10 Best Replacement Earbud Tips That You Should Buy

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Do you want to buy replacement earbud tips?

But you have no idea what to buy.

Not a big deal! This article can help you.

While earbuds play an important part in our listening experience through earbuds, it is also essential for us to know what kind of features perfect earbuds provide for us.

Perfect earbud tips, in my experience, have the ability to isolate us from our surroundings and have a significant impact on our listening experience. When we get a good seal with ear tips, whether silicone or memory foam, we can filter out some of the outside worlds.

This implies that our brain can devote more processing resources to hearing the bass, middle, and treble frequencies of our music rather than having to process background noise. A bad seal also harms sound quality and comfort.

I have used various kinds of earbuds in my life, but to be honest, most of them didn’t fit perfectly in my ears. So, I always have to buy some replacement earbud tips as per my needs.

While doing this for a long time, I got to know that finding the perfect replacement earbud tips is not as easy as I used to think, as they also have many types, including wing-earbud tips and standard, which I have used most.

If you’ve ever glanced at the earbuds, you’ll discover that the earbud nozzle diameter does not have a uniform standard. Some earbuds are wider than others, while some are so small that they can’t fit in our ears and always provide us with loose grip.

So, you have to do some research, as I did, to make sure the body of the earbud tips fits around your ears.

Usually, a brief visit to a manufacturer’s website will be enough to learn about earbud tips for buying them. But, if you don’t have time to do this lengthy process, you can also find some of the most amazing replacement earbud tips on our list.

Our list consists of various kinds of the best replacement earbud tips on the market. So, let’s find out more about them:

Top 10 Replacement Earbud Earbud Tips on the Market

1- Sqrmekoko 8pcs Black Replacement Earearbud tips Earbuds Eargels

8pcs black replacement ear earbud tips earbuds eargels

With its distinctive style and incredible sound quality, Beats by Dr. Dre quickly rose to prominence in the market. Those that were worried about the audio quality, on the other hand, were usually carrying the incorrect size. These Sqrmekoko new ear earbud tips will fix the issue and are a perfect match for the originals.

In fact, as per my experience, they are one of the best replacement earbud tips I have ever used.

To begin with, the main feature of these replacement earbud tips is that they are constructed of soft silicone material, which makes earbuds more pleasant and last longer. I don’t want to buy them regularly just because they are incredibly durable. I purchased these for the first time two years ago, and I believe that was also the last time I purchased them.

Apart from their durability, I also wear these earbud tips several times during strenuous exercises because they are quite sturdy because of their dome-shaped structure. Ear earbud tips frequently fall out while working out or jogging, but if we use the correct size, I am confident that they will not readily fall out of our ears.

They are also waterproof and sweat-proof, which makes them ideal for use during the shower. But it also means that they can be washed. They are so flexible that they can easily fit into a variety of ear nozzle sizes. They also offer anti-static characteristics, making them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Overall, I can’t tell the difference between the Sqrmekoko 8pcs Black Replacement Earearbud tips and the original Beats ear tips. They are identical to the originals not only in appearance but also in performance.

The sole disadvantage of these new earbud tips is that they have a larger aperture, which may cause a little variation in sound quality or cause the earbuds to fall out if not handled carefully. However, if we utilize them correctly in our ears, we can prevent such scenarios.

2- Earbudz Replacement Earbuds Ear Earbud Tips

earbudz replacement earbuds ear earbud tips

The Earbudz replacement ear earbud tips appear to be a perfect match for Mpow earphones because they are composed of silicone and are quite comfy. But as we all know, silicone earbud tips are the most popular on the market, owing to their comfort. So, even if I wear my earphones all day, I can use these Earbudz replacement earbud tips because they won’t cause me any discomfort.

I have to work in very noisy environments most of the time. So, I need some replacement earbud tips for my Ppow that will give me an excellent noise cancellation feature, which most replacement earbud tips don’t provide. Surprisingly, these earbud tips provide excellent noise cancellation.

Replacement earbud tips that give the same level of noise cancellation as the original are difficult to come by. However, these replacement earbud tips function exactly like the originals.

Though they are designed to match Mpow earbuds, they are also suitable for a wide range of other earphones. I have used them with various other types of earphones, and believe me, I haven’t noticed any difference in performance.

I have used them with Powerbeats2, Powerbeats3, LG (not all models), iFrogz, Enacfire, Monster, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Phillips, SoundPEATS, and JBL and I find no difference in terms of sound quality.

