10 Best Neckband Headphones With Amazing Call Quality

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Are you tired of your old wired or wireless earphones?

Then try neckband headphones, which are becoming increasingly popular among the younger population. The majority of people choose them since they are easy to carry.

Let me inform you that they are also wireless and handy, and they function with Bluetooth technology.

While they claim to provide us with a wireless lifestyle while not being entirely wireless. It implies that they can provide us with the wireless earphone experience while also ensuring that we do not lose them quickly, as we easily lose our earphones in crowded places.

This is one of the best things I like about these neckband headphones because, in the past, I have lost many of my earphones while going through a crowd. Once they fall, either they go ruined or they get lost. That’s why I just love neckband headphones.

Neckband headphones usually have integrated button controls that let me control music, calls, and assistants. With their help of them, I can move or even run while wearing a neckband because the headset is secure around my neck and has very little possibility of breaking apart.

I can say that, as a frequent user of neckband headphones, they have now become a key part of my life and have dominated my headphone selections.

Sound quality is the most significant consideration when selecting a Bluetooth earpiece. Sound quality would be better with a larger driver. Because of their greater speaker size, neckband headphones outperform other wireless earbuds in this category.

Furthermore, neckband headphones provide exceptional call quality and make it easy to make a call even in a crowded place without losing them, which makes them the best choice for calling. However, the market is now flooded with different kinds of neckband headphones as they have become more than just a technology for people like me.

That’s why I am here with the list, which includes the 10 best neckband headphones that have exceptional sound quality. So, let’s find out more about them and what their important features are.


Best Neckband Headphones For Calling

1- Sony WI-1000XM2 Industry Leading Behind-Neck in Ear Headset

sony wi 1000xm2 industry leading behind-neck in ear headset

The Sony WI-1000XM2 Wireless headset is the greatest overall neckband headphone we’ve tested.

These headphones are the newest version of Sony’s WI-1000XM3 wireless headphones, with more flexible neckbands and easy-to-use controls. They’re well-made and come with a fantastic protective case to keep them safe while we are not using them.

These wireless neckband headphones provide me with a firm and comfortable fit thanks to their angle-shaped construction. Even while I’m walking, they don’t fall out of my ears on their own.

Unfortunately, its in-ear fit might get tiring with time, which is a letdown. Fortunately, they come with a variety of ear tips in various sizes to assist us in choosing the optimal fit.

They are also tangle-free as they are equipped with magnetic earbuds. Apart from this, they are not waterproof and can get ruined if they come into contact with water. However, sweat can’t have much effect on them. But you should clean your neckband headphones regularly with the help of a dry cloth as they can get dirty easily.

These headphones feature pleasant sound characteristics that I can customize using the visual EQ and modes in the accompanying app, i.e., the Sony | Headphones Connect app. Deep bass and clean mids are provided by the custom-designed HD driver system, while delicate, natural high tones are produced by the matched Balanced Armature driver.

The noise cancellation on these Bluetooth neckband headphones is amazing. The specialized HD noise-canceling processor QN1 blocks practically most frequencies of ambient noise. Because of their active noise canceling (ANC) mechanism, they can filter out a significant amount of ambient noise, such as the rumbling of public transportation engines and workplace chatter.

They have a battery life of around 13 hours and can take about 3.5 hours to fully charge. They also allow multi-device pairing, which means I can connect them to both my smartphone and my computer at the same time.

Overall, this is one of the best wireless neckband headphones for calling, but make sure that you utilize earbuds as per your ear size.

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2- Jabra Evolve 65E UC & Link 370

jabra evolve 65e uc and link 370

The Jabra Evolve 65e is one of the finest neckband headphones for long-term comfort when calling, with a lightweight, around-the-neck design and tight-fitting oval earbuds. By looking at them, I can say that they were made very well, which made them durable even if we were heavily using them.

