Beats Solo Pro And Studio 3: Who Is The King?

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When we have to choose between the two best headphones in their own league, then we got to know what exactly headphones’ work is.

We already know that Beats headphones are fantastic.

Beats is a pioneer in the production of fantastic headphones, which is why deciding between two models with its brand might be difficult. Both the Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 are fantastic, yet one is superior to the other in some ways.

But, if you had to choose between Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3, which would you select? I realize it’s difficult to choose between these two but not impossible at all.

Don’t be concerned, though. It is not hard to distinguish between Beats Solo and Studio 3.

Solo Pro and Studio 3, both models are fine, but they serve distinct purposes. Studio 3, for example, is designed for those who do not require a long battery life. They’re also appropriate for folks who aren’t frequently exposed to noisy situations.

We’ll do a side-by-side analysis of the Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3, looking at the features of each set of headphones and giving them a brief evaluation. By the end of this comparison, you should have a better notion of which of these headphones is the better choice for you.

Through this article, I give you a comparison of the two models in terms of the most significant aspects to look for before making a purchase. I also covered a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each model, which will help you organize your ideas and make an educated selection.

Before diving into the article, let’s watch Featured Tech’s comparison video on YouTube-


Beats Solo Pro Vs Studio 3: Who Is The Winner?


beats solo pro snd studio 3

1- Design and Build

The Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 are very indistinguishable in appearance. They have a closed-back style and come in a variety of colors to suit my preferences.

Their weights are nearly identical, and they both have folding designs. They do, however, have one significant variation in terms of form factor. The Solo Pro is an on-ear headphone, whereas the Studio 3 is an over-ear headset.

Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 are composed of high-quality materials. The aluminum headband of the Beats Solo Pro has several adjustable functions. However, the expansion is regrettably somewhat restricted. As a result, persons with large skulls may not find it to be a great fit.

Aside from that, the earcups are cushioned with plush cushions that are pleasant to feel and provide a secure fit.  The ear cups of the Beats Studio3, on the other hand, are composed of thick plastic with enough cushioning. Although extra padding on the headband would be ideal, I won’t have any issues with it.

A flexible metal frame is also included in the headband. This is why they are ideal for people with big heads. Given all of these factors, I’m unable to pick a clear winner based on design and construction quality. Both of these headsets will receive the same score from me.

2- Sound Quality

The Beats headphones are known for their bass-heavy sound. Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 aren’t any different.  Regardless, the Solo Pro has a rather neutral sound profile. Their treble and midrange precision is exceptional. This headset is ideal for EDM and hip-hop genres because of the increased thump in the low-bass area.

Studio 3, on the other hand, falls short when it comes to creating detailed sounds. The mid-accuracy is strong, but the treble range suffers, which might result in a dull sound.

They’re still fantastic for songs with a lot of basses. While listening to high-bass tunes, I was blown away by the sound.

Let me share some unpleasant information with you all. If soundstage is important to you, none of these headphones will please you. At least they didn’t please me. Their soundstage appears to be somewhat limited due to the closed-back construction. I felt like the music is coming from within my skull.

Overall, I prefer the Beats Solo Pro over Studio 3 in terms of sound quality.

3- Noise-cancelling mode

The noise-canceling performance of the Beats Solo Pro is remarkable. It can shut out irritating noises such as household appliances buzzing and chatting. Unfortunately, they aren’t very good at suppressing booming motor noise.

The headset does, however, include a Transparency Mode that allows me to be more aware of my surroundings, which is a benefit. Because of this function, I can safely converse with people or cross the road without removing my headphones.

Beats Studio 3’s ANC function, on the other hand, is nearly identical to Solo Pro. They’re also effective at reducing mid-range to high-range noise but suffer in the bass area. Furthermore, they lack a situational awareness mode.

The fact that these two headphones are both superb at sound isolation is a plus. They can effectively filter out external noise even when ANC is turned off. At a reasonably high volume, it also won’t leak any sound.

There is no discernible difference in the ANC characteristics of these two headphones, as far as I can tell. However, because of the Transparency Mode, my vote will go to the Beats Solo Pro basket.

4- Microphone and Call Quality

With two beam-forming microphones and a motion & speech accelerometer, Beats claims that the Solo Pro can identify speech and remove background noise. However, the mic is better suited to indoor or quiet conditions in reality. Because of the low recording quality, my speech may sound muffled or missing details even in a calm environment.

Furthermore, in noisy environments such as crowded streets or subway stations, the microphone struggles to pick up my speech. As a result, the person on the other end won’t be able to hear me well.

However, Beats Studio3 performs admirably in this competition. Although they are not as excellent in the outdoors as Solo Pro, they have superior overall performance. The recording quality has also improved slightly.

In addition to an embedded microphone, the headset also has an in-line microphone. I  got the same benefit whether I am using a wired or wireless connection.

5- Battery life

The two headphones, interestingly, have almost the same battery support, according to the maker. However, the charging time is slightly different. When compared to the Solo Pro, Studio 3 takes a little longer to fully charge.

However, because the battery function is dependent on how I use them, the time may differ from that stated in the instructions. In addition, because their Lightning cable allows fast-fuel charging, I can obtain quick charging with Solo Pro.

Although they don’t have the Lightning or USB-C connector, Beats claims that the Studio 3 allows rapid charging. They can’t possibly be capable of such feats. As a result, Solo Pro emerges victorious.

beats solo pro vs studio 3 comparison

6- Connectivity

One aspect of the Beats Solo Pro is that it operates with a much more recent Bluetooth version than the Studio 3, which can help to widen the gap. As a result, there are fewer dropouts and a more continuous connection.

Meanwhile, because they both support Class 1 Bluetooth, they offer a wireless range that is significantly greater than the standard 33 feet.