But apart from this, they are also compatible with various Skullcandy models such as Ink’d 2, Inkd 2 Wireless, Smokin’ Buds 2, Smokin Buds 2 Wireless, 50/50, Dime, Bombshell, Wink’d, Titan, Strum, Spoke, and JIB. Its flexibility made this possible.

Overall, the Earbudz Replacement earbud tips are the most reasonable replacement earbud tips available, since they are pleasant, sturdy, and flexible. They would have been great if the bass output had been higher.

3- Bose Medium StayHear With Tips

bose medium stayhear with tips

Bose earphones don’t need much of an introduction because they’re recognized for their exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit. The Bose Medium StayHear Tips, on the other hand, provide excellent sound and comfort for extended listening sessions.

Because these replacement tips are composed of silicone, I can put my confidence in them when it comes to comfort. So, even if I wear these for an extended period of time, or perhaps an entire day, they will not cause me any discomfort.

People are continuously on the lookout for portable ear tips. This implies that, in addition to comfort, the fit of the tips is a significant factor for me. I have used them several times while undertaking intense exercise since they have given me an amazing fit.

When it comes to audio performance, it’s fairly balanced, but there are some problems with that. While I am a bass fan, I noticed a significant boost in the bass of the song when I utilized them as replacement earphone tips. However, while enhancing the bass, these ear tips struggle to find the right balance between the different frequencies.

These earbud tips are not only pleasant and long-lasting. I was really pleased with the quality of these ear tips and have no complaints about their structure and build.

Apart from that, their unique shape generates a soft seal that allows for full-spectrum noise suppression, making them excellent for use in noisy environments. When I had them, I frequently used them whenever I was on public transport to avoid unwanted communication.

They are also waterproof as they are fully made up of silicon. However, your earphones might not be waterproof. So, it is better not to use them with earphones while taking a shower or raining. However, you can wash them.

Overall, these Bose Medium StayHear with Tips is a good set of replacement earbud tips in general.

4- eBoot Replacement Earbuds Silicone Eartips Earpads

eboot replacement earbuds silicone eartips earpads

One of the quickest and most pleasant replacement earbud tips on the market is the eBoot Replacement Earbuds Silicone Eartips Earpads for Skullcandy Earphones, especially if you have small ear holes. It comes with 8 pairs of silicone replacement earbud tips in black and clear, each color lasting 4 pairs, and 2 alternative color earbud tips for a variety of looks.

In my experience, these innovative silicone ear tips provided a good fit and maximum comfort. Despite the fact that the tips are made of silicone, they are rather fragile. As a result, they’re not ideal for long-term use.

because they are extremely long-lasting. My buddy has been using these for almost a year and claims that the tips have not yet been damaged. Apart from this, they were incredibly pleasant to wear because they were composed of a very soft material.

They’re a great choice for passive noise cancellation because they can block a lot of noise. Many people informed me before I bought them that passive noise-canceling earphone tips are not suitable for any headset.

However, after I used them multiple times in crowded locations, I noticed something unusual. Though they do not eliminate all ambient noise, it is a useful feature for me when I am in a crowd. It helped me to be attentive and allowed me to hear some filtered noises.

They are compatible with various Skullcandy headsets ranging from Skullcandy Ink’d, Ink’d 2, and Ink’d 2 wireless to Smokin Buds, Smokin Buds 2, and Smokin Buds 2 wireless.

If you’re on a tight budget, the eBoot Replacement Silicone Earbud Tips will prove a great choice for you. The sound quality is acceptable, but the comfort is adequate. If passive noise cancellation is your first goal, these ear tips are a great option.

5- TEEMADE 20 Pieces Earbud Covers Silicone Tips Replacement Ear Gel Buds

teemade 20 pieces earbud covers silicone tips replacement ear gel buds

Samsung earbuds are noted for their stylish appearance, comfort, and ability to remain in place. Not to mention the fantastic sound quality they provide.

If you’ve misplaced your original ear tips, finding a suitable replacement might be difficult. But don’t worry; the TEE MADE earbud covers, which are a copy of the original Samsung ear tips, will take care of everything.

If I talk about silicone covers, they appear to be an identical replica of the original Samsung covers. Just by looking at them, it’s difficult to tell them apart from Samsung’s. They are also made of good quality.

