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Even though a professional isn’t supposed to blame their tools, performing well requires the proper hardware. Agents in call centers know that a poor call center headset can drastically affect a business’s bottom line. Researchers found that low sound quality discourages consumers from using Bluetooth headsets instead of wired headsets because it impacts a speaker’s credibility with the audience. Don’t worry, here I am providing the best noise canceling headset options for the call center.

Dropped calls, angry customers, and miscommunication are no problems for call center agents who use quality call center technology. Before purchasing a headset, call center headset reviews should provide valuable information for consumers and businesses.

As a result, your organization must explore its options so you can select the suitable model for your call center agents. Additionally, in a busy, packed call center with an open floor plan, too much background noise and chatter can be distracting and even downright irritating. A good headset for call centers minimizes background noise and distractions for uninterrupted conversations and often includes a microphone for precise audio capturing.

The Important Criteria for Choosing Headsets for Call Center

  1. Durability: Your call center’s ability to operate smoothly and efficiently depends on the quality and durability of the headsets.
  2. Noise Cancelation: Your call center should invest in noise-canceling headsets. Due to their ability to block outside noise, they also prevent interruptions in customer conversations. By using these headsets, you will be able to converse with your customers at a low volume on average, thus potentially protecting your ears.
  3. Comfort: It is equally essential for headsets to be comfortable as they are durable. You probably know that service agents work long hours, and their headsets are essential to their job. As such, when they talk with callers, they should feel motivated and inspired. Because of this, employees won’t appreciate hefty or clumsy headsets. 
  4. Design and Technology: Another important consideration is this. An audio headset designed well and built to last needs to be equipped with the latest audio technology. The headset should also have innovative features that make it easy to set up, use, and upgrade. 

Now, without further delay,

Let’s explore the options of the Best Noise Canceling Headset For Call Centre:-

1- Plantronics Blackwire C3225

The C3220 headset by Plantronics is a great option for call centers as it is a reputable brand within the headset market. There are not many headphones suitable for call centers. Large, covering the ears, earphones are often tiring to wear and isolate you too much from what is happening around you, and smaller, not very good sound quality earphones.

Recently, we’ve been testing Plantronics Blackwire C3225 headphones explicitly designed for contact centers and office workers.

plantronics blackwire

Built of high-quality materials, they are well-finished and have a solid build. Covered with soft synthetic leather, the sponge cups have perforations throughout. Plastic is used for the loudspeaker housings and metal for the headband.

The cable matches the headphone’s black plastic and is long enough to connect behind a desktop PC despite being orange. In addition, the cups and speaker cases have orange plastic linings.

Rubber is coated on the microphone arm, which is made of malleable metal. In this way, the user is free to bend it however he wants. You can adjust and move the buckles in six different ways to increase strength and comfort.

In addition to being compatible with all major platforms – PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet – this series offers USB-A, USB-C, and 3.5mm audio jacks; the unit reviewed came with a USB-A connection. Connecting the wire to a USB port reveals a remote control on the wire. A call pick-up button, a volume control, and a microphone switch are included.

The most exciting aspect of these headphones is the dynamic equalizer that automatically adjusts the sound according to what the user is doing, such as listening to music, speaking with someone, or watching a video.

Whether listening to multimedia content, making phone calls, or surfing the internet, the BlackBerry C3225 delivers sharp, clear stereo sound. In the second scenario, the quality is enhanced by HD Voice support.

In extremely loud offices, however, the smaller cups of the headphones do not block all the surrounding noise. It is recommended that you use Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC in-ear headphones for a boisterous work environment. It features active and passive noise cancellation.

With the Blackwire C3225, you can keep track of what’s happening around you in quiet or medium-noise environments. The microphone on these headphones has a background noise cancellation feature so your interlocutor can hear you clearly during calls. There is an application called Plantronics Hub that is compatible with the headphones.

The firmware can be updated, or settings can be modified in detail. Additionally, the Plantronics Manager Pro software can monitor, manage, and maintain the equipment across an organization, including user and sound analysis data. The C3225 headphones have good sound quality and are comfortable to wear.

