Top 5 Best USB Headsets In 2023-Buyer’s Guide

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For those people who started working from home, Skype, the Zoom has become their new coffee shops and places to hang out with their colleagues. You might be wondering why I am talking about all these things here when the topic is about the best USB headsets.

Let me start by telling you how irritated I was by using a USB mic and plugging an XLR into my audio interface to take Zoom calls.  But then I also knew that it’s extremely important to have a simple plug-and-play USB headset to let people hear you. 

Working from home has its own set of additives. You have your kids surrounding you all the time, most often creating a mess if not playing.  Fighting for food or remote is all part of the day. Needless to say, background noise cancellation is a necessity in such scenarios because I don’t want people to know whose pencil did John steal. 

I was determined to look for the best tried and tested USB headset that delivered a clear speech and effectively canceled the background noises so that I can work without any distractions. I wanted my children, my dog, and my partner to live their life while I concentrate on my work.

Below is a list of the simple plug-and-play USB microphones to level up the conversation for more video chats, voice messages, voice typing transcriptions, and everything


List Of Best USB Headsets In 2023

1. Logitech USB Headset H390

Logitech USB Headset H390 - best usb headsetsAll the basic set of functions is taken care of in the Logitech H3 90. It doesn’t spoil your budget and comes with a reliable noise-canceling feature. The gadget comes with a padded headband and suits the all-important USB connectivity you need for plug-and-play ease of use.

But that’s not enough so let’s dive a little deeper into the details. As you already know that working from home has its own set of merits and demerits. Demerits are naturally a topic of concern and I am sure you want your USB headset to manage the challenges, help you little and not be an even greater part of the connection.

But you’ll feel good to know that H390 does exactly that. It was often regarded by many as the ‘Perfect business headset for voice calls, Skype, and webinars. The package has a complete set of features to suit home-based office and online work.

For example, you get a 7.64 feet cable which gives you the freedom to sit or stand during long online calls. These slim profile speakers contain laser tune drivers to provide enhanced audio. What’s interesting is that they do not require any software installation to do the same.

There truly is a plug-in to play ready and good to go right outside the box. The mic is solid and the movable can be touched upward to get it out of the way. You also have a host of inline controls in your kitty. The volume control and mute button are located right on the cord and are pretty easy to reach. 

The setup is too simple for some fellow hardcore Gamers, but it’s a lot for a work-home professional that needs to conduct business phone calls while minding his/her home business as well.

Key Features:

The padded headband adds to the comfort.

Works with the most prevalent calling applications on nearly any platform and operating system.

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS and even Chrome OS.

Surprisingly good sound quality and noise reduction for the price you pay.

Contains both in-line volume and a mute control feature.


2. Sennheiser SC 165 USB Double-Sided Binaural Headset

Sennheiser SC 165 USB Headset - best usb headsets

Sennheiser SC 625 functions as a heavy-duty piece of gear while still managing a build that is light in weight. A headset is meant to bridge the gap between you and the online platform to simplify your work as a professional. The SC 165 takes care of this with its unique style and durable shelf life.

It comes with two different sets of connecting options are 3.5 mm jack for the USB. Feels nice to from various options.

An ideal computer headset drives your focus and does not delete due to any distractions. What’s, even more, integrative about these headsets is that they are extremely handy. You can just carry them around anywhere in your purse or bag and use them on the go. They not only survive heavy use and transportation but also suit stressful work environments without any setbacks. Plug and play and they’re ready to go.

They also can let the speakers move up and down so that you could adjust the headband.  Does it mean that you can customize their size?  Oh surely yes. 

You know that no one or nothing is perfect and you have to embrace the imperfections. The SC 165s do not make their mark when it comes to noise cancellation. But you can make your way and choose between the leatherette ear pads or the foam. 

All Sennheiser headsets from where a feature called voice clarity technology that helps the mic in the headset to work the web best and sound with the utmost clarity. This holds even for the headset that we are talking about now.

Speaker drivers perform nicely but in noisy environments they hold themselves. Skype calls are hence isolated from the background noise. All these functions are put into operation nicely making Sennheiser a perfect choice for those working from home.

Key Features:

Ships with a Sennheiser 2-year warranty.

The bendable boom arm is also flexible for easy positioning.

Noise-canceling technology works pretty well.

Speakers are powered by Sennheiser HD Stereo Sound for optimal audio clarity.

Contains a mute function.


3. Mpow USB Headset

Mpow USB Headset

Working from home doesn’t mean that you should spend loads of money for the best comfort. Beginners need not spend so much on a USB headset. You just need to find the best USB headsets that provide USB connectivity within your budget. The Mpow USB headset doesn’t not only stand out in terms of price but also gives you a whole basketful of standard features. It’s a Win-Win situation to get something nice is this for the modest price you are going to pay?

Let’s talk in detail about the features provided by it.

They provide extremely comfortable ear pads that have a nice fit. MPOW Delivers good-quality sound to help you with your business calls. The USB headset is ideal for use with Skype, zoom, video driving, and Conference Calls.

We all love additional sets of features, don’t we? You can use this headset with any sort of device as it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and even iOS honestly at this money you’re getting a lot more than what you asked for.

Key Features:

Can be EASILY plugged in as a 3.5mm jack or USB.

Soft, sturdy padding makes IT one of the best products on our list for comfort.

90-degree rotation in the cups ENABLES it to fold up for super-easy storage.

Overall, offers some of the best value for the price.

Other Good Options.

The micas listed above are surely the best ones in the market. You should not miss out on other solid performers that worked well as well. Here are a few great options that are worth considering.


4. Plantronics 3210

Plantronics 3210 USB Headphone

One cannot look down upon it as it also works efficiently to provide what it’s good at. It just has a slight chance of bad credibility that makes people pick the other options available. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and it’s a solid pair that has a lot to offer if you decide to choose it. Here is a list of functions THAT IT OFFERS.

Key Features:

Ideal for users who prefer to keep one ear free

Features wideband audio, with enhanced Digital Signal Processing, for optimal sound

Users report that they can hear, and are heard, with crystal clarity with this headset


5. IPD IPH-165 Binaural Headset – Best USB Headsets

IPD IPH-165 Binaural USB Headset

IPD IPOH-165 gives you the option to make calls and attend all business conferences and it’s using a good-quality microphone in a simple easy-to-use plug-and-play package.

The only reason some people might look down upon it is the heavy price that it comes at. People will surely expect a more extensive set of features at this price range but you should be assured that what it offers in this set of its elaborate functions is not bad. 

Key Features:

Compatible with Sky, Avaya, Cisco, and many other types of software.

Boom arm mic rotation gives you the power to customize mic placement.

Ships with an RJ11 plug and a USB adapter.



It’s a very tough job to shop for things that involve certain technical aspects but it doesn’t have to be rocket science for you. You just need to look out for the product that sustains the quality that you need. 

You just need to think about the challenges you face while you work and let your microphone work with you to combat those difficulties. It takes a lot of work to manage between work home and kids nowadays.

So go for a mic that beats your distraction, and lets you closer to your dream job.