These neckband headphones have UC-certified sound and Skype for Business certification, ensuring users of crystal-clear calls or music experiences while on the go.

Talking about my calling experience with them, there are no echoes, and the other person can clearly hear me when I’m on the phone. This headset has four microphones, out of which two in the microphone box capture my voice and one in each earphone that listens for ambient noise and filters it out.

Its secure in-ear fit delivers passive noise cancelation by filtering out ambient noise, allowing me to concentrate on my job. However, in comparison to other fine noise-canceling headphones, their noise-cancellation is not as good. Furthermore, because of its tight grip around my ear, it provides sufficient noise isolation for me.

This headset, like the Sony neckband headphones, comes with the Jabra Sound+ app, which allows me to customize the sound. It assists me in matching my music and phone experience to my surroundings.

This headset, according to the makers, may last up to 13 hours on a single charge. However, based on my own experience, this claim is exaggerated, and the headset only lasts around 10 hours on a single charge.

Overall, they’re nice and well-made Bluetooth neckband headphones. However, one issue is that audio playback between many devices might get problematic.


3- 1MORE Wireless Earbuds Active Noise Cancelling

1 more wireless earbud active noise cancelling

1MORE is recognized for producing high-quality items at a reasonable price, and the 1MORE True Wireless ANC is no exception. The superb sound profile and minimalist appearance of these dual-driver earphones effectively combine elegance and performance.

These neckband headphones provided me with one of the most remarkable calling experiences I’ve ever had. That is why they have earned a spot on this list.

A dust-proof stainless steel mesh is inserted between the housing’s internals and the plastic outer shell of the ANC earphones. Although the build quality is noticeably better than the sturdy headphones on this list, these earbuds still lack perfect waterproofing and sweat-proofing properties. So, it means that these headphones are not good for swimming, showering, and sweaty activities.

The headset also has an O-hook mechanism and angled nozzles for a secure fit in the ear, and the metal charging case can be charged via a USB-C cable or wireless charger.

Each earbud has an infrared sensor that recognizes when the buds are inserted and released from my ears automatically. When I remove them, playback immediately pauses, but it does not continue when I re-insert them. I have to rely on the touch controllers for that. Although the options are extensive, it’s easy to switch between listening modes while changing the fit.

When I listen to anything, their hybrid dual-driver architecture with a balanced armature produces an incredibly detailed and clear sound. Thanks to the microphone array, low fundamental frequencies are two to four times quieter than their middle counterparts.

This can make bass voices seem “odd” to the person on the other end of the line, but most individuals, especially those with a higher pitch, sound very natural.

Overall, these In-ear neckband headphones are amazing for lengthy call periods, but they still need to improve many things, so that we can use them while doing various kinds of work.


4- AfterShokz AS600BK Titanium

aftershokz as600bk titanium

AfterShokz is a renowned bone-conduction headphone manufacturer. The Red Dot, IDEA, and Good Design awards have all been given to their bone-conduction headphones.

Keeping this constant, their AfterShokz AS600BK Titanium neckband headphones have one of the highest bone-conduction and can provide you with one of the finest calling experiences.

They offer a good fit for everyone, and it is also quite comfortable to wear because they are light and flexible. It provides me with the most comfort possible when I’m wearing it for a lengthy period of time. I once used this headset for almost 5 hours and didn’t feel tired or in any way uncomfortable. My cheeks were the only thing that became a little hot.

Furthermore, bone-conduction headphones are beneficial to one’s health. Because they keep my ears open, there’s no risk of them becoming unclean or unsanitary as a result of listening to the headphones.

It’s ideal for people with large heads. However, if your head is too small, don’t panic. But, if you have an extra-large head, you might choose a different headset that fits over your head.

This bone conduction headphone’s sound isn’t as excellent as regular headphones. However, it is suitable for a wide range of musical styles. I listened to classical music, conventional music, as well as podcasts. I heard a sound that was clear and minimalistic.

