Headache Caused By Headphones: 5 Best Ways To Avoid It

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One of the most frequent problems that I have faced while using headphones is a headache. Headache caused by headphones is quite irritating especially if we are doing anything important.

Not only for me, but for everyone who has ever had a headache from headphones, listening to songs, and podcasts, or spending more time for hours on end without having a headache is a gift from the gods. But this is not going to happen very easily.

But why is it like that?

I don’t think that everyone faces this problem as I have seen many people in my life who are 24-hours users of headphones but still, headphones didn’t affect them.

How can it be possible?

In the past, I used to think a lot about this question earlier, but then I got to know some amazing solutions that effectively prevents my headphone from causing a headache.

But to know the correct solution, we have to find out the reasons why headphones cause headaches. I did this first, only then did I get to know the perfect solution for me. So, first, let’s go through with a list of reasons why headphones cause headaches.

Reasons Behind Headache Caused By Headphones

headphones causing headache

1- Headphones That Are Too Tight

On-ear and over-ear headphones have given me headaches occasionally. After putting the gadget on my head for a few minutes, I felt it. And it’s because the clamping force isn’t right.

One day, as the bands had gotten too tight for my comfort, I stretched them out. If I didn’t do this and keep wearing that device despite the discomfort, it will give me a headache. Here are some ways by which you can easily make your tight headphone more comfortable.

2- Headphones That Are Incompatible With Our Ears

Everyone has a unique ear shape. As a result, the headphone company designed their product to fit the standard ear and head size.

Nonetheless, it is to be anticipated that the average size may or may not suit us well. Suppose, if I insist on using badly fitted headphones, I will get headaches. It happened to me so many times that I can tell you that the area behind your ear will be most affected if you do this.

Headphone discomfort can also be caused by manufacturing flaws, such as poor ear cup construction.

3- Padding For Ear Cups That Aren’t Too Thick

Ear Cup padding is required to maintain a safe distance between our ear and the headphones’ mechanism. It’s possible that the headphone speakers exert pressure on our ears if it’s badly designed.

It’s an unpleasant and painful sensation all at the same time. Furthermore, it occasionally pinches the skin, causing irritation.

4- Ear Tips That Are Incorrect According To Our Ear

Ear tips are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and big. If I had to choose, I’ll go with the one who is concerned about my ear shape.

The sound quality and noise cancellation properties are harmed when improper ear tips are used. Furthermore, when I aggressively insert the earphones one day, it irritates my ear and causes a terrible scenario for me.

Then I found out through my sister that it was because I usually used the larger ear tips and had a bad experience as a result.

5- Too Much Time Spent With Headphones

Wearing headphones for a lengthy duration of time is the most prevalent cause of headaches. No matter how good a headphone is, if I wear them for the majority of the day, they will cause discomfort.

6- Using Headphones At Higher Volume

avoid using high volume

To us, turning up the volume beyond the allowable threshold is just a normal thing like a pee. In fact, seeing the cautionary notice irritates us much. It’s also fairly typical to complain about this issue on social networking sites.

Despite this, it is one of the primary triggers of headaches caused by headphones. Loud music not only creates headaches, but it may also harm our hearing function.

7- Using Unfitted Headphones With Spectacles

If I use glasses, I need to be especially cautious while selecting headphones. Because some headphones are incompatible with glasses, as they added more pressure. I will frequently suffer from severe headaches if I didn’t select my headphones cautiously.


Solutions To Prevent Headache Caused By Headphones

You’ve seen the causes of headaches caused by headphones up to this point. So, you’re probably interested in the solution right now. Is it necessary to discontinue using the device as a solution? Obviously not! In this section, I’ll tell you about some of the fantastic solutions that give you some relief.

1- Don’t Use Headphones for A Long Time

We may avoid the most frequent sort of headphone pains by removing them for a longer amount of time when we can avoid their use.

It’s difficult for me because I’m a music enthusiast and have to do a lot of sound-related work, but I recently tried to adopt the 60/60 rule while wearing headphones. It involves listening to music with headphones at a maximum volume of 60% for a maximum of 60 minutes. And believe me, it actually works.

Though I didn’t follow this frequently following occasionally also gives me relief. For doing long-time work such as classes and meetings, you can go through our guide on the headphones for Zoom meetings and classes.

2- Don’t Wear headphones Just To Avoid Communication

headphones used to ignore communication

Even if they are not listening to anything, some people nowadays wear headphones for most of the day to avoid being seen in public. Have a look at this study.

If you’re one of them, do your hardest to break the habit. It not only makes you communicative, but it also relieves the pain of tightness.

I am one of those people that use headphones to prevent unnecessary communication, and according to studies, half of the population uses headphones on a daily basis to avoid talking to others. So, if we avoid doing this, it may benefit us in a variety of ways.

3- Choose Headphones That May Be Adjusted To Suit Our Needs

Headphones include a few characteristics that can be adjusted. You may alter the default stripe settings to fit your head shape, making it larger or smaller.

I’ve always done this since I have a tiny head and most headphones don’t fit properly. I tightened the stripes so that the headphones wouldn’t just dangle on my head but would really fit.

If you get a headache from earphones but not from headphones, switch to the other ear tips.

4- Avoid Using High Volume

Listening to something at a high level for several minutes has little effect. However, if we keep it going for too long, it might cause headaches. Attempt to keep the loudness within a healthy range at this time.

5- Try Different Headphones That Will Be A Perfect Match For Us

If you observe all of the safety precautions that I have mentioned but still you can’t get your headset to fit after exploring all of your possibilities? You have no choice but to change the headset.

Try on a few different headphones until you discover one that you like. Purchase specific headphones for glasses users, especially if you wear spectacles. Purchase specifically those headphones that are best for listening to music and podcasts if you love to listen to music most time.

If you are a gamer, choose the headphones that are best according to your gaming needs. Try to find out some of the best non-gaming headphones that are good for gaming and also good for your health as per my experience.

So, you might be wondering how to tell if a headset would give us headaches or not. Can we simply go out and get some headphones and figure out whether they’re suitable later?

In this situation, it’s a good idea to consider the following factors before purchasing a headset: headphone weight, appropriate clamping force, ear cup size for over-ear and on-ear headphones, ear-tip for in-ear headphones, adjustment options, and so on. They will assist you in selecting the best gadget for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do headphones give me headaches?

The headache you’re getting is caused by two factors: the headphone’s construction and the level of the sound you’re pushing through them. So, first, figure out the reason behind your headache then try to follow some of the tips which I have given in this article.

  • Can I take a day off from using headphones to avoid a headache?

These headaches will go away for most individuals if they quit wearing headphones for many consecutive days. That sounds fantastic. However, this means we won’t be able to use our headphones, which isn’t pleasant and isn’t feasible for some people. This approach will always work if our first priority is to get rid of those headaches.

  • What is the suitable weight for the headphones to avoid headaches caused by headphones?

If you want to avoid headaches, pick lightweight headphones so you don’t feel anything additional above your head. Light headphones are those that weigh less than 60 lbs.



Headache caused by headphones is increasingly a regular occurrence. Although it isn’t lethal, neglecting the discomfort for a long time can lead to other problems. Take these headaches seriously since they might cause stress and mental issues. Choose those headphones that are beneficial for focusing and relaxing at the same time.

I hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the causes of headphones headaches and how to deal with them.

As a result, try this method, and maybe you will no longer be in discomfort like me. I have also tried these methods and would like to tell you from my experience that these methods are actually useful.

So, in the end, take care of your health and headphones. Have a nice day.