Sony WI-C200 Review: Best Budget-Friendly Headphone

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Have you not received your salary yet but still wanted to buy a headphone?

Nothing to worry about! You can buy Sony WI-C200 headphones without any doubt.

As per my experience, these headphones are one of the best creations of Sony. At first, by looking at the price, I thought that they were just average headphones. That’s why they are so cheap in contrast to costly headphones that are equipped with loads of amazing features. But honestly, they surprised me.

Sony WI-C200 Headphones have most of the features those other premium headphones have. In most aspects, they’re terrific closed-back wireless in-ear headphones and will be available within a budget.

They feature a small, portable design that makes them ideal for everyday use. They have a great sound quality and long battery life. They’re rather comfy and simple to operate, but their overall design reflects how amazingly they’re made.

But on the other hand, these headphones do have some shortcomings, just like other headphones have. However, if you’re wearing these headphones more casually, you shouldn’t have any issues, and their excellent price-to-performance ratio makes them a wonderful overall pick for everyday usage.

Having so many features in one headphone with lots of variations means that these headphones need a comprehensive review. But before starting the review, let’s have a look at the brand overview, which gives us an insight into the overall brand and its persona.

Sony Brand Overview

Sony, or Sony Corporation, is a prominent Japanese consumer electronics company. Its headquarters were in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Among other things, it was active in movies, music, and financial services.

It is a prominent technological firm that is one of the world’s largest makers of consumer and professional electronic devices, as well as the world’s largest video game console manufacturer and publisher.

Apart from all of this, Sony’s headphones have made him a household name in several of the world’s most populous countries. Sony is a significant audio equipment company and a pioneer in active noise-cancelation technology. This demonstrates that Sony’s goods are more than simply items, and the Sony WI-C200 Headphone is one of them.

What Did You Get In The Box When You Purchased The Sony WI-C200 Headphones?

sony headphone unboxing

I was ecstatic to get my new headphones. I couldn’t resist taking it out of the package. When I finally opened the box, I discovered Sony WI-C200 headphones, a USB-C charging cord, a handbook, and 3 distinct sizes of hybrid earbuds.

Now I’ll go through the specifications and advantages and disadvantages of the Sony wireless headphones Wi C 200. Take a look down below.

Key Features of the Sony WI-C200 Headphone

1- Type And Design

style and design of sony headphones

Well, it’s not a very unique thing that the Sony WI-C200 headphones are available in two colors, black and white. But the thing which delights me is the matte texture that they had. The matte with black one appealed to me the most.

They have a nice aesthetic to them, with a soft and flexible neckband design. A small wire in the earphones connects two compact and magnetic earbuds.

But, to be honest, the quality of their construction did not impress me. That’s why they aren’t long-lasting enough. The control components and earphones are contained in a thin, cheaply manufactured plastic and their control buttons are also extremely delicate and sensitive.

The wires are also quite thin and appeared to be at risk of breaking if I yanked them out of my ears too forcibly.

2- 9mm Driver

The Sony WI-C200 headphones contain a 9mm driver that produces dynamic music with deep bass, sharp treble, and exceptional clarity. And that’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for since I first started using headphones, and to be honest, I finally got one like this.

These drivers produce considerably clearer sound at high volumes with minimal to no distortion, and they are relatively inexpensive. Yes, you guessed correctly. As a result, these headphones are not prohibitively expensive and can be accommodated by the majority of people’s budgets.

3- Wireless Range

With a wireless range of 53 feet, these Sony WI-C200 headphones are nothing less than a miracle. 53 feet is quite a distance, which means this range is quite impressive.

4- Frequency Response

The Sony WI-C200 headphones have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, making them an excellent headset for listening to music. If you still don’t know how the frequency of any headphones affects the sound, do read this research. It will clear all your doubts.

5- Magnetic Earbuds

Sony headphone with magnetic earbuds

One of the best features that I love in every headphone is magnetic earbuds, and fortunately, the Sony WI-C200 headphones had them. They are very helpful in tangle-free carrying and storage.