However, if you want earbuds, especially for listening to classical music, then have a look at this list. It will give you a glimpse of some of the most amazing headsets for it. And if you want headphones to listen to podcasts, go through this list.

The frequency response is good for all sound ranges. The primary issue, though, is in the bass range. In the treble region, the bass accuracy isn’t very good. The sound produced in the treble was faint, in my opinion.

It leaks so much sound. I didn’t realize this until I used them at my workplace, which is a very quiet environment, and believe me, their sound leaking annoys the people around me. And, also being a bone-conduction neckband headphone, it doesn’t have noise-cancellation features.

Overall, these sport neckband headphones are amazing for long-term use, but only if you don’t have any problems with sound leakage and noise-cancelation.


5- LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds

lg tone flex hbx xl7 bluetooth wireless stereo neckband earbuds

The LG Tone Flex XL7 wireless neckband headset is a high-end wireless neckband headset. For maximum streaming quality, it may upgrade low-resolution files to 32-bit high-resolution audio. His meridian audio system, on the other hand, produces a neutral-leaning frequency response, which is ideal for long-period calls.

These neckband headphones are flexible, as the name implies, making it simple to tuck headsets in a side pocket or handbag. The stippled texture on the rubbery portion is subtle. The band will stay in place because there is just enough contact against the back of the neck.

Although folding headphones are a clever idea, these ones need assistance. Only a few millimeters from the neckband caps did the buds cease retracting. The earphones had to be manually pushed back into place. It’s not a major issue. However, it’s infuriating because the identical technique works well on other similar kinds of headsets.

This is another headset that lacks angled earbud nozzles, making it more difficult to get a good seal. They had no certified IP certification or water resistance.

The battery life is impressive. They lasted 10 hours, and 22 minutes in my experience, which is more than what they are claiming i.e. eight-hour lifespan.

Across the most audible region of the frequency spectrum, this headset provides a pretty neutral response. They shield me from high-pitched sounds, but low-frequency disturbances such as nearby traffic are still discernible.

In terms of calling, these neckband headphones are quite remarkable. They will make us sound just like we do in real life, whether we have a high or low-pitched voice. Clarity, on the other hand, varies depending on how much we’re moving.

Overall, this is an attractive option for a wireless neckband headphone with few drawbacks.


6- Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

bose soundsport wireless earbuds

When it comes to audio quality, Bose is a household brand in the world of headphones, and the SoundSport Wireless neckband headphones live up to that reputation. They make listening to my favorite songs a pleasurable experience for me. They are, nonetheless, one of the best choices for calling since they provide sharp details.

The earphones stay in place even while I am doing a workout, despite their shaky fit. Because being open-ear neckband headphones, they completely seal out my ears, which sometimes results in irritation.

The StayHear+ sports tips are entirely responsible for the SoundSport Wireless exercise headphones remaining in place. They aren’t the most fashionable ear tips, but they do the job. These ear tips are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The bud fits loosely in your ear but firmly.

Because these neckband headphones are made of strong plastic, at first, I thought they were sweat-resistant. Nevertheless, they aren’t. Even so, I’ve known folks who have had problems with perspiration harming the headphones, which is a concern given that they don’t have an official IP certification.

The SoundSport Wireless has a battery life of 6 hours and 45 minutes on a single charge, which is more than the advertised six hours. Though it isn’t really excellent, they aren’t exaggerating it in any way.

Their sound quality is a little perplexing because they can’t provide a precise and natural sound. They’re also not very good at sound isolation, but they’re ideal for working out.

Overall, they’re useful for calling in general, especially during a workout. They do, however, have a number of disadvantages.


7- Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds

beats flex wireless earbuds

The Beats Flex brings brand-new wireless headphones to the public at a lower cost, but only at the expense of sound quality and style. They aren’t quite as good as some of the top-notch headphones in the industry, but nonetheless, they are the best thing in their price range.

