Lower Volume In Headphones? 7 Amazing Solutions To Fix It

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Have you ever had the experience of having your headphones set to maximum volume yet hearing a lower volume?

Honestly, I have experienced this while using many different kinds of headphones. However, at first, I assumed it was nothing out of the ordinary. But after a while, I began to suspect that something was amiss with my headphones, and then I realized that perhaps that sound was always there.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with my ears and hearing abilities because I had been using headphones for a long time due to college and my job. Have a look at some amazing headphones that are good for meetings.

Fortunately, when I consult with my doctor, I find that nothing is wrong with my ears and hearing ability.

But I was still puzzled; now I’m wondering why my headphones are suddenly so peaceful. Or, perhaps, why is there such a lower volume?

Then I discovered the true reasons behind this and how to address them. I also wanted to share everything with you.

I’ve prepared an insightful and accessible guide comprised of reasons and tips to ease all of your concerns and uncertainty. I hope that will assist you in resolving the lower volume issue with your headphones. So let’s go through this.

Reasons Behind The Lower Volume In Headphones

1- Issues With Wired Headphones’ Plugs And Sockets

It’s possible that the connection between your multimedia player’s socket and the headphone connector is slack. It occurs mostly as a result of poor headphone manufacturing quality or prolonged use.

Furthermore, your device’s headphone jack might be broken. Otherwise, there’s a chance the port is contaminated. It happened to me so many times as I have a habit of putting my tangled wired headphones in a bag, which frequently damages my headphones.

2- Issues With Wireless Or Bluetooth Headsets

It frequently occurs to me as a result of interference between my headphones and my media player. I also experienced volume troubles with my headset when there were disruptions such as a metal desk or any physical barrier such as a wall.

3- Problems With Audio Files

Even if it’s unlikely, the audio file itself might be the cause of your headphones’ lower volume issue.

It happened to me once when I was recording audio at a very low volume. So, regardless of how much I turn up the volume level at that time, it stays very low.

4- Incorrect Device Settings

One of the most common causes of the left side of the headphone’s volume being lower than the right is inadequate sound settings.

When you have this problem, try connecting your wireless or wired headphones to various devices. It happens sometimes with my sister’s headphones. However, I discovered that they operate fine as previously, indicating that the issue is most likely with device settings.

5- Hardware Defects In The Headphone

It’s also possible that your headset has a flaw in the hardware because if the hardware of the headset defects, it can make the sound too low.

It’s one of the most common sound defects that everyone in my vicinity has heard. I figured out why, and it’s either because your headset is brand new or because you’ve had it for a long time.

If your headset is brand new and has this manufacturing issue, attempt to receive a free repair or replacement under the manufacturer’s warranty program.

6- Lower Battery Issue

Bluetooth headphones are prone to this. Assume that if I use my headphones with a low battery all of the time, the loudness will be affected.

When a Bluetooth headset runs out of power, it will automatically lower the volume. You can’t hear anything because of this.

7- Our Ears’ Physical Form

When I first heard about this problem, it seemed like an excuse to me, but after some research, I came to know that it is actually a problem as the right and left halves of our faces are not similar by nature. As a result, there may be variances in the outward form of the two ears.

The way the earbuds fit in our ears is influenced by our external ear shape. When using earbuds, this might result in different sound quality or volume for each ear.

8- Ear Wax Problems

This may appear to be an excuse, but it may occur occasionally when someone does not clean their ears for an extended period of time. My ears will produce earwax if I wear headphones for an extended period of time.

Ear wax in the ear canal prevents sound from reaching the eardrum. This will lower the volume as well as suppresses the sound quality. It might affect one or both ears.

9- Uncleaned Earbuds

dirty headphones

Your earphones become filthy over time, causing the speaker grid to become clogged with wax. Then it prevents the sound from being correctly created. It’s not a big issue, however, but an essential habit. Here’s how you can clean your earbuds effectively.


How To Fix The Issue Of Lower Volume In Headphones?

Now that you’ve figured out why your headphone volume is too low or silent, it’s time to talk about how to fix it. Take a look at the sections below. You’ll find all the information you need to solve the problem there.

