5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset – 2023 Reviews

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Tired of finding the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset? Here we have a list and guide that help you to get the best of them.

It’s a fast-paced world where many people are striving to make their items more perfect, and the youth play a significant role in that by providing challenging work performances that have a considerable effect on many lives. Furthermore, there are bike enthusiasts who love to ride and take their motorcycles for longer drives, which makes them feel so ambitious.

Even though motorcycle riding is becoming more popular every day, talking on the phone while riding motorcycle results in many accidents, and many of these cases are related to that. But there is a solution for every problem, and it is available here to make sure motorcycle riders are protected.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

In some cases, many people use a headset while riding. Despite this, their helmets do not fit them adequately, causing a significant issue for the riders, who are looking for products that are useful for them, including in-ear, as well as their products.

Now the wait is over for them, and they do not need to go anywhere else for finding the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset devices here. You get all the top picks and the best product that will be best for you in use.

In the list below I have listed the top headsets. I will provide you with more information than just the name of each item for you to choose and understand what’s best for you. All the headsets are listed with their features, specifications, and design.

Let’s not spend so much time discussing appearance. With a very reasonable price and an adorable product, I will introduce you to the best items available. Here is the latest and upgraded version of the headset.

List of The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Available in The Market:-

1- Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk Duo

Featuring a variety of new features, the Scala rider Packtalk duo by Cardo is an ideal choice for both cross-country use and local riding. At a reasonable price, it’s one of the most popular headsets on the market.

Overview and Features

It is the first system of its kind to incorporate dynamic meshwork communication, which is essentially a wireless mesh network. Intercoms on this model connect up to fifteen riders, with up to four users able to speak simultaneously. Basically, it employs a variant of a mesh network, which means that even if a rider is outside of the range, the system will be able to automatically reconnect them once they are within range again. It’s a big improvement over a standard Bluetooth system.



This is definitely a feature-heavy headset, so beginners or people who aren’t very tech-savvy may find it problematic. In addition to the user’s manual, the system comes with a forty-five-page manual that explains how to use each feature, how to adjust it, how to pair it with other Bluetooth devices, and how to add more riders.

If you’re planning a major trip across the country, you can really rely on this model. While on your trip, it has several great features designed to keep you and your friends safe and in constant contact. It also offers the kind of performance you need when traveling through unfamiliar territory.

Bluetooth Capability

There are many options available with Packtalk’s advanced capabilities. Connecting with multiple devices is very easy when you’re riding with a large group. Since it uses Bluetooth as its default network, it can also be paired with other Bluetooth devices. Therefore, you can pair the headset with your smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet.

Roller Wheel

By using the roller wheel control, you can easily access the system’s advanced menu system and adjust the volume.

FM Radio

It has a built-in FM radio with eight presets, so you can listen to your favorite stations and keep up with traffic and weather reports.

Mounting Options

The mounting system uses a friction-based spring steel mounting system. A mic and speaker connectors are included with the mount.

Sound Quality

When turned up, the volume level is adequate. In terms of sound quality, you’ll enjoy a crystal-clear listening experience. You won’t have to deal with any static or background noise.


Charge time is approximately four hours, and the battery offers an average talk time of thirteen hours. In standby mode, the system will last for one week. Even though some competing models offer up to twenty hours of talk time, I found the thirteen hours to be average.


Waterproof and dustproof, this system can be used in inclement weather and not be damaged.


It may not be a beginner-friendly system, but it’s packed with features, adjustability, and connection options that make it one of the most reliable.


2- Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

When Sena Technologies released the SMH10 motorcycle intercom, it received positive reviews. It allows users to listen to music, receive voice instructions, and engage in GPS navigation, as well as send and receive hands-free calls with its Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easily compatible with smartphones. As a result of the system’s nicely streamlined user interface, the SMH10 certainly has all of the desired functionality.

SMH10D-11, the latest version of SMH10, was released this year by the Sena company. Besides the boom microphone, the latest version also comes with a wired microphone for more flexible helmet installation.



Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth devices supporting Headset Profile/Hands-free Profile (HSP/HFP) and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) can be easily connected to the Sena SMH10D-11 headset. Smartphones provide HSP/HFP capabilities, while MP3 players and audio dongles use A2DP to stream audio files to Bluetooth-enabled headsets.


With the Jog Dial feature, you can increase or decrease the volume separately for voice, music, and intercom. Profiles that have previously been connected can save volume levels so that you can hear your voice calls loud and clear as you soon transition to music streaming without being hampered by so many volume levels.

Mounting Options

The SMH10D-11 motorcycle Bluetooth headset was designed to fit a variety of motorcycle helmets as it was marketed as a motorcycle Bluetooth headset. Motorists can choose between the boom microphone and wired microphone to install the Universal Microphone Kit, at their convenience.


This motorcycle intercom from Sena will amaze you as a whole. As far as portable devices go, this is one of the best and most affordable devices from Sena. Those who need a great Bluetooth headset with a reliable hands-free system can recommend this product to their friends.


