Charging Case Best For AirPods: Wireless Or Wired?

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Apple AirPods are the best thing I have ever bought, offering every amazing feature, from outstanding sound quality to longer battery life. Even their nearest rival Raycon didn’t beat its performance. Apart from this, AirPods come in a variety of styles. Some have a wired charging case, while others include a wireless charging case.

They are even easier to find if we lost them somewhere. If you wanted to know how then read this article. It will be helpful for you. That’s why they are the market leaders in terms of innovation.

But which one is more suitable?

Both are good in their own place, but there is a difference between the two and that’s why they are marketed separately.

So, which one should we choose after all?

You people do not need to get confused because today I have brought a very insightful comparison for you that will clear up your confusion regarding both kinds of charging cases. So, let’s go through with it.

Comparison Between The Wireless And Wired Charging Cases Of AirPods

wired wireless charging

1- Charging Process

The lightning USB cord can charge the AirPod through a wired charging case. The AirPods with wireless charging, on the other hand, have a unique casing that allows me to charge them on a wireless charging pad.

I can even use a lightning cord to charge my wireless AirPods.  It means that if I buy wireless, I’ll have more charging options if I buy wireless one than wired ones.

In 2017, Apple celebrated its tenth anniversary by releasing a wireless charging cover. You now know which one is better for you.

2- Charging Capabilities

The wireless charging case is technically handier than the wired charging case, but it takes longer to charge. If I wish to charge my AirPods with a wireless charging case, I must carefully lay the charging case on the charging pad, otherwise, they will not charge.

Wired charging cases, on the other hand, charge quickly, taking less than an hour to go from zero to full battery. A wireless charging case, on the other hand, takes well over an hour to completely charge. As a result, you and I will have to give up our quick charging needs if we want to buy a wireless one.

3- Durability

Because they are made of the same material, both wired and wireless charging cases have the same lifetime in terms of durability. The wired charging case, however, poses a concern.

It’s possible that if I’m tough with the charging wire, it’ll tear at one end. As a result, I will be unable to charge AirPods in my case. The case’s port becomes loose from time to time, and I may experience connection issues as a result. It happens to the majority of individuals who have the wired case, not only to me.

However, in the case of wireless devices, this will not happen as they don’t have wires.

3- Convenience

To charge, the wired charging case requires a USB cable, whilst the wireless charging case requires a charging pad. That means, carrying a USB cable instead of a wireless charging pad is handier when commuting. A power bank may also charge a wired case.

As a result, I’ll need an outlet for my Qi-compatible charging pad. As a result, I believe the wired case is more convenient and travel-friendly than the wireless case. All charging cases are compatible with all Airpod versions.

5- Price

wired cutting edge technology

Because wireless charging cases are loaded with cutting-edge technology, they are more costly than wired charging cases.

So, if I want something extravagant and fancy, I’ll probably purchase a wireless one, but if I want something sturdy and within my budget, I’ll probably go with a wired one.

6- Functionality

airpods functionality

The fact that the wireless charging mat can charge many devices is revolutionary. I can charge both my iPhone and AirPods case at the same time by placing them on the pad.

The wired case, on the other hand, is solely equipped with a USB cable for charging. That means it can charge only one device at a time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to charge AirPods at night?

Yes, you may charge your AirPods every night and even overnight without risking battery problems. When the case reaches 100% charge, it will automatically shut off. However, if you want to avoid a battery burst, you should not do this regularly.

  • Is it preferable to charge the AirPod case without the AirPods?

Yes, the case can be charged with or without the AirPods inside. It’s best to charge the case ahead of time if you’re using AirPods. When your AirPods’ battery runs out, your case will be ready to charge them instantly.

  • How do you charge your AirPods while they’re in their case?

If you have a wireless charging case, place your AirPods in the case and rest them on a Qi-compatible charging pad. The wired charging case, on the other hand, requires you to connect your case to your charger through a charging cable.



Before I conclude this topic, I would like to note that both wired and wireless charging cases have their own merits and demerits. So, it’s best if you choose according to your needs.

If you want fast charging and better portability, then you should choose the wired case. But if you want multi-purpose and durability, then wireless is best for you.

If someone asks me what I would choose, I will surely choose wired ones as they are budget-friendly and can be quickly charged, which is exactly what I want. But it is also possible that your requirements are different from mine. So, choose wisely according to your needs and I hope this article will help you get the best one.