Although the earbuds themselves are quite light as they weigh 18.6 grams, the chord that connects them is around 32 inches long and wraps around my neck. Having such a lengthy cord loop around my neck is inconvenient, and having the two earbuds connected by a cable isn’t exactly what I need.

It also has a sensor that automatically pauses the music when I take them off and resumes it when I put them on again. According to Beats, the headphones have 12-hour battery life and quick charging capabilities, which may deliver an hour and a half of play on a 10-minute charge.

Furthermore, they are also equipped with the Apple W1 headphone chip that allows for smooth device communication. Furthermore, Class 1 Bluetooth has a longer wireless range and fewer dropouts. In a phone conversation, their built-in mic with wind reduction ensures that my voice is heard clearly on the other end.

Fortunately, these earbuds work with both Apple and Android smartphones, unlike most other Apple products that aren’t compatible with other operating systems. Many customers claim that Beats Flex works better with Apple smartphones than with Android devices. Many of them say they were blown away by the performance.

When it comes to audio quality, they created a deep V-shaped sound that emphasizes the highs and lows of the acoustic spectrum while neglecting the mids. During my month with the headphones, I discovered that the sound quality was really rather good for a set of in-ear drivers. The music does not have a particularly big soundstage.

Overall, they are amazing, and flexible neckband headphones in an affordable price range, but still, if you want better sound quality, try out another one from this list.


8- Anker Soundcore Life U2 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

anker soundcore life u2 bluetooth neckband headphones

The Anker Soundcore Life U2 is a Bluetooth neckband headphone with several outstanding features at a reasonable price.

These earbuds come with a variety of ear tips in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Because of this, we don’t have to worry about the proper fit if our ear canals are small, medium, or big. This is a wonderfully comfy set of neckband headphones that provide us with a natural and fresh sensation after a long time of use.

I used it for 8–10 hours every day and had no discomfort or soreness. The neckband headphones are also quite adaptable, fitting most head sizes. There hasn’t been any strain on my neck.

The sound profile of these neckband headphones is balanced and harmonized. It provided me with excellent sound and the enjoyable listening experience that I needed. Its beautiful tone immerses me in the realm of music every time I hear it. The frequency response is extremely flat and ideal for many musical genres.

It also has two EQ settings to choose from. Simply turn on BassUp mode, and you will get up to 70% more bass than in standard mode. A bio-cellulose diaphragm is used in the 10mm drivers. It produces a treble with exceptional detail and clarity.

However, they have poor sound-leaking performance and noise-canceling performance. While they are equipped with active noise cancellation and because of their in-ear design, they can isolate a little sound. However, unlike other active noise-canceling headphones, sound isolation is insufficient.

For making calls, these headphones include a great microphone. CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology is used in their microphone. It improved the quality of my calls by eliminating background noise.

Overall, they are one of the best magnetic neckband headphones for making calls and listening to sounds, and that’s why they secured their position on this list.


9- AMORNO Wireless Neckband Sports Headset

amorno wireless neckband sports headset

The AMORNO In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone is a good folding neckband headphone for daily use. It gives good performance at a reasonable price. It does, however, have several flaws that some people find unpleasant.

AMORNO Wireless Headset, like other neckband headphones, is comfortable to use for long periods of time. This headset fits snugly around any neck and relieves strain on the ears. The earplugs are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The neckband is rubberized as well, so it never puts any strain on the neck. When I wear it with my glasses, it’s also really comfortable. However, because it is a neckband headphone, it may not be comfortable if I want to listen while lying down.

These neckband headphones don’t have the same sound quality as other pricey headsets. However, when you consider its price range, it is fantastic.

It gives me high-resolution stereo sound. I found the sound was perfectly clear. It also has great bass and an accurate midrange. At this price point, the treble and low precision is exceptional. The frequency response is also appropriate for all musical genres.