The Sony WI-C200 Headphone’s Performance

1- Convenience and portability

The WI-C200 Headphones are a soft, flexible, and pretty comfortable pair of headphones that keep me comfortable even after long days at work. They don’t go too far inside my ear canals, and the earbuds are small, so there was no pressure in my ears.

The small earbuds come with a flexible wire, making them extremely portable. I can quickly fold them and carry them in my pocket. Furthermore, the magnetic earbuds enhance the headphone’s portability. I can easily snap them together and wear them around my neck.

On the other hand, their lengthy cords bothered me. These wires have a tendency to form big hanging loops that can easily get caught on something.

2- Sound Quality

The Sony WI-C200 headphones’ most amazing part is their 9mm dynamic speaker unit that produces incredible sound with deep bass and crystal-clear audio. They have a lot of basses, a lot of mid-response, and a lot of trebles.

They may create thumping and rumble in electronica, hip-hop, or electronic dance music since the bass is incredibly deep and extended. In the upper bass, there is a little increase. It adds some more beats while also adding some harmonic distortion to the sound.

I enjoyed the mid-range as well. The treble response is quite balanced until about halfway across the range when it becomes a little harsh or bumpy. Some frequencies are dull and unclear, while others are razor-sharp and penetrating. However, their treble is acceptable and thorough in general.

But finally, I wanted to say that this is my observation, but it is also a known fact that the treble frequencies are not heard in the same manner by everyone. As a result, your experience may differ from mine. However, if you still don’t understand the 9mm dynamic speaker’s abilities, you must read this article.

3- Sound Leakage

The performance in terms of leakage is excellent. In the bass and mid-range, they don’t leak any sound. Within a relatively small frequency band of 2 kHz to 5 kHz, you’ll discover a large amount of leakage.

However, the overall leakage of the Sony WI-C200 headphones is fairly good, as per my experience, as I didn’t hear any sound at that frequency.

4- Noise-Cancelation

These headphones don’t have any sophisticated noise-canceling capabilities, but they perform a decent job of noise isolation. Like the diaphragm of an AC unit, they can only filter out some ambient noise and isolate frequencies in the treble levels.

They are not, however, well suited to separating bass range sounds. The groans of traffic and airline engines are not muffled by the Sony WI-C200 headphones. They also don’t suppress noise at heavily crowded parties, which means they are somehow not made for me as I am a party animal. For the best experience best noise-cancellation, you can choose among them.

5- Control System

For audio and call handling, they have an integrated remote with a three-button layout.

  • To play, pause, or answer calls, I will press the multifunction or power button once.
  • Double-tapping it will bring up Siri or Google Assistant. Now I can use my voice to check the weather, the news, and many other things.
  • The volume up and down controls are likewise located here. I will hold them in my hands to skip tracks or return to the previous one. When I skip, as well as when I hit the maximum and lowest volume levels, I’ll hear a voice prompt.

6- Microphone

The inbuilt microphone on the Sony WI-C200 headset is average. In my opinion, it was acceptable for a call in a peaceful location.

However, it had issues in a loud environment. I also discovered that it couldn’t distinguish between voice and background noise. When you’re on a crowded road or at a railway station, the person on the other end of the line will have a tougher time understanding your voice.

When the mic is in use, it also gives continual feedback. It may appear to be useful in certain ways, but it may also be incredibly annoying when you can’t turn it off. However, it is still not good for laptop purposes. If you wanted to use them with a laptop, you can choose other headphones that are best for laptop use and are equipped with microphones.

7- Stability

They are sufficiently stable for a lengthy run or workout. However, I must always ensure that there is no pulling on the cable because it causes my ears to fall out.

They usually form hanging loops due to their lengthy cords, which I find bothersome. However, I used to be able to keep track of them by simply snapping the magnetic earphones together.

