can be replaced if needed, are a soft black leather envelope. Quickly plugging as the bottom for Whichever connecting cable you choose to use hifiman invokes their window shade grill for the back of the cups, protecting the driver while providing an acoustically transparent open-back layout.

The leather headband may not look comfortable, but it is hardly noticeable once you put them on the headphones are surprisingly lightweight despite their large size. A lot of attention was put towards making sure they can be worn comfortably for an extended period. The design and build quality of Fantastic indeed.

Unlike many other headphones, if you drive these with a better source, you will note a substantial improvement.

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Why Choose Planar Magnetic Headphones?

With a robust and great magnetic force of drivers in the headphones, the point is being distributed to the entire diaphragm surface which results in fast movement of the diaphragm with outstanding response to the changes in signals.

I hope these reviews of planar headphones will help you find your best fit, tell me in the comments section which headphone you are choosing!