3- FreedConn Motorcycle Communication System

If you need a quality and durable affordable product in this price range, this will be the best option for you. Its intuitive controls make it easy to operate hands-free.

Many features of this headset are supported, such as HFP, A2DP, etc. Furthermore, the crystal-clear audio from this device is so powerful that you will be mesmerized by its powerful sound.



Several parts of the box were included in the kit: two intercoms, two mic and headphones sets, two bracket mounts, two Velcro-backed sticky back mounts, two charging cables (a proprietary UCE6 variant), two mains adapters, and a single manual. Because I cannot use any of the million other USB cables I have thrown around the house, I must hunt for the specific charging cable provided.

I always ensure I pack the specific cable when I travel, rather than bringing my phone or camera’s cable. There is no chance of picking up a replacement on the road at a local store or supermarket, but they can be found on eBay.

For the price, the T-COM VB Bluetooth helmet intercom kits are hard to fault. My purchase would not be impeded even if the battery life starts to deteriorate after a few years. In the same way, if I lose the proprietary charging cable, I can just as easily buy another entire intercom. As a result, the Freedconn T-COM VB Bluetooth headset is a great motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset.


4- Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 1+

With the latest technologies, the Freecom 1+ is perfect for solo riders. Taking phone calls, listening to music, and using GPS navigation has never been easier. The intercom is also available in a dual pack, allowing two bikes to communicate, share audio, and function as a pillion seat. Among motorcycle intercom systems, Cardo is a leader. In every generation, they manufacture more advanced systems, challenging and innovating the market.



Intercom Specs

A waterproof, extra slick shell protects the Freecom 1+ from the elements. The unit is 16mm high, which means it won’t catch the wind. The company claims Cardo has a 13-hour talk time, which given the volume of the speakers, I’d agree that’s a decent claim. Overall, I was pleased with the battery life, especially considering the unit’s size. After a day of riding and more, it will be ready for the next morning thanks to a quick recharge time of just four hours.

A smartphone can be connected to the unit easily and quickly. Despite the inclusion of a quick start guide, the manual fails to illustrate every feature thoroughly. Cardo’s YouTube tutorials were once again very helpful in helping me understand all the features and navigation of the device.

Once a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, users must download the Cardo app. Users can access all of the Cardo Connect unit’s features through the app, which works exceedingly well. It is possible to link Spotify and GPS navigations, as well as enable virtual assistants, such as Siri and Google Assistant.

I may never be able to ride again without one of these devices strapped to my helmet. Cardo continues to offer the most advanced intercom technology at an affordable price, despite stiff competition on the market.

With an aesthetic design, an easy operating system, and a durable, waterproof case, the Freecom 1+ is the most desirable solo rider intercom on the market.

For a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase, Cardo warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty excludes batteries.


5- LEXIN B4FM Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Headset

Overview and Features

Currently, more headsets are flooding the market than ever before, and finding one that performs the way it claims is more difficult than you’d think. In any case, this latest headset from Lexin is an excellent performer at an affordable price. It includes a beginner-friendly design that makes it easy to set up and install on a variety of helmet styles and sizes.




It is durable and compact and will fit in most helmet brands. However, if you’re dealing with a full-face helmet that does not have any recess that’s meant for a headset, you may find it uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Before purchasing, make sure your helmet is compatible with this headset. It may be necessary to upgrade your tight-fitting helmet with one that is specifically designed for headsets.


For a safer riding experience, this model allows you to communicate hands-free. These types of headsets include Siri control for controlling the headset, searching the internet, answering or forwarding calls, ending a call, and more. You can also receive or make calls hands-free, listen to the radio, listen to music, or know your GPS location with S Voice for Samsung voice commands.

Battery Life

With most models in this price range offering a standard battery life of twelve hours, I was blown away by the fact that the headset has a standby battery life of one hundred and twenty hours. Depending on your preferences, the headset will offer you up to eight hours of talk time before its battery needs charging. With this model, you can stream music for up to fifteen hours, which is excellent. The headset will require one hour of charging to reach full power.


Featuring hands-free operation, the B4FM Bluetooth headset works with most Bluetooth devices, including most smartphones, so you’ll be able to speak to other riders while on the road, or you can listen to FM radio or stream music while you’re riding.

Additionally, the battery life is longer than average, making it a great choice for longer rides or those who are guilty of forgetting to charge their devices. Its waterproof design lets you wear it even if it’s raining and stay in touch. Easy-to-use controls and intuitive controls give this model a beginner-friendly feel.



I will end with a final summary of all the Bluetooth headsets above that were shortlisted based on their performance and stability. These headphones were designed for the use of motorcyclists who like to go out on rides and travel for extended periods of time.

Now, what are you waiting for? The items offered here are limited-edition products with unique features and appearance, so don’t go anywhere else and get everything you want here.

All of these are the best options for you to consider according to your suitable choice, so grab them now.