8- Waterproofing

There is no waterproof certification for the Sony WI-C200 headphone. Use it just when you’re not swimming or showering. I’ve made this mistake before and learned my lesson, so don’t make the same error. This is totally forbidden from my side.

They do not, however, sweat excessively. That means they may be worn for extended periods of time without becoming bothered by sweat. But don’t use them while having a shower. It will make your headphone suffer. However, if you still wanted to know about headphones that are good for swimming and bathing purposes, you select any headphones among them.

9- Battery Life And Capacity

They use lithium-metal rechargeable batteries that may last up to 15 hours of fun or chat time. It’s a bit of a shock for wireless in-ears. The maximum standby duration is 200 hours. They do, however, take a long time to charge, about 2 hours. To charge the earbuds, you’ll need a USB-C charging cord.

They do not, however, have any power-saving features. So, when I’m not using them, I have to turn them off.

10- Bluetooth

The Sony WI-C200 Bluetooth headphone supports Bluetooth 5.0. They don’t have a multi-device pairing or NFC capabilities. They do, however, have a great range of about 53 feet. I took a step away from my phone to check it. There was no splicing of the audio.

They support the Bluetooth codecs A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, AAC, and SBC. The Sony WI-C200 isn’t functional with the Sony Headphone Connect app, which is a bummer.

11- Compatibility

All iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, and laptops are compatible with the wireless Sony WI-C200 headphones. They are, however, incompatible with the PS4 and Xbox One.

12- Gaming Capabilities

They will not be suited for gaming due to their excessive wireless latency. Furthermore, the mic’s recording quality is inferior to that of gaming headsets that have better gaming capabilities. I also do not recommend them for watching television. For gaming purposes, use those headphones that are good for gaming such as Cloud gaming headphones.

13- Studio Capabilities

I didn’t anticipate better studio performance from the Sony WI-C200 headphones at this price point, yet they didn’t disappoint. For studio monitoring, I am unable to use these headphones. There are, however, a number of headphones on the market that are ideal for studio use. And if you are getting confused while viewing so many headphones in various lists, you may purchase TASCAM TH-300. It is ideal for studio purposes.

Advantages Of Sony WI-C200 Headphone

  • These headphones are suitable for traveling and working. They are an excellent solution for lengthy journeys and commutes since they are considerably more flexible and portable, and they offer a long battery life. You may easily wear them around your neck.
  • They’re also beneficial for sports. Because the earbuds are so small, they won’t trap heat in your ears. As a result, I liked working out with them.
  • This Sony WI-C200 headphone may also be used for listening in the office. It might help you concentrate on your job by blocking out the background noise.

Disadvantages Of Sony WI-C200 Headphone

  • These headphones are not made for audio enthusiasts, so if you have one of them, don’t use them. It falls short of your expectations. You can buy some other headphones that are suitable for audiophilic purposes.
  • Furthermore, the quality of their microphone is poor. As a result, these earbuds are not suitable for online teaching or meetings. Select any other headphones that are better suitable for online meetings.
  • They’re not perfect for gaming and studio monitoring, as I’ve already stated.
  • They are also inappropriate to wear while it is raining or snowing.



The Sony WI-C200 headphone is a wonderful option if you want a portable wireless in-ear headset at a low price. Overall, while the Sony WI-C200 headphones aren’t great for one specific function, their adaptable design and adequate performance make them a good choice for everyday wear usage.

You’ve read my Sony WI-C200 headphone review, but you may still be hesitant to purchase it. In such a situation, I may recommend some different headphones. In these, you may get better features for roughly the same price.

Some alternatives to the Sony WI-C200 headphone include the Sony WI-XB400 wireless in-ear extra bass headphones, Beats Flex wireless earbuds, and TASCAM TH-200X headphones. As an alternative to the Sony WI-C200 headphone, you may try one of these.

I attempted to offer an honest assessment based on my own personal experience. I hope it will assist you in making decisions. However, the final decision is entirely up to you.

Have a nice day!