These fantastic replacement earbud tips also astonished me with their fit and ability to remain in place. They don’t readily fall out if I get the appropriate fit. However, if you don’t wear it properly, it can fall off your ear frequently.

The irregular cut-out holes in each ear might make these ear tips seem a bit unpleasant at times.

Also, the sound quality provided by these ear tips is excellent. However, comparing it to the sound quality provided by the original Samsung earbud covers is unjustified. With the replaced ear tips, the volume is a little lower.

Apart from this, they are also flexible, which means they can get fitted easily into most ear nozzle sizes and provide more sir to our ears. But don’t forcefully fit them into your ears as it can damage your ears. The packaging of this already provides us with 10 sets of replacement earbud tips.

They are also washable but don’t use them while taking a shower.

Ultimately, if you’re searching for a quick remedy for your Samsung earbuds, these ear tips will satisfy you. It’ll be difficult to tell apart from the authentic Samsung earbud covers. However, you’ll notice a difference in volume between the original and new ear tips in terms of sound quality.

6- COMPLY Isolation T-500 Memory Foam Earphone Tips

comply isolation t-500 memory foam earphone tips

As per my experience, COMPLY Isolation T-500 Memory Foam Earphone Tips are an amazing option for long-term use as they are pretty good in most aspects.

These foam-made replacement earbud tips are soft on the ears and give a secure fit thanks to their adjustable fit. It means I can wear them all day without getting tired of them. Because they are equipped with body-heat activated memory foam that adjusts and molds to our ears for a perfectly tailored fit and hours of comfortable listening, I can use them all night to play video games.

What I enjoy most about them is that they are neither slippery nor uncomfortable. As a result, I can exercise, run, jump, or do everything else I want without fear of these ear tips coming out.

They deliver a greater sound experience and improve the bass, resulting in an outstanding audio experience whether we are on the phone or cranking up the music. I used them while I was working on my audio project, and believe me, they provided me with the best experience.

They work with most headsets, including the KZ ZS10, ZST, ZSN, ZSX, ZS5, Moondrop Starfield, 64 Audio U-Series, CCA C12, FIIO FH7, and others, without impacting charging or sound quality.

However, one aspect of them that I dislike is that they require regular cleaning. That’s why they’re known as “dirt magnets,” since they get dirty quickly and disintegrate after a few weeks of use. That is why I am skeptical of its long-term durability.

Finally, if you’re seeking high-quality foam replacement earbud tips, the COMPLY Isolation T-500 Memory Foam Earphone Tips might be good. These new earbud tips did not cause any sound problems for me. However, I must advise you to clean them regularly to avoid frequent ear infections.

7- Comply Foam Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips

comply foam apple airpods pro 2.0 earbud tips

 Apple AirPods require no more explanation because they are already well-known for their superior sound quality. However, we are aware that they are rather costly since they are not readily available. However, I have one criticism that Apple AirPods easily slip out of our ears.

To address this issue, I bring to you the Apple AirPods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips, which, in my opinion, are the greatest replacement earbud tips for AirPods that I have ever used. When I initially received these conform foam replacement earbud tips, they totally grabbed my attention.

I was able to actually feel the difference between these new replacement earbud tips and the AirPods. It gives my AirPods a much more secure feeling. Apple AirPods Pro memory foam tips provide a pleasant and secure in-ear fit, don’t interfere with charging, and give greater sound quality.

I’m familiar with AirPods’ excellent sound quality, but these new replacement earbud tips made of conforming foam can actually increase the audio quality of our present AirPods. This will, without a doubt, enhance our music-listening experience without altering it. Unlike other replacement earbud tips, which either deliver polished or distorted sound, they provide us with genuine sound.

But sometimes, I can’t satisfy with the volume range of AirPods, so I used some tips to boost their sound. If you also wanted to do the same, you can take some takeaways from this article.

The noise isolation provided by these replacement tips is excellent. They block out the majority of ambient noise and sounds. However, don’t use them when bathing or swimming because, like the original AirPods earbud tips, these replacement earbud tips aren’t completely waterproof. However, if you still wanted to use them while showering or swimming, try these amazing tricks. I am sure it will satisfy your needs.

Ear tips of various sizes are included in the mixed bundle. Their compatibility is pretty low as they are exclusively made for AirPods Pro and forget about earbuds of other brands. They are not even, sometimes, compatible with other AirPod sets.