1- Hardware Checking

  • Step 1: First, I’ll double-check that my headphones are correctly connected. Even though everything appears to be in order, I must detach and rejoin my headphones in order to achieve a better outcome.
  • Step 2: Next, I’ll check to see whether my headphone jack is clean. The headphone jack is susceptible to filth and grease. It can cause audio signal interference, making it sound overly quiet. I’ll use a rag or cotton bud dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean the jack. Then I’ll clean up the debris I noticed. I’ll have to do the same thing with my media player’s audio port.
  • Step 3: Next, I’ll look to see whether my headphone cable has any flaws. The wire may be damaged if used for an extended period of time. It can also occur as a result of negligent wire tugging. The link is then severed from the inside. Given the extent of the damage and its location, purchasing a new set of headphones is the wisest option.
  • Step 4: I’ll clean my earphones and make sure they’re clear of earwax, dirt, and filth. If it’s filthy, I will thoroughly clean the inside of each earpiece with an old toothbrush. Then, using an alcohol-damped cloth or cotton bud, wipe the rest of the earphones.

If you followed all these steps like me and didn’t get any idea why your headphones are still producing lower sound, then follow the other troubleshooting tricks written below.

2- Examine Your Playback Devices

It’s also a good idea to check your playback device’s audio settings. To get higher sound quality or to fix lower volume issues, you may need to make some essential adjustments.

3- Proper Positioning Of Headphones In Ears

positioning of headphones in ears

When wearing headphones, be sure they’re in the right place. Proper positioning is required to get the maximum sound quality and loudness out of my earphones. Maybe that’s the reason why most headphones produce lower volume at first.

When inserting an earbud, I can achieve this by softly pulling my earlobe. I’ll let it go after it’s fully installed. This technique will create a strong seal that will correctly guide sound waves into the ear canal.

If your existing earphone does not fit properly in your ear, however, opt for one that is made for your exact ear shape.

4- To Solve Storage Issues

If I want to prevent my headphones or earbuds from being silent, I should store them carefully after each usage. I don’t leave them lying around or allow them to become twisted in any way since it will shorten the life of my headphones.

I can just wrap up the earbuds and store them in a bag or case to do this. It will keep the cables from being pulled or stretched excessively.

5- Personal Examining

It is also possible that there’s also a potential issue with my ears. If I wear headphones at a high volume for an extended length of time, my hearing will decrease. Perhaps this is why the audio will be so low for me.

In this scenario, I’ll double-check by listening with other headphones and devices. I need to consult a doctor if the problem is indeed in my ears. If you don’t want to let your ears suffer, have a look at some amazing headphones with hearing protection.

6- Addition Of External Amplifier

amplifier with headphone

I need to make sure that the audio system I’m using can create enough voltage to repair my dull-sounding or silent headphones.

Running low-impedance headphones through a high-powered source, on the other hand, will heat the drivers and generate an unpleasant screeching noise. I might simply end up irreparably harming my headphones’ driver units.

To solve this problem, I can acquire an external amplifier (or AMP) to increase the audio signals and make my headphones sound louder. An amplifier is a device that boosts current power output to a level that can power headphones. Read this simple study to find out how an amplifier improves sound quality.

7- Install Apps To Increase Volume

There is also a quick and easy technique to increase the volume of my headphones. On my devices, I may install the headphone volume booster app to get rid of lower volume problems.

I may get the Precise Volume and Equalizer FX applications for Android smartphones and the Boom Music, Keiser Tone, and Bass Booster applications for iOS devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why aren’t my headphones producing any sound or producing a lower volume?

This question doesn’t have one answer, as you might have any of the above-mentioned reasons. When we first buy any new headphones, we certainly don’t know so many things about them, and that’s where the main problem lies. First, go through with your headphone. if you don’t find any problems there, use the above-mentioned methods.

  • Why is my left earbud producing a lower volume than the right?

Incorrect audio settings are one of the most common reasons why your left earbud is quieter than your right.

  • Is the headphone volume too low on some devices?

Well, to be honest, what kind of device can be an issue behind why your volume sounds lower than normal despite being 100%? Check the settings and properties of the headset properly.



I think you got the idea of how you can enhance the sound or fix the lower volume problem of your headphones. See, these problems are not that big, but they can lead to various other problems. That’s why addressing this through the article is important, and maybe that’s the reason why I wrote this article.

But even if, after trying all this, your headphones still do not sound properly, go through with other options that are good for hearing music and other sounds.

That concludes today’s discussion. I’m going to wrap it up here.