Another difference is that Studio 3 includes a 3.5 mm RemoteTalk cable, however, I can use Solo Pro wired if I purchase a Lightning to 1/8 inch TRRS adapter separately.

7- Control System

The control system of the Beats Solo Pro is excellent. The ANC/Transparency function is activated by pressing a little button on the right earcup.

The remainder of the controls may be found on the left earcup. I’ll discover a touch interface there that allows me to change volume, play/pause/skip tunes, handle calls, and more. One disadvantage is the lack of a power button. To switch off the headset, fold it in half. This may be really aggravating at times.

One of my friends, on the other hand, finds this gadget both fascinating and useful. So, whether I regard it as a disadvantage or a benefit is a matter of personal taste.

Let me explain how Beats Studio 3’s control features work. A power button is located on the right ear cup of the headset. Noise cancellation is turned on automatically when the device is turned on. I  still also have to double-tap the power button to turn off the ANC.

In addition, the left ear cup’s ‘b’ button serves as a multipurpose controller. It allows me to adjust the volume, songs, and calls, among other things. In this aspect, I believe Studio 3 outperforms Solo Pro.

8- Voice Assistant

Siri is supported by these two headphones. I may use the multipurpose button on the Beats Studio 3 to activate it.

By allowing voice commands to activate Siri, the Beats Solo Pro wins again in the battle between Beats Solo Pro And Studio 3. Simply say “Hey Siri,” and my voice assistant will respond.

9- App support

The Beats app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, is compatible with Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3. Unfortunately, there aren’t many features in the software.

It just allows me to turn on or off ANC or Transparent mode in Solo Pro. In the meanwhile, Studio 3 now includes a few additional features. It has a pop-up display that gives battery information.

In the Bluetooth settings, I can also turn off active noise cancellation. Unfortunately, this functionality is not available on Android. As a result, the overall app performance of these two headphones is extremely poor.

There are no controls or sound adjustment options. They both have nothing to do with this. I don’t want to vote for anyone regarding this as both had nothing.

10- Gaming and Outdoor Performance

I can’t connect Beats Solo Pro to any game console since it doesn’t have a wired connection.  Studio 3 is, on the other hand, completely compatible with PC, PS4, and PS5, and only supports audio in XBOX 1, XBOX One S, and XBOX Series X over the wire.

However, both are excellent choices for outdoor pursuits. They are lightweight and have good stability. I can walk, run, jog, or perform light activities while wearing these. However, keep in mind that these headphones are not recommended for intense gym sessions.

gaming purpose headphones

What Features Are Required To Buy Headphones?

  • Micro-detail retrieval, excellent sound staging, and an immersive sound experience are all required audiophilic qualities.
  • They need something more practical and transportable that allows us to monitor and talk in-game without having to deal with the technical challenges of arranging multiple devices.
  • They should have a more elegant and artistic appearance, similar to actual premium headphones.
  • We should choose such headphones over a premium headset since they provide more options. It implies that we should select a headphone that is easily configurable, allowing us to blend or mix and match two or more features or accessories.
  • Headphones must charge faster so that we may complete all of our tasks on time.
  • Headphones must have an efficient battery performance so that we may use them for extended periods of time without having to charge them.
  • The batteries in headphones must have a higher capacity so that their life is not shortened with time.


Frequently asked questions about Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3

  • Which one is more comfortable Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3?

Although both headphones can exhaust your ears after long hours of listening, Studio3 has the lead in terms of convenience. They sport an over-ear design as opposed to the Solo3’s on-ear design. The Studio3 aren’t real over-ear headphones because they don’t entirely cover your ear, but they are still extremely comfortable and have very plush ear pads. Overall, Studio 3 has a clear edge here.

  • Do Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 have Apple’s W1 chip?

Both headphones include Apple’s W1 chip, which gives us a long Bluetooth range and excellent Bluetooth reliability. We were able to walk over 70 yards with both before experiencing any signal disturbance, and the signal was unaffected by walls, doors, or people when we were within. The W1 chip also integrates seamlessly with iOS and iCloud, instantly pairing with all of your Apple devices and allowing you to seamlessly move between them.

  • Between Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3, which phone has better audio quality?

When it comes to audio quality, the Studio 3 headphones come out on top. Both provide fantastic sound, but if we had to choose between the two, we’d go with Studio3. They feature powerful bass, good mids, and good highs, and they can become quite loud. Finally, Studio3 has a better microphone and crisper sound for making phone conversations.



By this point, the Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 argument should have cleared up all of your doubts. There aren’t many distinctions in the look and general functionality of these headphones.

As you can see, there are relatively few differences between the Beats Solo Pro And Studio 3. Solo Pro wins four out of the ten categories I mentioned, and Studio 3 wins four out of ten. In two parts, they have the same number. So, it’s a tie.

However, if I had to choose only one Beats Solo Pro And one Studio 3, I’d go for the Beats Solo Pro. It’s because the Solo Pro comes with cutting-edge technology and features, whilst the Studio 3 is somewhat old.

Do you believe it will be better to go with an option now, having watched the difference between Beats Studio vs Solo? What counts most, after all, is your contentment. I entirely appreciate your stance, which is why I wanted to tell you all some alternative options.

Skullcandy Venue Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphone and Sony WH-1000XM4 are two headphones that might be a perfect alternative to these Beats headphones.

The Skullcandy Venue features both ANC and ambient modes. Whether you’re on the phone or listening to music, this headset will always deliver the greatest results.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is a top-rated Sony headphone that provides a quality artistic audio experience. It has notable features like Dual Noise Sensor technology, Touch Sensor controls, flat frequency response, and so on, in addition to a fantastic battery.

I hope you got some idea of what to buy. And I hope you will definitely choose the one who is fit your needs.