How to Listen to Music in the Shower Effectively? – 2023 Update

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We all love music, and sometimes we want to pop with our favorite song even while taking a shower. Listening to our favorite music is one of the most satisfying and relaxing things.

Music not only helps us in improving our memory but also provides boundless energy to our brains. While listening to music in the shower, our brain releases a happy chemical, Dopamine, that gives us a chill and energy booster charge to our body system.

But it’s risky taking our phone to shower for the sake of our own life. It could be gone if it slipped and came into direct contact with water. So I’m here to tell you how to listen to music in the shower and do this terrifying task.


Why should you listen to music in the shower?

After a chaotic day, we all crave some personal time. Therefore, to make our day extra exotic, we play our favorite song that enhances our emotional core and strengthens positive thinking. Music is like a medicine that not only boosts our mood but also has some physiological advantages.

Some of these assets of listening to music while showering are the following:

  • Since Neurology and Nostalgia are somehow interconnected, music leads us to recall all the memories of all the good incidents from the past. It makes us happy, and these happy hormones are a great and energetic source for both mind and body.
  • Psychologists always focus on positive thinking. The water and music are a deadly combination to instantly enhance positivity and provide a great source of positive energy when combined.
  • After a boisterous day, either at home or in the office, it is important to unravel and enjoy the combination of water and music which is very helpful in great relaxation.
  • It is extremely important to gratify yourself. Taking care of our bodies is not worthwhile if the mind is in chaos. It is scientifically proven that enjoying music improves our neural connection with our brain and body and makes us do things smarter and easier.

While listening to music in the shower:-

You need to be very careful while using any audio device in the shower, as the steam or the water can harm your device and lead to short circuits. That is why you must use a waterproof audio device.


So here I have listed a few devices that you can use to listen to music in the shower:

1- Waterproof Speaker

It is the simplest way to enjoy the music in the shower, and the waterproof speaker is convenient and does not eat up much space.

There are several waterproof speakers available on the market, and some of these are made up of waterproof material. In contrast, some speakers are made up of rubber sheep. Also, a waterproof membrane is placed between the speakers to protect them from water or steam damage. You don’t have to worry about device band experience fun while showering.


2- Waterproof Phones

As technology advances, there are a variety of waterproof phones available on the market. So check it in detail before using it in the shower because some phones’ upper body is only waterproof, whereas some phones are 100% waterproof up to 5 to 10 feet deep for a limited period of 30 to 40 minutes.

Many phones guarantee to be unharmed in water up to 100 feet and stored in water for a maximum of time.


3- Waterproof Headphones

It’s a great idea to manufacture such types of headphones. You can look out for sweatproof headphones to find the best waterproof headphones. They not only help us entertain in the shower but also protect themselves from sudden rain.

If you wake up early in the morning and don’t want others to disturb your music, then you can pump yourself in the shower with these waterproof headphones.


4- In-wall or in-ceiling Speaker

You will be amazed whenever you press the play button on these speakers and experience music just like in a studio in your house or shower. These speakers do not have built-in amplifiers, and they won’t disturb the sound quality and accuracy of music. It is an expensive investment but takes away the tension of dousing your phone in water.


5- Waterproof shower radio

If you have heard about hydro-powered devices, then the waterproof shower radio no longer surprises you. These devices are best to use in showers as they gain their power from the water itself.

These speakers are a little complex to install, but they will gain power from the flowing water once you place them in the correct position. They are usually placed where the water flows continuously to store power and store some power to play music even after the water flow stops.

They are very easy to connect either by Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

6- Musical Showerhead

It is a fascinating and useful device that can be used in the shower by turning your shower head into a music system. It is possible by the Bluetooth and wireless connection where your shower head will help you relax by heaving some water and playing music for you; thus, you have your two-in-one showerhead.


7- Musical Bath Bombs

In this fancy era, musical bath bombs are eye-catching things. You can explore the music and listen to it underwater with these musical bath bombs to extract your feelings and emotions.

These speakers are waterproof but don’t leave them in water for a longer duration of time. They can be your best friend as they are affordable, convenient, and portable.



Listening to music in the shower has its advantages for relaxation, especially when getting in the shower. It creates a positive effect and leads to improvement of both mind and body.

I jam to music while taking a shower, especially at night, as there is nothing like time restriction, and I can pamper myself anytime for healthy and beautiful sleep.