7 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50 In 2023

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If you are going to buy a wireless earbud for under $50? then we are presenting you the list of all the best Wireless Bluetooth earbuds under 50 dollars you can buy.

Wireless in-ear headphones are a great Technology so one doesn’t mind spending $50 as it’s quite a nominal amount. There are many ear wireless headphones at huge prices that people willingly buy and you know why.  

Don’t think that $50 is less and you will probably end up with a cheap pair of headphones. 

If you want just solid performance and nothing premium in terms of looks and durability, you can head out to buy these headphones. They offer sent functionality, a modest battery life, and nice audio quality. 

We have worked hard best to provide you with the best model currently in the market that has the best functioning wireless Bluetooth technology for less than $50. Check out below to know what you need to know.

List Of Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under 50 Dollars:-

1- Jlab Audio Jbuds Air

Jlab-Audio-Jbuds-Air - Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under 50

Battery life: 5.5 hours + 15h in the charging case

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: True wireless

Water protection: IP55 (IPX5)

Key Features:-

They are a clear-cut winner from all the options that are available in the market. They offer a lot more in the price they are available at.  These truly wireless earbuds come with three sets of ear tips and a set of fins to sustain a comfortable and intact fit.  

They are truly wireless earbuds they come up with a charging case to enhance battery life.  You can get 5.5 hours of constant standby and 15 hours of standby by charging in the case. IPX5 water resistance is provided to help in exercises that involve sweat or a little bit of rain. They easily complement an active lifestyle. 

They also have a microphone. Let me be honest, here comes the weakness that they probably have.  Some people may experience a weird echo and sometimes the volume steps down when taking calls.

The Sound:-

They are truly wireless earbuds that provide a high-end sound for the price.  I am sure you’ll never find a pair with this good frequency response and clarity for under $50. 

The Jlab Jbuds prove that you don’t have to spend a hefty amount for trying out a set of truly wireless earbuds.



2- Treblab xFit

TREBLAB Xfit - Sensational Truly Wireless Earbuds

Battery life: 5 hours + 25h in the charging case

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: True wireless

Water protection: IPX6

Key Features:-

The headphones that are easily comparable with the overall best pick are the Jbuds Air.  They have kind of a similar look if you don’t look too deeply. It’s an optimum choice for people working out at the gym and includes three sets of silicone ear tips for a comfortable fit.

The tips can be washed easily under tap water but make sure not to submerge them completely as you don’t want to take risks.

The Neodymium driver has a lot of power and a noise-isolating design that is great to use even in the loudest of environments like the gym and parks.  You can surely get 5 hours of use and 5 further charges from the case. You must know that they might not stay enact at a place for long periods. 

The sound:-

The neodymium makes the sound louder and smooth with the punch of bass frequencies, for you to seek power and clarity in the budget this should be the go-to option for you.


3- Sound core Liberty Neo

Soundcore Liberty Neo

Battery life: 5 hours + 15h in the charging case

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: True wireless

Water protection: IPX7

Key Features:-

The earbuds focus on the bass by providing a clear and good-quality sound.  They are backed by a unique graphene driver design that provides them with a lot of power.

They are fully waterproof as we come up with ipx7 water protection. You can also wear them during sweaty conditions.

Sound core’s chief technology is the grip fit that provides optimum comfort.  Make sure to induce a solid seal in the ear when you insert and twist the buds. The battery life is pretty modest.  It’s five hours of standby and 3 extra charges are provided by the case. 

The sound:-

The Bus Up Technology is proprietary to Sound Core and provides 40% more bass.  It boosts up pop music and sometimes paints it unnaturally.

The headphone steals the show with their clever graphene drivers which provide power and bass in their lightweight.


4- TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 88

Battery life: 5 hours + 15h in the charging case

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: True wireless

Water protection: IPX7

Key Features:-

Here you get a good set of features at a very modest price.  They are true wireless pieces that pair instantly and have quick and easy controls.  You can customize the volume and skip tracks on the earbud itself.  It’s found that the fit is good and comfy. 

You can choose between single and twin modes. An IPX7 water-resistant designs make it durable against sweat, and rain.  You can do worst by placing them underwater shortly and they will come out as a winner.   However, these are not the best when it comes to taking phone calls as their built-in mic is somewhat unclear.

The sound:-

The sound is certainly okay for the price you pay. With the PEE K+ PU Hi-end 6 mm drivers, you will get a better sound quality than you would expect. 

They are a good package offering a clear and varied frequency response, paired with plenty of audio power.


5- Skull Candy SeshSkullcandy Sesh True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Battery life: 3 hours + 7h in charging case

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: True wireless

Water protection: IP55

Key Features:-

Come up as true wireless earbuds which are a simple and lightweight design that is meant for comfortable and pleasant use.  The volume and tracks can be changed easily by the simple inbuilt control buttons which are located on the buds themselves. 

