Do Airpods Fall Out Easily? Myth or What?

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Do Airpods Fall Out Easily? Are you also facing the same issue? However convenient your wireless earbuds maybe there’s always a concern attached to them Will they fall out easily? Will they fall out while running or in the gym? These invisible and tiny, lightweight, portable devices are easy to lose if they don’t fit your ears well. They will keep your mind occupied with the ever-present concern of them falling off somewhere and risking damage.

Apple AirPods have pretty much started the revolutionary market of wireless earbuds that we see today. Different brands with different product variations create a very competitive market. Though, amid all this competition too, Airpods remains at the top of the market even today. It has maintained its popularity as one of the best wireless earbuds, alas the high cost you pay for them.

Apple AirPods have a lot to offer regarding features and functioning, making them a quality product. Still, like every other wireless earbud, your AirPods too raise the concern of falling out of ears in between use, and with the price paid for your AirPods, losing them or damaging them during a fall is probably the last thing you’ll want to happen.

air pods fall easily

Do AirPods fall off easily? How well do AirPods fit in your ear? These are the questions that are sure to run through your mind before making a purchase. To put it simply, AirPods do not always fall out as they are manufactured in ways to make their handling easy, though it all depends on whether they’re worn correctly or not. Correct placement of AirPods makes their chances of falling out nil. The one-size-fit earbuds stay in place when worn correctly; twist up about 30° after putting them on, making the stem more horizontal than vertical.

Now correct placement might reduce the chances of your AirPods falling out. To what extent do these work? How well-fitted are AirPods while running or working out? How can the fit be improved? There are still many unanswered questions that we’ll go through in this article, so let’s get into it.

Will they fall out or stay inside?

As simple as this question may sound, its answer is not a simple yes or no. The way your earbuds fit in your ear is the key determinant of whether they’ll stay put or fall off easily.

When talking about the fit of any earbud, different factors influence it. Apple is known for delivering quality products, and AirPods are no different; their perpetual products provide a comfortable fit, snug enough to rival sports-type earbuds. It has made AirPods an in-demand product, from casual runners to athletes alike.

Reasons of fall

AirPods falling out of the ears might seem like an unlikely scene, but it is quite a common occurrence. Some of the common reasons for this:

Improper fit

As we previously stated, if they don’t fit well, they don’t stay well. A proper fit of earbuds, especially wireless ones, is very important for comfortable usage. While Apple is known for providing the best fit for its earbud, there’s still some percentage of people that struggle with it. Ear shape and size vary from person to person, making the one-size-fits concept a defective concept.

Silicone tips are not correct.

Apple introduced silicone tips to overcome its shortcoming with the previous non-replaceable tips, and it did help to some extent. However, it gave rise to problems like dirt accumulation and slipping bud tips out of the ear very easily.

If they get hit physically

The very obvious reason for your AirPods falling off will be if it gets physically hit. It may be while changing clothes or styling your hair or taking your facemasks off. External forces might dislodge the AirPods.

Do Airpods Fall Out Easily?

Damage on fall

Apple AirPods may be tiny and winy looking, but you’ll be amazed at how they can withstand damage. The small gadget is quite sturdy and powerful, with amazing build quality. Small scratches here and there are common, but any major damage is unlikely. Now, this doesn’t guarantee forever but does assure you of the quality of the product.

How do stop them from falling off?

As an AirPods owner, you might find these tips helpful in safekeeping the ever-so-pricey device. These solutions range from minor modifications to extra accessories that can be easily found online.

First and foremost, make sure that you are wearing your AirPods the right way. It may seem like an obvious thing, but you’ll be amazed to find the number of people unaware of the correct way of placing earbuds.

Clean off the speaker for better grip.
Gently place the AirPods in.
Rotate the AirPods around till you feel the perfect fit.

Cleaning of AirPods

Any dirt or oil accumulation will show its effect on the grip of your AirPods, so it is of most importance to properly won’t off any oil or dust present on the earbuds.

Before every use, you can gently wipe off your AirPods using a damp cloth. Make sure to avoid using a soaked-up cloth or wet wipes as they’ll damage the device’s electronics.

Correct placement

Always try to be gentle while pushing the Airpods in your ear. No pushing in too deep as there are chances of eardrum damage. Place them with the speakers facing the ear canal and stems pointing downwards.

Rotate for a better fit

Airpods stems are vertically placed here, now rotate them around, horizontally placed, wedging the AirPods into the ear canal.

Additional Accessories

As of now, there’s a varied range of accessories available in the market that you can use with your AirPods for added stability and to hold them stable.

These accessories are mostly made of soft silicone and do not cause any damage to your ears. Though silicone could become slippery sometimes so make sure to check before purchasing.

Putting on the cover:

Put the cover on both the AirPods
Place the AirPods in your ear snugly.
Secure the hooks around your ear and make sure they are placed properly so that AirPods do not fall out.

Some AirPods ear-hook recommendations:

Earbuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks
Proof Labs AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

Different size silicone tips

Silicone tips were introduced to cover up the shortcomings of one size fits all concept. Silicone tips provide a snug fit as they are available in different sizes so that you can choose according to your comfort.

silicon tip

Types: One or AirPods Ear Tips

Silicone tips are slipped on the AirPods speakers, and they work by improving the seal inside your ear, so your AirPods don’t fall off easily.

Foam-based Earphone covers

These are other types of accessories that are placed around the AirPods Speakers to prevent falling out. Foam-based covers are very soft and offer great comfort while providing the perfect fit for your AirPods.

Use of Adhesive tape

It might be the most inconvenient and time-consuming tip for securing your AirPods. Waterproof adhesive tapes are cut in small circles and put on either side of the AirPods speaker. These provide some extra grip here, and you wouldn’t have to twist the AirPods.

Flipping and swapping

Some people have tested and approved of this method of securing your AirPods. You flip your AirPods while placing them in so that the stems face upwards instead of downwards. Another thing that can be done here is swapping of AirPod. You use the left earbud in the right ear and vice versa.



All these hacks stated in this article have worked for us, and we hope they do for you.

When securing your AirPods, the fit of your earbud is very important, along with how you place them in your ear. If it still keeps falling out, try using the additional accessories.