How To Connect Airpods To Playstation 4?

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Do you want to use your AirPod on PS4 but wondering how to connect AirPods to PlayStation 4? You’ve come to the right place for answers Just read on. Ask any gamer, and you’ll understand just how equally important good sound quality is for an overall excellent gaming experience.

The itsy-bitsy details add to the thrill while gaming. For this quality sound, it is just as important to have quality headphones to acquire this experience to its fullest. While most gamers prefer to have over-the-ear headphones for this purpose, bulky headphones aren’t the most comfortable product for everyday use. And some might prefer earbuds over them. It is also a lot more convenient and pocket-friendly to have some quality earbuds rather than buying two separate products to use; your Apple AirPods seem to serve this purpose very well.

AirPods, being the quality product they are, provides you with the desired overall sound quality. With the ever-increasing hype around AirPods from the very beginning of their introduction, Apple continues to serve us with its promised quality product along with uttermost comfort. The very sleek and stylish design with no compromise on your comfort and quality experience and added to this is the hassle-free time you have, not wrestling through those tangled wires—all the more reasons for opting for AirPods.

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When talking about gaming, it is mandatory to mention the PlayStation. The very loved and used gaming stations gaining popularity ever since their launch years ago have to be the most in-demand among gamers. It’s the feeling of releasing all your days’ frustration and relaxing on your PS4 after a draining day. Irrespective of age, PlayStations are used and loved by millions.

It is connecting these two, though, is a bit of a hassle. Though it is easy to connect most wires headsets to PS4, connecting Bluetooth earpieces might be a little gruesome task and more so on your first time. Headphones need to be PS4 compatible.

So, if you’re wondering just how to establish a connection between Apple AirPods and PlayStation 4, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve listed some ways by which you can connect your AirPods to your PlayStation 4.

How To Connect Airpods To Playstation?

The relieving news here is that it’s very much possible to connect your AirPods to PS4. Not the simplest of a task but rewarding nonetheless. Connecting AirPods to PS4 requires additional embellishments, which you’ll have to purchase. You can even give it a go and try connecting without a gear; in the end, it’ll just bring disappointment and irritation on your part.

Now you might be wondering why so much of a hassle just for connecting your AirPods. Well, the very strict policies of Sony when permitting 3rd party headphones/ earphones is the reason for all this trouble. It might be a very clever marketing idea for Sony but not the most profitable for the customers. In all honesty, after already spending a good amount on purchasing Apple AirPods, you will not again spend a hefty an on Sony headsets just for your PS4. Not the wisest idea.

Using A Bluetooth Adapter

This might be the easiest method for connecting AirPods to PlayStation 4. You’ll need to buy a Bluetooth connector; these are easy to find in the market. These adapters can be used for connecting other Bluetooth devices too.

First, make sure that your AirPods are all charged up and ready for use. If the battery adapter requires charging, make sure it is all juices up too. Connect the Bluetooth connector to your PS4 through the USB port present on your PlayStation after turning on the PS4. Turn both the adapters and AirPods, pairing mode on. Your adapter depends upon the device, and you can look through the manual to find the one for your device.


After a few seconds, the AirPods will connect to your PS4. You can check the connection by observing the pairing light; it’ll stop flashing once the AirPods and PS4 have paired together. Initially, the connection may keep interrupting but don’t worry, it’ll connect.

Different Adapters That Can Be Used:-

In the tech world, there is never only a single product for any device. You’ll always find various options to choose from. Similarly, for Bluetooth adapters, you’ll come across various magnificent options in the market.

Let’s look into some recommendations for this, made by experts:

Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth adapters– This might be the most recommended adapter among all, for it allows your AirPods to connect with multiple of your Bluetooth devices like a car’s Bluetooth system, laptop, or exercise equipment.

These multiple connections make it worth the price you spend on it. The other two Bluetooth Adapters recommend are AirFly Duo and AirFly Pro. These are similar to the AirFly Adapters and just as good as them. Some might even say they are better. AirFly Pro here can also be used as a receiver when connected to your car’s music system or any sound system as such.

PS4 controller iPad

Connecting the Bluetooth adapters to your PS4 is quite simple; just connect them to the auxiliary post present at the bottom of your PS4 controller.

Using PS4 Remote Play App

The Remote Play app, which PS4 recently launched, can also be used for establishing a connection between your AirPods and PS4. Your Remote play app forms a remote connection. This connection shows you the display screen on your phone and also the PS4 controls. For this method to work, you need iOS13, so make sure your software is updated before connecting.

Using Airpods For Chatting With Other Gamers

While we have successfully established a connection between AirPods and PS4, this connection remains one-sided. This being said, it is not possible to visit other players you are playing with. Bluetooth connectors here only send the sound from the PS4 but not the other way around.


Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found an effective solution to your problem in this article. Forming a connection between AirPods and PS4 might look complicated at first, but it truly isn’t that big of a hassle. It can be possible that you successfully connect AirPods to PS4 but your AirPods are producing lower volume. To make it loud, you can go through this guide.

Bluetooth adapters make it easier to do so. Your adapters are generally lightweight, so they don’t interrupt your gaming session by swinging or swinging much.

If it gets annoying at some point, you can always use Velcro to stabilize the adapter.