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We all know that we desire to bag in top spaces in the best headphones for PS4. To fulfill that desire we must ensure that our gameplay is responsive. It’s very important for you to feel the heat and play with your full potential. A good sound helps you to pump up the blood a little.

The heart wants a punchy bass and the best experience.

You need to have the best ps4 headset to change the destiny of your game. Ambient noises can be quite disturbing and make you forget your focus. All those shrill pumps are not adored by anyone else except for the person who is playing the game.

Having a ps4 headset will change your life. It will give you the best sound, long-lasting comfort, and the joy of a clear microphone. Now you can be in touch with all your friends when you reach the showdown.

Clear and sharp audio will help you to hear minute noises in the game, noises that can get you killed, and make your rank fall. I am sure no one wants that.

With finely sounding audio, you can even remove the focus from the screen and focus on your hand movement. Who knows timely audio could save you from gunshots and mishappenings.

Some sadistic people might also love the death cry of the opponent heard with utmost certainty. I know everyone is excited by now to know what the market has to offer. Here is our list of best headphones for ps4.

List Of Best Headphones For PS4 In 2023:-

1- Logitech G633 Artemis spectrum 

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum - Best Headphones for PS4


+Prig Drivers

+ Lightweight

+Light sync technology

+ Customizable

+ Dolby 7.1

The change in the technology of games and movies these days is filtering out the models that truly can maintain the standard. 

The Logitech G633 Artemis spectrum ps4 contained PRO G drivers.  They are made with material and not some plastic which needs to be stamped.

The audio range, without masking the sound can pass through high bass and high volume. It allows you to pick the customized lighting headphones with Dolby 7.1 which is one of the most advanced versions of 3d soundscape.

The mic is crystal clear with amazing comfort and can be synced with other light devices. You can upload customized sound landscapes and choose up to 15 million different colors.


2- Version Tech Stereo Gaming 

VersionTECH. Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4


+ Superior comfort

+ In-line mic controls

+ 50mm drivers

+ Highly compatible

+ Noise-isolations volume and skips with satisfaction.

This is one of the most enjoyable headsets available for ps4 this headset is especially for people who are fond of playing games in a binge fashion and wants to experience VersionTEch stereo sound. This is one of the best budget headsets for PS4 as it comes under a nominal price.

It comes with a wire so you don’t have to worry about the battery. It is adaptable with other consoles, something you must take care of if you ever switch up the console. It comes strongly through dynamic 50mm drivers so you can play with your family and friends without having to compromise on an awesome audio experience.

Active noise-canceling will engage your gameplay. More essentially it comes with a line microphone that lets you navigate calls.


3- Avantree Audition Pro 40hr Wireless Bluetooth

Avantree Audition Pro Headphone For PS4


+ High-fidelity sound

+ 40-hour battery life

+ Bluetooth connection

+ Easily navigate music and calls

+ Comfortable music allows you to stay connected.

If you are a hardcore gamer this could be the headset for you that allows you an indestructible Bluetooth 4.0 link to your console you won’t be afraid of that annoying cable and the possible loss of connection. The battery life stands for 40 hours without interruption. AptX Codec maintains quality stereo sound every time.

It comes with the wired mode you can plug in the cable. 

In case you feel that you need to give the battery some rest, you can use the wired mode. The headset comes with NFC pairing technology.


4- SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5 - RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset


+ 2.0 Surround Sound

+ Crystal clear mic

+ detailed sound

+ RGB Illuminated ear cups

+ Soft ear pads

Are you a microphone lover? This PS 4 headset gives you clysters clear indestructible, strong connection gaming mic, it sounds like a soldier technology when you speak while playing games with an aortic appeal. For a fact, you can even ever slow remarks from your tea.

DTS 2.0 gives you a nuclear axis sound in the middle of the action. It comes with a carrying case, and the ear cushions are pleasant but also a little bit sweaty sometimes due to the leather material but that is an honest sacrifice for the best microphone.


5- OneOdio Bluetooth Over-Ear – Best Headphones for PS4

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, OneOdio Wired Gaming Stereo Headsets


+ Clear Mic

+ 30-hour battery life

+ Hi-fi Sound

+ Comfortable

+ Lightweight

This is another wireless PS 4 headset. The build is similar to the Avantree Wireless headset. The intuitiveness microphone makes you feel like you are talking to someone in the same room as you. The CVC 6.0 comes with noise reduction technology and a directional microphone that directs sound to come in front of your mouth.

They come with Neodymium magnets 50 mm drivers which work to deliver a powerful sound.