Call center employees and office workers using this product should not be very noisy and stay connected with their surroundings. However, I recommend them for users who rely heavily on video chat services such as FaceTime and Skype.

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2- Plantronics Blackwire C5220

There’s been a shift from using desk phones in the Telecommunications industry to computer-based Softphones for voice communications.

Universal adoption of video conferencing software such as Zoom has also been observed. The use of a headset fits right into this picture if any of these sound familiar to you. 

plantronics blackwire C5220 - best noise cancelling headset

According to our price point, the Blackwire 5220 fits into the middle bracket. Plantronics makes headsets of this type which sell for higher prices, but they also sell for lower prices. Thus, it appears to be mid-range in their lineup. Despite that, I believe this is a good headset, and I’ll explain why.

The Plantronics Blackwire C5220 provides excellent sound. In other words, what you hear as the headset wearer. Your callers will be heard clearly, and you will be happy with the audio quality as you work while listening to music.

With this microphone, you can listen to a crisp, clean sound that’s rich and full. I feel confident in saying that not all headsets sound this good.

Noise reduction is another aspect of the microphone. Would you say it succeeded in reducing background noise? I think it did pretty well. With an iPhone a foot or so away from the headset, we played some loud music and found the Blackwire 5220 microphone to do a decent job of reducing distracting audio.

However, active noise cancellation is not available on the Plantronics Blackwire C5220. It instead relies on passive noise cancellation. A physical barrier that reduces noise is meant for this purpose. As for the C5220, the somewhat oversized ear cups and cushions are the culprits.

These ear cups are made of hard plastic and made to protect the ear speakers from noise by their hard surface. This combination, coupled with the more prominent ear cushions, makes it easier to focus and not be distracted. 

There are two ways to connect to the Blackwire 5220. Firstly, it has a USB connector so that you can plug it into your computer. A 3.5 mm plug is also included to be used with devices that use 3.5 mm jacks.

There is usually one connector on computer headsets, but the Blackwire 5220 comes in two types. With this extra connection option, this headset is more versatile compared to its competitors. 

On the 5220, the ear cups can be adjusted inwards and outwards so you can find the right angle for your head shape. In terms of ergonomics and office headsets, the details matter a lot when it comes to comfort. In addition, the C5220 ear speakers can rotate 180 degrees, allowing you to lay the headset flat on your desk without it being propped up on the desk by the speakers. 

You can’t go wrong if you consider the Plantronics Blackwire C5220 when shopping for a computer headset. You’ll get a good sound at an affordable price with this thoughtfully designed, engineered product. When you travel and need a headset, you get it with a carrying case. Plantronics headsets are known for their quality, and the Blackwire 5220 won’t disappoint.

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3- Jabra Evolve 80

Finding the perfect headset can be challenging for anyone working at a call center. The sound quality, microphone clarity, and overall comfort of the headset are among the most important pillars to consider when buying one, especially for those likely to spend hours on calls. It is rare to find a unit that offers all these capabilities simultaneously, unfortunately.

jarba evolve 80

Jabra manufactures innovative audio solutions. A vital feature of Evolve is its noise-cancellation technology, which is designed to boost productivity by creating a “concentration zone” where the user can tune out the rest of the world.

Although we tested the Jabra Evolve 80, the series consists of five headsets – 20, 30, 45, 65, and 80 – all of which are built to block out the noise of an open office. Some features signal when to leave someone alone – imagine using your headphones as a “Do Not Disturb” sign. This usually looks like bright red rings around the sides of your headphones.

The Jabra Evolve 80 headset, carry pouch, cable management clip, USB controller, and warranty information were included in the box.

Its boom microphone was one of my favorites. It worked very clearly. Since my office is open, you can hear everyone’s conversation, so I didn’t have to shout into my headset or repeat myself to carry on a meeting. It didn’t obstruct the rest of the headset design when it wasn’t in use. In its place, it folded back parallel to the headset when not in use.

With the Jabra Evolve 80, you can use your phone and a computer simultaneously. Featuring enlarged ear cushions and a cushioned headband, the Jabra Evolve 80 fully encloses your ears while having ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) so you can focus on your music or phone calls.