Finally, if you possess a pair of AirPods like me, these replacement earphone tips are a must-have. These ear tips are incredibly durable in addition to providing comfort, increased sound quality, and noise isolation. In every regard, I adored these new ear tips.

8- Comply Professional Noise Isolating Earphone Tips

comply professional noise isolating earphone tips

It’s a rare instance for me that a set of new earbud tips performs as well as the originals. Comply Professional Noise Isolating Earphone Tips will get the same results.

They give us a secure and comfortable fit. They may appear frail, but they are not cheap replacement earbud tips. As a result, we may use these ear tips for extended periods of time while maintaining a pleasant seal.

They also offer a customized fit that allows us to wear them all day without being irritating. I used them for 11 hours nonstop while practicing my guitar, and they didn’t cause me any pain. However, if you still face headaches, you need to do some things with your headphone which are mentioned in this article.

I can wear them all night because of their adjustable fit, which includes incredibly soft body-heat activated memory foam that adapts according to the size of the ear for a perfectly tailored fit and hours of pleasant listening.

However, when compared to the other items on our list, these new earbud tips are extremely pricey, and they are not suitable for everyone’s budget.  They are, nevertheless, well worth the money.

After using them, I noticed a significant increase in sound quality. Not only that, but these ear tips offer excellent noise isolation and can filter out even the loudest sounds. They also don’t allow any sound leakage, which is an added bonus. As a result, they are ideal for use when I travel via airplane.

While we know they have P-series tips that are exclusively compatible with P-series headphones like 100-Core Size Compatible Devices, the P-series also fits NuForce, ISOtunes Pro, Q-Jays, Beyerdynamic Byron, Etymotic Research, Westone, Shure, and more.

They weren’t, however, waterproof and sweatproof. Once I used them while swimming, thinking that my earbuds were waterproof, but I forgot that they were not waterproof at all and ultimately damaged both my earbuds and the replacement earbud tips.

Finally, all I can say is that the Comply Professional Noise Isolating Earphone Tips are flawless in practically every way. Although they aren’t sweat-proof, considering all of the other fantastic perks, this is easily overlooked. In every way, they are an outstanding pair of replacement earbud tips.

9- JNSA 3 Flange Noise Cancelling Triple Flange Eartips

jnsa 3 flange noise cancelling triple flange eartips

If you want to buy triple flange ear tips, the JNSA 3 Flange Noise Cancelling Triple Flange Eartips are a fantastic option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Because of the dome-shaped construction that fits into my ear, these replacement earbud tips are “very” comfy. These replacement earbud tips are exceptionally soft and fluffy, so we have excellent cause to emphasize the term. Because of its extraordinary structure, it provides excellent in-ear stability.

Despite having a terrible reputation in the market for employing low-quality products, JNSA used high-quality materials for these new earphone tips this time. As a result, they offer a fair level of comfort and a bouncy feel, allowing some air to pass through the ear nozzles.

The sound quality is also excellent. I can get the best sound without turning up the volume all the way. These replacement earbud tips produce a balanced stereo sound experience. I’ve tried a lot of low-cost replacement earbud tips, but just a few could deliver excellent sound quality. These ear tips are unquestionably one of them.

Apart from that, it’s stunning appearance and soft silicone substance, in my experience, give excellent noise isolation. If you have smaller ear nozzles, though, things may be different. But most of the people with whom I talked experienced the amazing noise-cancellation capability of these replacement earbud tips.

Apart from this, being made from high-quality material, they provide an anti-static capability, which makes them viable for long-term use without getting static shocks. Along with this, they are washable too. I have washed them a few times at home and haven’t damaged them yet.

I have also used them several times with my waterproof headphones, and believe me, they even increased the water-resisting capacity of my earbuds. So, I can assure you that they won’t get damaged while being used in water. But if you want to do this, don’t use them with non-waterproof headphones.

Finally, the JNSA 3 Flange Noise Cancelling Triple Flange Eartips are excellent cheap replacement earbud tips. They can rival some of the top brands in terms of flexibility and audio quality, and I am not even exaggerating. However, they are not visually pleasing, and their lengthy construction may cause charging troubles because they may not fit in many charging cases.