These neckband headphones have good sound leakage performance. When listening at a moderate volume, this in-ear headset does not leak any sound. However, if I listen at a high volume, it may leak a small amount of sound.

CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology is used in the construction of these neckband headphones. It has the ability to actively minimize distracting background noise. However, it is unable to eliminate as much noise as it promised. But at this price bracket, it is reasonably decent.

Apart from that, their microphone performs admirably.

With it, I was able to make crystal-clear phone calls. However, the microphone is unable to block out background noise. When I call someone in a busy environment, the person to whom I am talking may hear all of the surrounding noise. This headset also lacks a microphone mute function.

Overall, I think these collar-style headphones are fantastic, but I think the sound quality might be better.


10- NANAMI X1 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

nanami x1 bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

The NANAMI X1 is a pair of Bluetooth headphones with an in-ear neckband design. With an IPX7 waterproof rating and a long battery life, it’s ideal for listening to music and making calls while on the go. These low-cost Bluetooth neckband headphones are primarily intended for athletic use.

This is an extremely comfortable set of earbuds with a neckband. It provides long-term wearing comfort. The ear tips are quite comfortable and might help to lessen wear fatigue. I wore these headphones for 5–6 hours a day and never had any discomfort or agony, except when my ears became heated after several hours of use.

The low-budget neckband headphones provided a great sound profile, so I was shocked to have such amazing sound quality from them. They provide a sound that is both neutral and accurate.

The frequency response is ideal for all musical genres. Richer, deeper bass and superior quality are provided by these headphones. Also well-balanced are the mid and upper frequencies. They are very good for playing games and just work exactly like professional gaming headsets. 

The performance in terms of sound leakage is outstanding. While listening at a reasonable volume, it does not leak sound. However, if you listen at a high volume, it will leak a small amount of sound.

Active noise cancellation is not available with NANAMI Bluetooth headphones. However, because of its in-ear construction, it may isolate a small amount of sound and lessen somewhat unpleasant background noise. However, isolation is insufficient.

Hands-free calling is possible with these headphones, which include a MEMS microphone. The microphone is excellent and can block out background noise when on the phone. It is capable of reducing background noise efficiently.

It also produces clear and powerful sounds for easy communication. It always gives me a crystal-clear call, whether I’m working, driving, or strolling. They can not, however, eliminate wind noise.

Overall, they’re fantastic and lightweight neckband headphones for talking on the phone and listening to music, but not for stereo work.


What Features Are Required To Buy The Best Neckband Headphones?

  • Neckband headphones should be made with durable material so that they can be used for a long time.
  • Neckband headphones must have immersive sound quality.
  • Neckband headphones must have a noise-canceling feature.
  • Neckband headphones must be sound leak-proof.
  • The neckband headphone must be equipped with a premium-quality microphone.
  • Neckband headphones must be foldable so that they do not occupy much space.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a neckband headphone?

The earbuds that are attached to a band worn around the neck are referred to as a neckband. Earbuds are also known as “genuinely wireless earbuds” since they are completely cordless. However, the neckband often referred to as “collar earphones,” is partially wireless.

  • How to connect neckband headphones with any device?

If you want to know how you can connect your neckband to any device, watch the below-mentioned video:

  • Is it safe to wear neckband headphones?

Yes, and they are unquestionably safer than just using a phone. Whether you’re concerned about the health concerns of radiation or the dangers of distracted driving, a neckband Bluetooth headphone can help.



A large number of neckband earphones on the market might be confusing, and choosing the right pair can be challenging. This list, as well as the characteristics of the buying guide, may be of use to you. To help you choose the finest neckband headphones, go over the items carefully.

I’ve attempted to change a lot of things in this article regarding the mentioned neckband headphones, including how and why they’re useful for calling. However, it is possible that I will miss some details about them; thus, if you want any further information, go straight to the neckband’s website and conduct a search.

I believe you will now select the best headset that meets your requirements. So, let’s bring this article to a conclusion.

Have a good day!