And the set comes with an option of wired and wireless mode; you can listen for up to 30 hours of time with Bluetooth connection 4.1. Their headphones are long-lasting with a strong build. They come with foldable carrying cases.


6- HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming headset

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset


+ Superior comfort

+ 7.1 Virtual surrounds sound

+ Durable, lightweight frame

+ 53mm drivers

+ Noise-canceling mic

This is another powerful headset that comes with an indestructible magnificent arctic sound with a capability of 7.1 virtual surround sound and a 53mm driver that exudes massive audio the frame is long-lasting and made of aluminum to cut down any discomfort you may experience on your head and neck. 

You can hear every fantasy imaginable frequency with these headsets with sound-canceling technology. They are optimized for the best comfort possible for newcomers and pro gamers.


7- Sennheiser GAME ONE

Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset -Best Headphones for PS4


+ Pro Gaming Technology

+ German-engineered

+ Lightweight

+ Amazing sound

+ Clear mic

Sennheiser is known for its stunning quality in the music realm. .this headset is one of the nominally priced headsets you can buy and is much loved by the pro- grammars. The German-engineered headset offers you lightweight headphones with a stunning sound, enjoyable with a crystal clear mic.

You will feel every single beat without any distorting rush and some distinctive details…  The controls are placed in the right ear cups to improve your reaction without fumbling on the cable.


8- HyperX Cloud Stinger – Best Headphones for PS4

HyperX Cloud Stinger - Gaming Headset


+ rotating ear cups

+ Lightweight

+ Comfortable

+ High-quality sound

+ Swivel to mute the mic

This is a feather-light headset. It comes with 90-degree rotating ear cups that allow you to listen to a singular erupt at a time without any discomfort and problems like back pain and poor posture. The audio is stunning and comfortable and comes with 50 drivers. 

In our list, it is one of the most enjoyable headsets due to its adjustable steel slider and memory foam ear cups. You can’t mute the crystal mic without pressing any button or messing around with controls.


9- ONIKUMA Pro Stereo

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset for PS4


+ Lightweight

+ Durable

+ USB Mute control

+ 60mm Drivers

+ 7.1 surrounds sound

ONIMUMA performed well enough to be a part of this list. These headphones have one of the biggest audio drivers, with the fantastic 7.1 surround sound through 60 mm new drivers and neodymium magnets, and have been tested by 3 million people.  

They are designed for the Ps4, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo, PC gaming, and more with an indestructible, super-powerful long-lasting build. The headset is softly padded and designed for enjoyable gameplay with a USB mute button and button control.


10- Avantree ANC Active Noise Cancelling

Avantree ANC032 gaming headset


+ Active noise-cancellation

+ highly comfortable

+ Low Latency response

+ Precise audio

They come with Active noise cancellation which helps you to focus on what matters. The heckler sound is really disturbing, the Active noise-cancellation means that the headset will absorb the outside sound and oust it.  The highly precise 40mm drivers send you a fascinating, stunning to your soul and keep the proper sound where it needs to be.

They provide you with an indestructible Hulk audio experience with the cheapest CSR. They are feather light and enjoyable as compared to any other headset, the last-latency Bluetooth transmitter will keep the audio with an accurate high alert. You will not experience any lag and the sound will come out exactly as it was deliberated.


Best Headphones for PS4: Buyer’s Guide

Things to Look for in a ps4 Headset

Your choice can change the fate of your game and affect your overall gaming experience as well.


A good sound should be your topmost priority. The details should be clear and timely. The vocals should be able to empire you and not cause any trouble in your ears. Audio can affect your mood so make sure you choose audio that presents the details organically. You also need a low-latency response. Audio lags can be frustrating and can affect your performance considerably.


People tend to feel a plethora of emotions when in the game. The movements can lead to accidental droppings and hence some wear and tear. To avoid any breaks, from the game and as well, try to invest in headgear that is built of quality materials and has core strength. Metals tend not to break that easily.

Leather tends to imbibe moisture and could be prone to cracks. Cracks can cause breakage over some time. It’s best to go with earphones with airwave technology.


You know gaming hours last long and would not want your headphones to be a cause of head or backaches. Bulkier headsets can exert a load.

A lightweight headset with a snug fit can cause all the difference.

The ear cups should be soft and made up of moisture-resistant material. Aluminum is lighter than steel and feels almost weightless. You must choose your area of needs and the things you can adjust to.


Your gaming headgear should be readily compatible with all of your consoles. It’s futile to spend money on a gadget that cannot connect with all the latest, common techs in the market. 


Gaming headphones are the latest piece of accessories on the market. It lets you live the game in the truest essence. Drive deep into the work of modern games!