How To Use Single Jack Headset On Pc Without Splitter?

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Most people have only a single jack headset on pc, which isn’t compatible. Therefore, a splitter would be helpful. What can you do if you are like me and don’t want to do that? It’s not a big deal since there is something you can do about it.

In this guide, I will explain how to use a single jack headset without a splitter. Continue reading till the end to get the whole picture, and let’s get to know.

One Jack Headset – What is it? 

Here are a few things you should know about the headset before learning about the process. All the connector components of a headset are contained in a headset jack. A headset’s wires gather at this point to transmit audio information.


One-jack headsets are headsets that have one jack. Only one jack is used to transmit and receive audio. To simplify understanding, consider that this jack can be used for both microphone and receiver via a USB connector.

Comparing single and double headphone jacks

Headphone jacks usually come in two varieties. A single jack or a double jack. As a headset with only one jack, all audio information needs to be sent and received through only one port. The double jack has one jack to connect the microphone and another to connect the speaker or headset.

You may also classify headphone jacks according to their sizes besides these two. Each headphone jack has a different size. For example, there is a 2.5mm connector, 3.5mm connector, 4.4mm connector, and 6.35mm connector. Around the world, headphones most often use 3.5mm connectors.

There’s more to come. You can differentiate headphone jacks in another way. Did you ever notice the black rim around your headphone jack? Does it serve any purpose, or is it just decorative? Yes, there is a purpose, and it is significant.

I will keep things simple, so you don’t have to worry. Getting into details might make things more complicated and worse for you. The conductor plugs can be classified as one of four headphone jack types. TRRRS, TS, TRS, and TRRS are the different types of certificates. S means sleeve, t means tip, and r stands for a ring.

As TS one has one sleeve and one tip, it creates a loud sound. Signals are carried by one path, and return paths are provided by the other.


There are two main types of jacks: TRS and TS. Three parts are included: the tip, the sleeve, and the band. In the building process of the headphone, the additional conductor can serve as a microphone. One of the most common headsets you see has a single jack and a microphone.

How do I use a single jack headset on pc?

Are you aware of why you can’t use a PC headset without a splitter if it’s equipped with a single jack and a mic? These ports use TRS methods. Therefore, it is not possible to use input and output signals simultaneously. The splitter separates the two headset signals, one for the microphone and one for the speakers.

You might think, “Now I need to buy a splitter.” Well, you don’t have to spend money on a splitter. Changing a few settings will let you save some money to spend somewhere else. Follow these steps to set your headset up.

  • In your control panel, go to the settings. If you have Windows 10, you can find it in the search bar or on your start menu. In Windows 7, it is on the start menu. On Windows 8 and 8.1, the app can be found in the apps section.
  • You will find an option called sound in your control panel. To access the sound settings, click on it.
  • When the sound window opens, you’ll see a tab called “recording” at the top. Select that tab.
  • Your recording devices will be displayed here. Choose one. Your default recording device will be active. Click on it. 

Is it possible to use a single jack headset on the Mac without a splitter? 


Do you own a Mac? Here’s how to do it on your Mac. 

  • Using the spotlight search, find the sound option.
  • Click the input tab when the settings appear.
  • Once you have selected a device, you must then select it.
  • Default that device as your input device. 

It should work for any device, technically speaking. If this does not work, then you can always get a splitter.


That’s all there is to it, then. It is now possible for you to use a single jack headset without having to use a splitter. This is worth trying first before you buy a splitter as you can save a bit of money. If this doesn’t work, you can always buy a splitter or new headphones with a dual jack. The price of splitters ranges from $1 to $5. So, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.