Can You Track Stolen Headphones In 2023?

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Almost everyone must have experienced losing something in their life, but the worst among them can be losing your favorite and expensive headphones. So we can conclude that the customers reading this article must have also had this experience recently. But can you track stolen headphones? Now it is 2023 so the answer is”yes”.

The question that is frequently searched or looked for is whether you can track them and own them back or have them back in your possession. It becomes a confusing task as you can never know the person who has stolen them from you, or maybe it was you who lost them.

There is nothing more terrifying and horrible than this feeling. According to a news channel, this has become the most trending search these days, and now they have to turn up the subways to track their lost AirPods. The worst part is that they can be anywhere out there, so can you track your stolen headphones?

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Well, the answer is a big YES! We will tell you how. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to stay calm. Please read this article, and it will surely provide you with the assistance and answers you need to find your lost headphones.


Is it possible to Track Stolen Beats Headphones?

These Beats headphones don’t come with GPS. That technically means you can’t find them as quickly as other Bluetooth devices you may have. Well, to be exact, things become more complicated because of it. Still, it is not impossible to find your Beats headphones.

Hence, the method or process to find the Beats headphones is the same, regardless of the model of the device you own. You can easily click on our guide on ‘Can you Track your stolen headphones’, and boom, now you have all the answers you will need in finding your headphones.

Method 1-

You can use various ways to track your stolen Beats headphones in which using Bluetooth Scan Apps can be used to follow them. The Beats headphones have incredibly impressive Bluetooth connectivity. It will give you access to connect the headphones with more than one device simultaneously. It sounds cool, right? This is not it, by the way; there’s a lot more to it.

You can listen to your favorite music tracks uninterruptedly due to this Bluetooth connectivity, even when the device is not placed next to you. The Powerbeats give a Bluetooth connection ranging between 2 to 30 feet. But you must be thinking about all this extra information we are giving out here. Well, this Bluetooth connectivity is going to be the first and foremost feature when finding your headphones. That’s why we have told you all about it.

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For pairing up the Beats headphones with the device, you have to press and hold the power button for a minimum of five seconds. After that, when the LED light glows, it means the headphones are ready to be connected or get paired. Now, open the settings on your device and opt for Bluetooth connectivity to establish the connection between your device and the headphones. 

The only thing you need to do to track your stolen headphones is download and install a Bluetooth scanning app. Many Bluetooth scanning apps are available for iOS and Android, such as Bluetooth Finder, Find My Headset, Find My Headphones, and many more.

It would help if you kept in mind the essential thing is whether the app can search for any devices paired with your headphones. Last but not least, you need to make sure that the app you are installing is compatible with your Beats headphones.

It is to be noted that the above method will work only when the headphones are on and have a sufficient charge in them. Also, they should have to be out of their box and must be connected to your device.

Next, follow these steps:

  • After downloading and installing a suitable Bluetooth scanner app as per the operating system of the phone, then, check for the list of Bluetooth active devices around you.
  • Then go through the list to check if your lost headphones are showing among them or not. And be sure that you are not just standing in a single position, so move around so that the device can detect and catch the Bluetooth signal.
  • When you see your headphone’s name popping on the screen, watch the strength of the Signal. And this can be distinguished by different colors or phrases like hot, warm, cold, or signal bars, which depends on the installed Bluetooth scanner app on the phone.
  • Now, when the Signal strength ranges between -10 dBm to -1 dBm, it means that the headphones are in your proximity.
  • Likewise, if the strength goes down from the range of around -200 dBm to -10 dBm, it means that you have moved way further from wherever your headphones are.
  • Now where the Signal was showing the direction of the headphones, move towards that way and make sure that the Signal is getting stronger.
  • Then you will indeed find your precious Beats headphones.

Method 2-

Now for the second method, you can take full advantage of the powerful audio output of your Beats headphones. As you already know, these headphones provide excellent audio work, which will surely come in handy while searching for them.

All you need to do is play a song from your party playlist and, if possible, the loudest one at maximum volume. Now, as it’s done, try listening and finding it by using your hearing power so that your headphones can be located easily. But there is only one condition this will only work if the headphones are properly charged. Otherwise, it’s going to be a hassle to find them with this method. Well, if they are, then they’ll come out soon in no time.

Both of these methods can be tried out to find your headphones regardless of the brand, as we have already tested them with Bose, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Audio-Technica, and several other top headphones brands. Out of these two methods, at least one has worked in every case.


Can You Track Stolen Headphones?

There are two ways to track/find your stolen Bose headphones:

Bose Connect App

For Bose headphones, the Bose Connect app can be beneficial for finding them. Initially, it will connect your device with the Bose headphones via Bluetooth to provide a secure connection. But, if you don’t have the headphones with you, this will not serve as much of a help.

Serial Number

You can also check for the serial number of ear cups on the Bose headphones, as they are specifically unique for every headphone. This is an excellent and accurate way to determine if the other person is wearing their headphones in particular.

However, if you want to confront that person, you need to have the receipt of the purchase with you or any other kind of documentation from Bose, which can work as evidence in your favor. Also, the Bose Connect app must have all the information, including the serial number as well.

Unluckily, there are no concrete ways offered by Bose to the users for finding and tracking their headphones if lost once. We are also waiting for that day to come when Bose will provide a sure-shot way to track their stolen or lost headphones.



Even if these mentioned methods didn’t help you out, you could also use other options to find your stolen headphones without losing hope. As we all know, the manual way is the best in finding any lost objects. You can ask your friends or neighbors for some help so that a large area can be scanned and searched thoroughly. It would be helpful for them if you could explain to them what they look like.

Also, there are several lost and found areas where your headphones can be at. However, if nothing works at all, you can rest a few days and then again start looking for the lost headphones. Still, the chances are pretty good that the headphones will be in the lost and found area.

But, there may be a different scenario that they aren’t lost, but you have misplaced them or have forgotten where you kept them. You can ask your friends if maybe you have left them at some library or cafeteria you have been with. You can take a deep breath and try to retrace the steps you have walked, then ask the people around. No need to give up; we are sure that you will find them soon and get them back.