The IPX5 rating makes peace with resistance to using them for the gym and other activities.  Sure with their $50 price, they will have a few setbacks.  The battery can let you down.  3-hour battery standby is less than most of the alternatives but does the charging case increase the battery back up to 10 hours altogether.

The sound:-

These cheap earbuds from Skull Candy have enhanced bass and good audio quality providing plenty of volume. Sometimes they get so loud that it hurts the ears.  So make sure that you don’t use them for a long period as it may damage your hearing.

 If you need a pair of earphones to enjoy music, ok, the skull candy hash can be worth your time.

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6- Bassy Sony Uds: Sony with MDR-XB50BS

Battery life: 8.5 hours

Type: wireless earbuds

Water protection: IPX4

Key Features:-

They come up with a neck pack design and extra bass features. They are for deep and powerful lows. The design is subtle and also provides a multi-color option.

To make the ideal for use in the rainy season they came up with IPX4 protection  They can handle a slight bit of sweat and rain but make sure you do not submerge them under the water. The battery backup is 8.5 hours per charge which is more than the truly wireless earbuds.  You’ll also get an in-built microphone that enables you to make calls successfully on the go.

The sound:-

The enhanced bass and wide frequency response but start as low as 4Hz give these earphones bassy and which is good for people who are into heavy dance music.

They are a good option if you love a bass frequency boost.


7- Aukey Key Series B60


Battery life: 8 hours

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: wireless earbuds

Water protection: IPX6

Key Features:-

Built with a clever magnetic design, they can be separated to power themselves, while joining giving them the power to turn off.  They also provided an inline control module to take phone calls and change songs, and volume.

The IPX6 resistance is good for the workout and can even withstand sweat or heavy rain.

You can easily use them without any worry when you go out during heavy downpours.

Since they have a pretty Shallow design that does not isolate you from your environment and that creates a better awareness to be in touch with your surroundings.

8 hours of battery life is rock-solid and the quick charge function also gives every minute of listening from a ten-minute charge.  USB C connectivity is of the latest standard.

The earbuds are pretty pleasant when used and come with two pairs of ear tips with hooks.  Since there are only small and medium-fitting options, if you have large ears you may struggle a bit.  Sometimes better awareness provided works against you and would be a nuisance if you use them in the gym. 

The sound:-

The audio response is pretty solid for the price range as it has crystal clear highs and a low-frequency boost.  A lot will be lost due to the shallow fit but instead, you get a balanced signature. 

They are a good piece of gear to listen to your popular music as they provide clear audio and a V-shaped sound pattern.


Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under 50 – (FAQ)

Are Cheap Wireless Earbuds good?

If you compare them to high-end wireless in-ear headphones they shall proprietary features and might have old technology. Nevertheless, the basic Bluetooth technology in itself is so advanced and you can surely experience it for very little money. 

Sure a 150$ earbud may have an extended battery life or even app support but the qualities do not multiply manifold in the magnitude of 3.  They offer almost similar features just a little step ahead.  If you want a pair of good Bluetooth earbuds on a budget you will surely buy these.

Why You Should  Get a Good Seal? (And How to get it)

The more accurate audio experience

Certain audio pollutants ruin the sound quality and details, so you may want to have a direct connection from the driver to your drums.

You need to have a tight seal and here is why

Better bass response. 

To experience strong bass you need to have an airtight fit otherwise the sound will escape. 

Use isolation.

The speakers for themselves and the seal blocks the ambient noise from having the best experience.  If you don’t have a secure fit,  you might complain about the lack of features that good audio may have to offer you.

How to get an airtight seal?

Your main goal should be to find the right ear tips for your ear canals.  There are various designs and materials in the market so you should use the most common and trusted one-which is the Silicone ear tips. The memory foam type provides comfort and passive noise isolation but they are expensive.   It is solely your choice to buy the one that suits you.

What’s important for safety?

To have safe and comfortable use, you need to adjust your sound to the right volumes because listening to such extreme volumes over a long period may damage your hearing. 

What Devices Support My Bluetooth Earbuds?

All Bluetooth-enabled devices should work with your wireless earphones. This includes:

All ios, Android smartphones, and tablets. Like iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Pixel, etc.

Most laptops of later generations (that come with Bluetooth support; check your own to be sure)

Bluetooth MP3 players (MP4)

Unfortunately, stationary PCs usually don’t support it. But you can get a Bluetooth adapter and install it.

Does a battery look capacity over time?

It’s a common truth that the technology inside the batteries isn’t built to last forever. The capacity and display time is affected as a battery gets older.  So then while the battery last and it does last for a long period and then you can buy new earphones.



In conclusion, the year 2023 has introduced us to a selection of outstanding wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $50. These earbuds offer incredible value for money, delivering exceptional sound quality, advanced features, and comfortable designs. From audiophiles to fitness enthusiasts, there is a pair of earbuds for every need, with options ranging from superior sound clarity to secure fit, noise cancellation, long battery life, hands-free calling, and customizable comfort. With these affordable options, music lovers can enjoy immersive audio experiences without compromising their budget or quality expectations.