8 Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out In 2023

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Are you looking for the best over ear headphones for working out that you can use while working out?

If you are a person who loves outdoor activities, I would highly recommend you to go over the headphones. They give your favorite tunes a nice sparkle so now you can enjoy the beats while you do that workout.

No doubt wireless earbuds are worth the investment as they can be used most of the time. As you all know we love different earpieces and always seek out the best ones. We examine their efficiency, durability, and quality to share the best ones in the market. 

During heavy workouts or even lighter ones, you expect something that will stick to you and help you get in the mood. As per our calculations, Jabra Elite 85H stands a class apart. They are the best over the ear headphones as they are made of supreme quality, offer multiple options, and have a good shelf life.

Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out- Reviewed 2023:-

1. Jabra Elite 85H


  • Internal nano-coated particles help these headphones against water and dust.
  • 8 microphones for supreme voice quality
  • 36 hours of battery life with the ANC enabled.
  • Cooling earpads help to combat excessive ear sweat during activity.
  • The exterior of the headphones is made of cloth, which tends to collect dust.

They belong to the elite category of earpieces which have incredible battery life and good noise-canceling function. The headphones are made from an assembly of various metals including a sheath of fibre on the outside. While it’s a unique fabrication, it seems to attract a lot of dust.

If we were to Consider the sound quality, these earphones fall under the high-end range. They are good but not the best like the popular Sony model. The operating buttons lie outside the ear mug.

You get a set of three buttons., one of them to operate play and pause while the other two are for shuffling soundtracks and managing volume. They are pretty user-friendly and come with a light price. They are affordable and do their job well.

The smart sound active noise cancellation grasps different sound modulations and blocks the nuisances while you move from one location to another. To sum up we would recommend you to go for them as they are all you need in terms of usage and quality.

Overall, these headphones are a solid choice for workout headphones if you want comfort, quality, and reliability.


2. Sennheiser PXC 550


  • Lightweight and comfy.
  • Noticeable noise cancellation.
  • capture App helps you to modify the sounds.
  • While the sound is impressive for Bluetooth it lacks the efficiency you expect from headphones in this price range.

We all know Sennheiser has made a  mark for itself in the category of audiophiles and audio experts. The PCX 550 is one nice piece of the classic over the ear Bluetooth headphones. They come with crystal clear sound quality in the Bluetooth headphone range and are big yet light enough to be stable for long workouts.

The earphones weigh about 227 grams and the shape is such that there is ample air for the ears to breathe. They are sensitive to touch and respond whenever you wear headphones. All these amazing features along with a great Bluetooth function make these headphones a premium choice for those who need a pair during workouts.

 The buttons are well placed in order and you can operate the headphones just by voice control. Now you don’t want to pause your workout in the middle if you want to change any settings.


3. JLab Audio Flex Headphones  -Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out

JLab-Sport-Headphones - best over ear headphones for working out

  • Sweat/moisture-wicking material is meant for workouts.
  • Three ways to get a perfect set.
  • Audio with options for various workout locations.
  • There is a minor pause after you press the buttons, which led us to double-press at times.

It’s normal to worry about a nice pair of headphones that may fall off and break during a heavy workout session. If the worries are getting into you then you must go for these as they come with a good quality check that is specially designed to combat sweat.

They do not slip away and remain intact while offering an awesome experience.

It’s composed of moisture-wicking material and remains in position even during heavy workouts. The earcups are removable, thus they can be washed and reused for a fresh and hygienic experience.


4. Trelax Z2


  • Extremely clear audio.
  • Noise-canceling is very effective.
  • Very long battery life (35 hours).
  • Cups may get slippery after long workouts.

The Relax Z2 headphones will complement any activity you wish to do and come in handy. They are also well known for their noise-canceling features. We know that most earphones have this feature but in the case of these headphones, the thing to go ‘solo’ is a profound experience.

They come up with good battery life, much longer than the headphones within the same wireless range offer. You can expect at least 35 hours of continuous playback. You will instantly notice the quality of rich music. To add to the joy is the comfy design. They also come sleek and classy.


5. Cowin E7


  • Very comfortable and well-padded. 
  • Provide high-quality bass and vocals.
  • ANC gets rid of gym equipment sounds.
  • Brittle quality microphone.

They are light, compact, and efficient. Also, they are wireless. You don’t have to deal with the wires which can detangle. When you are in your zone and need to maintain the rhythm, rely on its deep bass.

The vocals are on point. which music and fitness enthusiasts won’t like the combo. The ANC function helps a lot with the droning gym equipment. You can also boost the volume to amplify the experience even more.


6. Bose Soundlink Wireless Headphones

Bose-Soundlink-1 - best over ear headphones for working out

  • Premium sound quality.
  • Seamlessly switching between devices, resumes music quickly.
  • Lightweight and impact resistant.
  • Bluetooth isn’t connecting with older devices.

Bose is known to provide you with a nice pair of Bluetooth ear gear. The headphone offered is suited to the gym lover’s wants and needs. They are focused and respond well when you are working out.

The controls are built onto the ear cup hence they are easy to operate. The sound quality is the best in the market. The smart switch feature helps to manage between calls and resume your music and vice versa. These goodies come up with a protective case to secure them when they are stored. How great is that?


7. Plantronics Backbeat Fit 500


  • Comfortable for long workouts.
  • Sweatproof.
  • Best wireless connectivity.
  • Average bass response

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit 500 is a stunning option for folks who need a strong and crisp sound while they hit those heavy machines in the gym. They are covered with a nice coating which prevents them from damage and hazards.

They are meant to be used for long hours. The sound is well-balanced and there is a volume button to manage your music needs.


8. Beats Studio3


  • Convenient fast charge provision.
  • Water and sweat Proof.
  • High-end, clear sound quality.
  • Costly.

There is always a set of earphones that is meant to suit the gym routine and that is the beats studio3 earphone. They are waterproof and sweat resistant. They are designed as over-the-year workout earphones with hooks to help them to stay intact. when the bearer is running.

The building is supreme hence they are the best of all. They have not just got themselves covered in terms of durability but also they are comfort seek. They do take a long time to get charged up and can provide 1 hour of playback with a mere 5 minutes of charging.


Why Use Over Ear Style Headphones For Working Out?

It’s well known that over the ear workout earphones provide the best quality. They come with an optimum design that is made to provide the best music experience. Moreover, they fit on the ear providing a barrier around the surrounding sounds. Your focus on music improves and now you can concentrate better on the workout.

Qualities to Look For

Weight and Fit

Earphone falling fear should not come in the way of your zeal. You must seek a pair that does not glide off and fits nicely without pulling out your hair or hurting you in any other way. Over the ear headphones is the better variant in any case.


For optimum comfort, the earphones should be light in weight. You must also make sure that the earcups do not get hot after you use them. They should provide a secure fit and remain intact while you perform your favorite activity without causing any discomfort.

Sound Quality

Some prefer high bass while others love the soulful vocals. These earphones meet all your musical needs.  You get clean sound due to the ANC which cancels the surrounding noises as well. They help you to attain focus and cancel all distractions whatsoever. 


The earphones must be robust, waterproof, and highly durable to provide full support during heavy workouts. There are some chances for the earphones to fall off and break, hence the material should be rigid.



We have provided you with the best of options if you need best over ear headphones for working out than the normal wireless earpieces available in the market. We hope our article saves your time since we have got you covered. Just browse through the details to select your favorite pair.