With this headset, your office background noise is indeed blocked out. On the downside, the Jabra Evolve 80 headset gets uncomfortable over time and doesn’t have noise canceling. In other words, even though this headset will block background noise in your office, callers will be able to hear nearly everything that is happening around you.

A clunky USB controller is included with the headset, including an answer/end call button, volume up, volume down, mute, and the Busylight indicator.

The headset can be used in both the corporate and consumer markets. It is versatile and enjoyable due to its features like active noise cancellation and the USB controller dongle. It is pretty expensive, so it will not appeal to the general public.

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4- Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC

Designed for professional use, the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC Bluetooth headset has an array of features. Despite being aimed primarily at IT, the Voyager 4220 UC offers plenty of value to non-IT users. There are great listening and talking capabilities (thanks to a solid boom mic) and the ability to play back music in stereo.

A pro-level microphone complements these excellent headphones. Mobile devices and computers can be seamlessly switched using the USB dongle included.

plantronics voyager 4220 uc

Its black design heavily cushioned supraaural earcups, and cushioned headband make the Voyager 4220 UC a very comfortable headset. In addition to the adjustable boom mic, it can also be flipped up and out of sight by using the dial adjuster on the right earcup’s outer panel.

Its design is tailored to the needs of the IT or communications teams. An on-call LED on the board signals that anyone nearby shouldn’t interrupt you when you’re in a crucial conversation.

The right earcup has controls and connections. On the left side of the device is where the micro USB charging cable connects, the power/pair button, and a red microphone mute button. The outer panel of the earcup houses plus/minus volume adjustment buttons and a central multifunction button that controls playback, track navigation, call answer/end, and voice assistants such as Siri.

This portable Bluetooth headset has a helpful auto-on, auto-pair sensor that detects when you put it on. The headset notifies you when you’re connected and shows the remaining battery life.

Voyager 4220 UC is solid in terms of call clarity. The speaker on the other end of all test calls was audible, and vice versa. On an iPhone 8, we understood our recordings clearly, but before enabling HD Voice, things sounded a little fuzzy. The mic does a good job of reducing background noise.

If your phone supports wideband audio, the clarity improves dramatically with HD Voice-enabled, eliminating the noise usually associated with Bluetooth connections. It would help if you switched it on.

A solid Bluetooth headset with excellent headphone performance, the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC is an excellent Bluetooth headset. It provides good battery life during extended listening sessions and is comfortable to wear. The headset uses HD Voice for crystal clear calls, and it is helpful to be able to use it with your mobile device and computer simultaneously.

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5- Sennheiser MB 660 UC

Its most significant selling point is its extremely large earpads covered in plush leatherette casings for maximum comfort and style, with thick padding covering the entire ear to help block out external sounds.

MB 660 is built for mobility; it features a foldable, compact design and a hardshell travel case that can be taken anywhere.

sennheiser mb 660up

Incorporating Sennheiser’s Noisegard hybrid adaptive noise cancellation technology, the MB 660 continuously monitors the background environment for noise. It adjusts the noise reduction levels of the headset to deliver exceptional audio quality during every call. Whether you’re at home, on a train, at the park, or on your morning commute, the MB660 turns every space into a tranquil working environment so you can focus on doing what you need to do.

The MB 660 is a UC-certified business-grade communication device that offers enterprise-level communication. It enables users to engage in important business calls at any location without sacrificing call quality. We believe this certification means we have the right headset for traveling CEOs who need to perform at an elite level while on the road.

Whether you’re on a moderate call or need to zone in on music with your computer or mobile phone, the MB 660 UC fully encloses your ears and provides Active Noise Cancellation. Put on these headphones, and you will be astonished at how much background noise you’re able to block out!

MB 660’s unique SpeakFocus technology utilizes three digital microphones configured to deliver crystal clear sound continuously. In contrast, the WindSafe technology cancels out the sound of the earth’s turbulent elements so that ultimate clarity is delivered from any location.

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When using a UC application, since your headset will be your primary communication device, choosing a model that works well, feels comfortable, sounds good, and helps you block out is essential.

The noise in your call center or office increases productivity and prevents distractions.