10- ALXCD Ear Tips

alxcd ear tips for jabra elite 65t headphone

At first, when I have Jabra Elite 65t headphones, I don’t pay much attention to buying replacement earbud tips for them as they sound good already. But I lost one of my earbuds from my headset, I have to buy replacement earbud tips. So, I brought ALXCD Ear Tips as they are exclusively made for Jabra Elite 65t headphones.

 When I use ALXCD Ear Tips as the replacement earbud tips with my headphones, I find that they are seriously amazing. It was literally an amazing experience.

Let me tell you that these replacement earbud tips give me unparalleled comfort, and I can assure you that they will not irritate you. These two qualities were my biggest concerns when purchasing replacement ear tips, and these ear tips did not disappoint.

These replacement earbud tips are made up of high-quality material, which further decreases the probability of getting an infection from sweat and dust.

These new replacement earbud tips are likewise the perfect fit for me. Some noise isolation ear tips stick firmly in my ears, causing irritation and anguish. However, the ALXCD ones effectively cover my ears, preventing me from hearing any ambient sounds. As a result, I have got replacement earbud tips that provide me with excellent noise isolation.

What I admire most about them is their fantastic sound quality. Users other than me have also claimed that they are superior to the originals. They deliver greater sound clarity and stability, as well as improved bass production. They are excellent for studio use and offer a genuine tone.

Finally, the ALXCD ear tips are excellent in every way, from comfort to durability to sound quality. Additionally, if you use Jabra earphones, you will have additional benefits because they will fit properly on your earbuds. I don’t have any problems with these replacement earbuds tips at all.

What Features Are Required To Buy The Best Replacement Earbud Tips?

  • Replacement earbud tips must have a customizable fit so that they can fit in any ear according to their size.
  • Replacement earbud tips should be made of a comfortable material, such as high-quality silicone, and of higher quality so that they do not cause a reaction with your skin.
  • Replacement earbud tips must provide a perfect seal so that they cannot hear any sound outside.
  • Replacement earbud tips must be good at noise-cancellation so that any unwanted noise can not disturb you when you are doing something important.
  • Replacement earbud tips must provide better sound quality and cannot distort the real sound.
  • Replacement earbud tips must come in more than one size in a packet so that anyone can use them around you.
  • Replacement earbud tips should be durable, so you don’t have to change them properly.
  • Replacement earbud tips should be somewhat rough in texture so that they won’t easily fall off your ear.
  • Replacement earbud tips should allow some air around the ear so that you can’t catch infections easily.
  • Replacement earbud tips should be washable at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I replace my earbuds?

Don’t worry if the component on the tip of your earphones has been misplaced or broken. When it comes to electrical equipment, replacing these tips is one of the simplest fixes you’ll ever perform. First, you just have to pull the soft tip out of both earphones. Replace them with replacement earbud tips. Simple! However, if you are still confused, have a look at this video. It will give you proper directions.

  • What should I do if my earphones irritate my ears?

If using your previous earbuds for an extended amount of time irritates your ears, get smaller replacement earbud tips. Smaller replacement earbud tips will fit more easily into your ear canal without placing too much strain on your ears.

  • How to be sure that earbuds are fitted perfectly in our ears?

You may use this approach to ensure that your earbuds do not fall out. Stretch your earlobes gently with one hand before correctly inserting your earphones into the ear canal. When you’re finished, release it.


I was continually searching for ways to improve my listening experience, but I was often overlooking little annoyances. But now I know that the quality of the music I receive is determined by each portion of my earbuds. As a result, it is critical to pay close attention to every detail.

Our hearing experience may also be made or broken by the type and quality of ear tips we use. My selection of the 10 best replacement earbud tips, which includes every type of replacement earbud tip, should not fail you, whether you’re searching for comfort, exact fit, longevity, or exceptional sound quality. And I hope that you have grasped this reality as well after reading this article.

However, if this list does not satisfy you, try looking for another list or conducting your own research. Therefore, when looking for the finest replacement earbud tips, bear in mind that the three most important factors to examine are price, quality, and reputation.

The cost is an obvious consideration, as you want to make sure it meets your budget or not. Because choosing low-quality items will not help you achieve your main goal of getting the greatest product, quality should be checked as well.

Finally, while not as evident as pricing or quality when it comes to acquiring new clients, the reputation of the brand may be just as important.

Now, I’d want to wrap up this article, so I genuinely hope you found my replacement earbud tip instructions helpful. Please feel free to express your ideas in the comment box below if you have anything to say.

Have a good day!