How to Paint Headphones and Earbuds effectively? – A Definitive Guide (2023)

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Are you looking for a method to decorate and paint headphones and earbuds? Do you already have it but are unsatisfied with its look? So customizing it is the only option left that will look different in a crowd.

Have you ever done it before? I’ll tell you how to do it without harming your device. The first thing is to select the right headsets which you want to paint; then, either you want polka dots or spray primer. Painting headphones and earbuds are not simple, but you can do it easily by the guideline given below.

What kind of paint can you use for painting headphones and earbuds?

Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before; this guideline is best for beginners. Before we start, it is vital to know which type of Paint you can use on your headphones and earbuds. Using the wrong kind of Paint can damage your device; hence you need to be very careful.

Paint Headphones and Earbuds

First, get an Adhesion Promoter. Adhesion promoters will help your Paint to stick the device by giving it a flawless look. This substance is already present in paints for both plastic and metal bodies.

Get the right Paint for a great look. Usually, most types of paints are safe to use on plastic and metallic headphones and earbuds. But I’ll recommend you to use Acrylic paint and avoid latex house paints and watercolors.

For Metal Devices

For metal devices, you can use an exterior-grade primer as the first coating, followed by the paints used for metal. The most usable Paint is Rustoleum Protective Enamel spray paints.

 You can also use :

> Krylon color master paint and Primer to get matt and flat finish the look

> Seymour High solid spray paint to protect your devices from heat and high humidity

> Dupli-color Metal cast coating to make your device into a jazzy piece

For Plastic Devices

Plastic devices can be painted from any spray paint made from exterior-grade acrylic enamel.

The best and safest way of painting headphones and earbuds from Krylon fusion will be constructive in painting without much effort and achieve flawless results.

You can also use :

> Rust-oleum’s painter’s touch ultra for a budget-friendly option, and it will give you an instant finish

> Rust-oleum Paint for plastic spray that will provide a layer of ultimate protection and guarantee to not come within a year of application

> Krylon Dual superbond paint and Primer is a good quality acrylic latex paint that you can apply without sand or Primer.


Can I spray paint on headphones and earbuds?

Spray paints are entirely safe to use, primarily for painting on a plastic surface. Using spray paints, You can bring personalized ideas and make your headphones and earbuds look different. These paints are very easy to use, and thus make the job easier and faster.

color headphones

Always try to use spray paint for plastic on plastic surfaces, and for the metal surface, use a metal Adhering Paint.


Can I use Acrylic Paint for painting headphones and earbuds?

Acrylic paints are perfect as they dry quickly, but if it’s not long-lasting for a few months they will look fabulous, but later it starts cracking up, and it may vary from device to device.

acrylic color

It may not happen in all cases, but it’s good to use spray paint instead of acrylic paint since the spray paint doesn’t have such consequences.


How to Paint Headphones and Earbuds?

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You might think that painting your devices is a tough job and may mess things up, but when you start, you will love the process. Evoke the artist within you and start painting to give your devices an ultimate look at their best.

Follow the steps given below to paint headphones and earbuds without damaging them:

  1. Make sure you are not using your headphones and earbuds while painting them,
  2. Now disassemble the device as much as you can.
  3. Sand the plastic for a clear coating.
  4. I recommend light sanding, and hence the surface is rough and ready for painting with headphones and earbuds. Use a cloth to clean it using acetone or alcohol.
  5. You can use an air duster for the final cleaning.
  6. If you are painting on a plastic device, avoid touching it with bare hands after sanding because it may leave oil or marks on the surface.
  7. Now, you can use the Primer to enhance the painting surface, and it will make your Paint highly durable and give an even finish look.
  8. Within a gap of 20-30 minutes, each coating applies a few layers of thin Primer as the base of the coating. The time gap is significant as it will lead the Primer to get dry properly. If you are not giving a proper interval of timing, you can mess things up, and hence your Paint can be peeled off, so it’s better not to do it in a hurry and give it proper time.
  9. After you are done applying Primer, leave it for a night to get dry. You can also use a hairdryer to boost the process for 10-15 minutes. You can get rid of the solvent by giving the Primer enough time to dry, and once the solvent evaporates, the solid and smooth layer of Paint will be left.
  10. Now, you can start painting your headphones and earbuds. You have to apply the Paint in the same way as you used Primer on the painting surface. Always use a thin coating and keep spreading the Paint until you get the desired look.
  11. If you like stripes, patterns, or multiple tones, you can use tapes or razor blades for masking. You can also use a dotting tool, straight pin, or other tools with round ends to make Polka dots.
  12. Once the painting is finished, leave it for a night to dry, and you can use a dryer to boost the process.
  13. Forgiving a shiny look, you can apply acrylic sealant. This will provide a smooth finish.
  14. For this, you need to apply a few layers of an acrylic sealant as you apply Paint and Primer. The only thing you need to be careful of is to use light sand between each coating. Gently rub with fine sandpaper, and remember not to use the sand on the last layer.
  15. After following all these steps, now you are ready to use your headphones and earbuds with a different and unique look.


Why you should only use Decent Quality spray paint for painting headphones and earbuds?

Do you like to spend time on a particular thing, again and again? Instead, you paint once and enjoy it for a longer duration of time? Also, it would help if you did not compromise with the Quality to get a cheap deal, and it will ultimately make you pay more time and effort.

Buying cheap spray paints for your devices is not a good idea. It’s like buying cheap nail polish. First, it will look good, then start coming off from the surface within a few days.

These cheap spray paints have harmful effects on devices and can damage your headphones and earbuds.

Sometimes cheap paints tend to come off quickly after a few days or, in the worse case, immediately after drying.

We are not asking you to spend a fortune but at least buy a decent Quality spray paint like the “Rust-oleum” brand, and they are affordable.


5 Personalized ideas for painting headphones and earbuds

Now you know everything about painting your devices, you must be excited to start painting. You may be confused about where to start and what type of patterns to paint.

personalized earphones

You don’t want to mess things up on your first attempt, so here are some ideas you can apply : 

Marble print: You should try marble print for a classy look on your headphones and earbuds because single-tone colors are a bit boring. It provides a classic luxurious finish.

Customized logo: You should try your customized logo on the device. It is kind of fun changing things midway. 

Patterns: Giving a Cool vibe to your devices by using different colors and patterns. You can also use a dipped foam pad with different colors on your devices simply by tapping on it. It will create another way.

You can choose neon patterns on dark surfaces.

Abstract Images: It gives a unique look to headphones and earbuds. It has always been in trend for a while. You can get multiple ideas and inspiration online or can have fun with different colors.

Movie / Anime characters: Paint your favorite characters on your devices. It can cost you a few bucks, so if you know how to draw your favorite character, you should do it yourself. 

Once you decide to paint your headphones and earbuds, we guarantee you there will never be a lack of ideas around you. Just start with a good and exciting theme that will keep you energetic for a longer duration of time. Always remember inspiration can come from most unexpected places, so start customizing your devices.



It’s a different kind of vibe from wearing your personalized headphones and earbuds.

The important thing is always to choose the right and best Paint for your precious devices. In this article, we have talked about enhancing your devices and customizing them at their best. You will find here everything you need to know about changing the looks of your headphones and earphones. I hope you find this article helpful and completely know how to paint headphones and earbuds.