15 Best Songs To Test Headphones – Headphone’s Guide 2023

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All age groups use them, every day for something or the other you find them hooked in your ear, sometimes for hours on end, your headphones or earbuds have become a part of our routine life and will probably be there for a long. In this article, you will get to know about the best songs to test headphones for sound quality.

Going to the gym, out for a walk around, working a desk job, attending online classes, or talking on the phone, in today’s age having a decent pair of headphone or earbuds have become important.

Walk outside and you’ll definitely find 5 out of 10 people with their headphones or earbuds on, maybe on a phone call or just listening to some songs. Earpieces are the most used devices compared to all our other devices, just tucked in the ear even when nothing is playing.

Best Songs To Test Headphones

As we know wherever there is an increased hype about any device there’ll be different brands introducing their variations of it, with their modifications and features. You’ll find an abundance of variations in the market when you go looking for headphones. Whatever your preference is, the choices are vast, from earbuds to over-the-head headphones, from chordless to completely wireless, you ask and there’s a product range to choose from. Among this vast variety what’s the best for you is where you get stuck.

When looking for the best, there are lots of determinants that lead us to our best-preferred choice, and similarly, while buying headphones this determinant changes according to people’s personal preferences. While the quality of any device is the topmost priority in any case, for headphones sound delivery is also important to check.

Everyone has different music preferences some people like flat sounds while some might prefer a little bass boost. Keeping all this in mind when you’re in the market looking for a new pair of headphones best way to decide which one fits your taste is to test them by playing some music and listening to a few songs.

Some people might have a prepared playlist with all of their best-preferred songs to test out the headphones, some might not come so prepared.

If you are among the people confused about which song to use for testing out the headphone, we have got you covered. We have put together a list of the best songs that’ll help by highlighting all those important aspects of the headphone’s performance.

Let’s look into the list of Best Songs to Test Headphones:-

1- EXPLOSION IN THE SKY – Wilderness {Tests overall balance}

If your headphones have an overall balance, they’ll sound full, and achieving that perfect balance is a task for headphone manufacturers. There’s always a risk of overdoing it on the bass.

This track will help you test all the frequency responses of a variety of sounds.


2- SEVEN NATION ARMY- The White Stripes

It is a quality track for checking your headphones’ bass capabilities. Its consistent baseline is the best to check if a pair of headphones will go through fingers or not.


3- FLEET FOXES- Fool’s Errand  

Test for Mid-Range frequencies.

This track gives you a variety of percussion instruments coming in at different frequency ranges which is great for testing out how well your headphones do with mid-range frequencies.


4- A THOUSAND YEARS- The Piano Guys

Presenting a combination of a variety of classical instruments, all existing in their frequency levels, this is a great track for testing your headphones’ dynamics. It’ll help check how the headphones handle variations in volume.


5- YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FREEDOM- Pharoah Sanders

A headphone that handles treble with efficiency is hard to find as most of the focus goes around providing the perfect bass response. If your headphones do not handle the treble frequencies well their coarseness will make your ears hurt.

You’ve got freedom can be a great song to check whether your headphones will be able to handle different treble-heavy sounds.



Testing the ranges and response of your headphones is just as important as testing for bass response. While it’s a common notion that The Devils Wear Prada might not be the song for everyone, for testing your headphones it is an excellent song.

The shift to heavy guitars and drums following the rainy sounds along with the techno metal influence puts your headphones to a great test for their overall rand and response.



Here you’ll find a consistent and low bass line adequate for testing all the punch bass. Just turn your headphones up and enjoy the kick drums great for testing your headphones.


Best Pop Songs For Testing Headphones

1- Adele (Hello)

This track puts your headphones through the ultimate test for their sound clarity. With the echo of the cello that pierces through the sound barriers of your headphones. Not the one for testing bass but amazing for the clarity test.


2- Billie Eilish (Bad Guy)

The bad guy by Billie Eilish is a song that has so many variations in its course and this puts your headphone through a teat for its performance and quality. Different bass variations and the change in beat and frequency halfway into the track, are quite dramatic, test your headphone for their quality and to see if it creates any buzz that deteriorates their quality.


3- The Black-Eyed Peas (Boom Boom Pow)

Boom Boom Pow is the ultimate track with its deep bass that has you dancing around will test your headphones in all its glory. The catchy track is full of bass notes and you can test your headphone to the maximum for their performance.


4- Madonna (Frozen)

The amazing vocal range that Madonna provides in this track makes it a masterpiece and an excellent song choice for testing your headphones. With the highs and lows providing the best mix for testing your headphones’ frequency quality it gives your headphone a tough assessment.


5- Christina Aguilera (A Great Big World)

Christina with her powerful voice offers you a great range of vocals to test your headphone quality. The extreme highs and lows will help you check the frequency quality that your headphones are offering.


Best Rock Songs For Testing Headphones

1- Guns And Roses (Sweet child of mine)

This rock track offers an unbelievable frequency range putting it at the top for testing the quality of your headphones.


2- Imagine Dragon (Demons)

A frenzied song with a variety of tones that blasts through your headphones, making it a great pick for testing the overall performance and the quality of your headphones.


3- Aerosmith (I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing)

A very loved song throughout the world by all generations. It has a lot going on with various instruments playing and testing your headphones on different parameters.

From the drum beats to the incredible sound of the orchestra to the airy guitar chords all combine forming a magnificent choice for testing your headphones. Listen for a buzz and check for your headphone’s output/ frequency quality.


Test for your headphone Quality?

Not all headphones offer great quality features for all sounds. Some may be good with bass response some with the mod and low frequencies. For this reason, it’s best to test your headphones by listening to different genres and f songs. That’ll help you decide on what headphone offers your preferred feature in the best way. Start with choosing a comfortable size that fits your ears and head properly and doesn’t require adjusting repeatedly.

Playing different songs, ones with various instruments playing can be great for testing the speakers and quality. Songs with different ranges can be played to check the performance of your headphones. Make your choices clear before going for a purchase, be clear about what your expectations are and it’ll help you make better choices.

Thoughts on Noise-Cancelling

A lot of us prefer to focus on what we are listening to blocking outside noises and keeping all the distractions at bay and noise-canceling headphones provide this very feature. These headphones have anti-noise waves that’ll block out all unwanted outside noises. From road traffic to construction noises, it reduces them all.

Noise cancellation is an excellent feature for sure and it houses a lot of benefits that help reduce stress, aside from this it enhances the performance of your headphones, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your music without any outside influence.



While out looking for a new pair of headphones it is very way to get from the heap of choices and get confused about what to prefer. Testing your headphone to see if they suit your taste is the best way to decide on the one.

Lookout for any buzzing or escaping sound and the proper fit for your ears. Listen to different songs and then choose the best one suited to your preference.