Wanted To Use AirPods While Showering? 4 Best Ways To Do It

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Using AirPods while showering might be a subject of concern because they aren’t waterproof at all.

As we all know that one of the most frequent ways to take a shower nowadays is to listen to music or podcasts, especially with headphones. Headphones allow us to focus on what we’re listening to while optimizing the time we spend showering.

However, it’s a universal truth that water is perhaps the biggest enemy of electronic gadgets, therefore we won’t be able to use any random headset or even premium AirPods while showering. To use during showering, we’ll need some expert-certified totally waterproof headphones.

But what if we have costly AirPods that we can’t replace since we’ve already spent all of our money on them?

That’s a really big problem because as I have already mentioned that they are not waterproof. Forget waterproof, they are not even perfectly sweatproof. If you want sweatproof headphones, try out any other headphones.

AirPods are splashproof and water-resistant, however, they will not withstand being submerged in water or being exposed to running water. This means we cannot use AirPods while showering, swimming, or even sitting in saunas. So, let’s find out is it safe to use AirPods while showering:

Is It Safe To Use AirPods While Showering?

In the electronics industry, Apple is a household name. Because of its highly qualified and top-rated product line, it enjoys a significant market share. Quality and features are never sacrificed, and innovation is never halted.

Apple AirPods were a product invention that promoted wireless earbuds and there had never been anything like it before. It swept the consumer market like wildfire since it provided a highly convenient solution to client difficulties. Apple is recognized for releasing incredible goods, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, MacBooks, wireless chargers, and AirPods.

However, when I invest in anything new and expensive, I have extremely high expectations of it, and I want it to address my issues completely. According to me, the most common concern with AirPods is their underwater behavior.

The answer may not be in my favor, as AirPods are not water-resistant and will not function well after being exposed to rain or a shower.

I will recommend that you all will keep your AirPods away from bodies of water, rain, and showers. Airpods, unlike an iPhone, are not water-resistant and do not operate after being dropped in a river or being wet. If water gets inside, it messes up the circuit and your AirPods stop working.

However, folks like myself have discovered some excellent tricks for using AirPods while showering. So, let’s find out about these ways:

Best Ways To Use AirPods While Showering

1- By Wearing A Shower Cap

protect airpod by wearing shower cap

This is one of the most convenient ways to use AirPods while showering. However, we must use shower caps of better quality to effectively utilize this trick.

Because I don’t want my AirPods to come into direct contact with water, soap, or other liquids, I may wear a shower cap adjusted low over my ears to protect them.

2- By Blocking The Holes

Blocking the holes is the most significant way of keeping water on the outside. AirPods are little cordless speakers. That means they have several holes in them. There are, however, ways to create a cover around headphones that will make them more water-resistant.

3- By Using Cotton Wool

Covering AirPods with cotton wool while showering can help decrease the amount of water that gets into the ear. While not completely waterproof, you may first take a brief shower to check whether your AirPods are safe from water or not.

4- By Using Saran Wrap

protect airpod using saran wrap

While we are all familiar with Saran wrap or cling film for covering unused food in the kitchen, it’s also ideal for wrapping up our AirPods-wearing ears for a brief shower.

I can accomplish this by just taking a portion of the wrap (for each ear), wrapping the excess over the ears, and placing it against my ears (with the AirPods in my ears). The Saran wrap was then secured with elastic bands, and my Apple AirPods were ready to use.


Things To Do If AirPods Get Wet

If Apple AirPods are exposed to a little more than a bit of water while employing these tactics or without them, we must rescue them as quickly as possible.

Once, after my AirPods were unintentionally immersed in a swimming pool, I quickly dried them off with a clean lint-free towel as soon as I got them.

After cleaning AirPods dry with a lint-free cloth, I set them in a safe spot (but not in direct sunlight) to dry off the interior without actually opening the AirPods shells.

It could also be beneficial to put them in a jar with dry, uncooked ordinary rice. Rice is hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture, therefore it can aid in the removal of moisture from AirPods. Then I leave them at least 24 hours before charging and turning them on. And after doing all this, my AirPods worked properly.

However, if your AirPods still didn’t work properly, then you need to change them or consult a technical expert. You can also take help from Apple support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Determine If My AirPods Have Been Damaged by Water?

A distorted sound is one of the most obvious indications of water damage to AirPods. If the volume of your AirPods fluctuates at random, it means water has entered the circuitry.

  • Does Apple Support cover water damage to AirPods?

Apple AirPods come with a two-year guarantee that covers accidental damage. If your AirPods aren’t clearly and purposely submerged in water, Apple might be able to repair or replace them. It is not recommended, however, to shower with your Apple AirPods since Apple might not always cover this type of water damage under the guarantee.

Yes, you can sometimes be shocked by your AirPods while showering because static electric current is built into them by rubbing them against electrical conducting material, however, it is not fatal, and dying from using your AirPods is exceedingly unusual. That’s why Apple advises against wearing AirPods while showering.

  • Is it possible to use AirPods in the sauna?

The sauna is a hot, steamy environment with a lot of condensation and water vapor. When your AirPods are exposed to this environment, they collect moisture from the sauna room’s atmosphere, which causes water damage. Hence, AirPods should not be worn in the sauna.

  • Is it possible to dry AirPods by dryer?

Although it may appear that putting your AirPods in the dryer is a safer option than putting them in the washing machine, the dryer’s greater heat and physical stress might potentially harm your AirPods. Dryers may reach temperatures above 150°F, easily melting the AirPods’ sensitive circuitry.



Apple AirPods are incredible, entertaining, and fantastic devices. However, if your primary intention is to use them in the shower and you intend to buy them for that purpose, you should use them with caution or get another headset with excellent waterproofing. But if you want headphones for swimming, some of them might not be good for you. So consider reading another article.

You can also consider some other tips to listen to something while showering. They are the best alternatives to headphones or AirPods.

As I have already told you that they are not waterproof, which means I mean it. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. So, let’s conclude this article here.

Have a good day!