Raycon vs Airpods – Best Comparison in 2023

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People today search “Raycon vs Airpods” for ways to make daily life more tolerable and to have an escape, even for a short while, from the daily stress.  Music sure has become that escape for a whole lot of people, even podcasts have gained a lot of popularity these days, and we prefer to do that while having the privacy of listening to whatever we wish to.

Every one of us desires to have the best audio experience while doing so, like when listening to that one song that gets all the feels up or gets that extra pump while working out with your earphones in. These devices have become a part of our everyday life, and we use them every day for something or another. One earpiece is present in the ear. It has become like an accessory to wear around. They provide you with the prospect to have your own private listening experience whenever, wherever.

With the increased usage, there have been some significant advancements we got to see in these devices. From changing to blue tooth earphones to going utterly wireless with earbuds, having a hassle-free time while running, enjoying your podcast or eBooks, or just strolling through the park. I mean, who wants to indulge in a wire-detangling saga every time to use the earphones? Too cumbersome.

EarPods sure have gained tremendous popularity in past years, and with that, there have been many players in the scene, all offering their version of the EarPods with different features. Two of these are Raycon and Apple.

Apple, initially with the launch of the AirPods, the first-ever wireless earbuds, took the market by storm. The loyal Apple customers were surely eager to try the new device, and it sure has stood up to the standards of expectations. From incredible sound quality to some pretty unique additional features, the AirPods had a lot to offer.

Then Raycon came with their wireless earbuds, and with time fame, it offered something new to users.

Which to choose between the two is what this article will help you with.

Some Key Differences In Brief Raycon vs Airpods:-Raycon vs Airpods brief comparison

  • The case for the two is opposite; Raycon comes within a horizontal box while the Airpods case is vertical.
  • Raycon offers you the choice of 4-5 different colors, while AirPods are only available in white color.
  • Connectivity for both devices is excellent though AirPods work better with iOS devices.
  • Raycon earbuds have excellent noise isolation. AirPods do not have active noise cancellation.
  • Battery life for Raycon is around 36 hours with the charging case and playtime of 6 hours. AirPods have 24-hour battery life and up to 5 hours of playtime.
  • Raycon earbuds are sweat-resistant and pleasing to use while exercising. AirPods do not offer water resistance.


Now to look at these differences in detail, read on:


Raycon earbuds come with a pretty compact design with a closed back and fit very well in the ear. This offers excellent noise cancellation.

The charging case comes with a matte finish and is the same color as the earbuds. Though with time, the matte finish starts chipping off. The lid here closes via magnet.

For AirPods, the case comes in white color, smooth to open and close. The AirPods’ infamous stem design offers a good fit that doesn’t completely block the noise.

Both cases come with wireless charging. However, you get the option of both wired and wireless charging with AirPods with the same feature except for price and Qi charging mat compatibility.

The Comfort of Use and Fit

Raycon earbuds fit pretty well into the ears with their tiny size. Despite their bulky look, they are comfortable to use and provide a secure grip on the ear. The company also provides five different ear tips to adjust the earbuds according to your ears easily.

Apple AirPods, on the other hand, seal the ear canal perfectly and don’t easily dislodge on moving around.

Both brands’ design provides fatigue-free usage for long hours that aids in your listening experience.

Sound Quality and Recording

There’s a pretty clear difference in audio quality between the two.

Raycon offers you decent audio quality, nicely loud and clear. It’s satisfying enough. They seem to incline more towards the bass and extra bloomy sounds.

However, AirPods maintain a good balance of sounds and offer good sound quality.

Similarly, in the case of audio recording, the sound quality is better in AirPods. Though, with the price point, Raycon offers satisfactory sound quality on the recording.

Both products come with in-built microphones.

Battery Life and Charging

On one time charge, Raycon earbuds offer up to 3 hours of working time when used in pairs (6 hours if you use a single bud). For AirPods, playtime is approximately 4 hours.

With the case, Raycon earbuds have a 32-hour total battery life while the Airpods have 24-hour entire battery life.

When talking about charging speed, Raycon earbuds are faster than Apple AirPods. Raycon earbuds take around 0.5 hours to completely charge, while AirPods take nearly 1.2 hours to complete charging.


Raycon earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0. This gives a good connectivity range. Also, they easily connect to Windows, Android, iOS, and TV via blue tooth. Also, to join the earbuds, you have to press the multifunctional button for around 4 seconds to connect to the device after taking them out of the case. The same thing has to be done for disconnected too.

earpods connectivity

In the case of Apple AirPods, it has one-step connectivity and connects to all Apple devices very easily. They connect to other devices too, but some features like Siri won’t work then.


Noise Cancelation and Isolation

Apple AirPods do not offer active noise cancellation, which could be helpful sometimes but not always, while Raycon earbuds provide noise isolation blocking the background noises quickly.


 Raycon vs Airpods

Price could be a crucial deciding factor in many of our cases. Given a choice, any one of us would prefer to spend less if we are offered more or less the same features, and the intention here is Raycon earbuds, retailing at almost half the price of Apple AirPods.

Additional Features

  • Raycon earbuds and Apple AirPod have touch functions to play, pause music, answer and reject calls, etc.
  • AirPods also have sensory features that pause your music when you remove them from the ear.
  • The Raycon earbuds are water-resistant and so good to use for running, jogging, and exercising. While AirPod does not have such features.


Conclusion – Raycon vs Airpods

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After going through all the features, both brands have to offer, the decision of choice ultimately depends on your needs. Both devices are quality products and have their plus points.

Apple AirPods are undoubtedly impressive but not the choice for you if you come with a limited budget, especially if you have a choice of getting similar features for a lesser price. While if you are someone that prefers brands and already has Apple devices, AirPods can be an excellent choice for you. Both devices are quite a catch.