8 Best things to do When Listening to a Podcast – 2023

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Podcasts are the best way to learn and entertain together your life, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can use it for different knowledge-gaining things like gardening, finance, music, or celebrity trends. It’s really helpful in learning something new by selecting a certain topic from the awesome audio list.

For the past many years whenever I get the time and have nothing to do watch youtube but now use podcasts to entertain myself. Also, I do certain things and get to know a lot about that particular thing while playing it. It’s beneficial and provides great knowledge and enjoyment.

Let’s move on to the best things we can do easily while listening to a Podcast, since I enjoyed it, I’m sure you will love it.

Here are the Best Things to do When Listening to a Podcast:-

1- Check Your Emails and Social Media

I prefer checking my mailbox by listening to music, to attain zero inbox emails, texts, or any messages that might be missed in my daily busy schedule. The podcast is the best way to sort out all the pending emails and schedule them for next week.

Once you attain all the pending mail works and are surprised by the message overlooked and get in touch with your family and friends again who you have never contacted for many days and get socialized again.


2- Get that body moving

Sunny days, intense exercise, and great music are a great combination to start a day. Whenever I’m working out or exercising, the audio cast helps me to do tougher exercises easily and distracts me from heavy pain.

I use podcasts while walking with my dog, it’s great to spend some quality time as well as fresh air and exercise and get entertained by daily gossip on the radio cast. It’s a healthy win-win scenario. 

3- Commute

Either I go for a walk, drive or use public transport on the way to the office or come back home from the office. I prefer audio as it is a great way to set my mind on different things and never really feel bored.

By listening to podcasts in the beginning you will feel motivated and see a great establishment tone in your daily life. Whenever I go from public transport to work, I don’t always get a window seat and the journey becomes flat as a pancake and doesn’t like it when the vehicle stops at a signal.

You must be noticed when you get to travel along with children and they make undoubtedly irritating noises so jamming with audio sets is the best way to reduce travel hassle. It makes my tiresome journey more interesting and entertaining.

4- Get done with your household chores

Boredom is the best way to describe the chores. It shivers down my spine and makes me lazy to do anything.

So whenever I do household work like cleaning, cooking, dusting, cleaning my wardrobe, laundry, and ironing my clothes I start listening to my favorite music as it adds a spark and spice to me, and thus it makes my job quite faster and handles all the jiffy chores in a great way.

5- Grab a drink 

Nothing feels better than a favorite beverage in my hand during my busy days and great music. I always enjoy my cup of coffee listening to podcasts as I got absolutely nothing to do at that time.

I just pour myself a coffee and my favorite audio and start sipping and enjoying both things together is the best way to relax my mind at peace. Trust me it’s the most soothing experience and It makes my morning and evening perfect.


6- Bring out the artist in you

Once my senior told me if you listen to music or any audio while working it will make your mind creative. It’s a great time to be an overthinker in terms of productivity and show your creative skills like drawing, sketching, or painting effortlessly.

Thus you will get the artist within you alive when you are enjoying your favorite audio set. I’m not only relaxing myself withdrawing and becoming dynamic by taking podcasts into my daily schedule.

7- Enjoy the meal

From my busy work schedule, I only get time for a quick breather during my lunch or dinner breaks. Either I’m in my office or working from home. Sometimes we barely get time to slow down for a moment or take a break, so whenever I take my meal I prefer to listen to podcasts and get a relaxed mind.

It is not only making good use of time but also sets me up for a great productive and dynamic tone for the rest of the day.

8- Listen to the podcasts intensely

Whenever I get nothing to do, settling down in a comfy chair and enjoying podcasts is better than anything. I always prefer it if you are doing nothing. It’s better to use that time on some nostalgic music or listening to something from which you get at least knowledge. There is a lot to offer on radio channels, you just have to select a perfect audiobook.

There are many things on youtube with valuable and insightful information which is also really entertaining for some facts are noted down in case I forget then reading it again would be a nice option, thus I did many things easily and never forget the information. Sometimes when I’m about to sleep and not feel sleepy then also go with some interesting and entertaining audio files.


Conclusion: Podcast listening

There are seamlessly a lot of things on youtube that one can try while doing something. During exercise and workouts, I always jam it with my favorite audio list on podcasts. This way I get my daily exercise dose, sunshine, and a great account of a music ride to archive my goals for the rest of the day.

When you get ill or something then you also get a lot of vigorous exercise and medicine information from these audio recordings. Sometimes I have to wait for the meeting, then play with a perfect audiobook to encourage myself during the meeting or viva.

Podcast listening is just happy listening and making life go smoothly and thus everything becomes perfect.